Monday, 28 September 2015

The worth of souls is GREAT!

Hello Family and Friends!!

Here she is answering some of my questions, but I thought I would share it.  So if it feels dis-jointed. . . that is why ;)

Time IS flying. 2 months is happening really soon....AH! Weird. It feels fast but at the same time I feel like I have learned SO  MUCH that it has to be longer than 2 months. 

We haven't watched the broadcast yet, so what they do here is we watch the womens broadcast this Saturday at 3. and  then we watch the Saturday morning conference session at 5 our time so it is live streaming, so we will be watching it at the same time as you but its just later in the day our time, and then we watch the Saturday afternoon session of conference Sunday at 1, and then the Sunday morning session Sunday at 5. So we won't get to watch Sunday afternoon session :( but Sister Lowder and I will probably just play it during emailing next pday so we can hear the talks! But yeah. That is how they do conference over here, cause they want to be kind of watching what they can live, even though we are 7 hours ahead. Kind of cool I suppose. We can go to every session if we have investigators and I think we should have investigators coming to everything!  FUN!! 

Things I miss from home....hmm. Well I am running low on lavender and peppermint oils haha. I do miss maple syrup surprisingly enough, cause we didn't have it all that often but I made pancakes the other day and it was ALL I wanted and their syrup here is gross so I just had yogurt. I think I just miss it as a treat. OHH I know what I really actually miss. They DONT HAVE ANY SPICY MEXICAN FOOD HERE!! THEY DON'T EAT SPICY FOOD! I miss good hot sauce. I finally caved and bought some tabasco cause that's all I could find but if you can find hot sauce here it is SO EXPENSIVE and they have like 2 kinds. And they have hardly any salsas ever. I miss having spicy spicy salsa and tortilla chips. I bought the hottest salsa they had over here and some tortilla chips and it was like mild salsa back home. I miss my spicy food! Food here is interesting cause they don't put spices or flavors in anything really. Most foods are SUPER bland unless someone makes you curry. Curry is a big thing here. But most people don't like spice....it is just sad. 

I think we will be having fast Sunday after conference....so a cool thought about Kate and thinking she doesn't have a testimony. Lots of times investigators don't think they have faith or a testimony, but you just really have to explain what one is. Like "do you believe God loves you?" and "do you think Jesus Christ died for us?" and they usually say " OF COURSE I do" and you just explain that that IS a testimony. She might just need to have it re-explained. I don't know though. 

I would LOVE a picture of the Cardston temple. We share pictures of temples all the time when we teach about them and I would love to have my temple to share. And members ask to see pictures of family and home a LOT haha. 

Personal Progress is going well for Rosemary! (the 85 year old lady) she is working on Faith right now and she just is so excited to work towards getting a necklace I think :) She is the sweetest old lady. And the funniest...kind of like Sister Fitzner ( I think that is her name? She lives just up the street from us). Rosemary says the funniest things. But she really does have such faith and knowledge of the gospel! She has been a member for 3 years and has been the sunday school president for awhile. She is so amazing. We haven't started it with Deb yet, because we have struggled at being able to see her...she has a LOT going on but we are going to see her this week for sure! 

Here is a look at her week -  

Monday was PDAY! So we got food and did all the little things we needed to do, and then had district Pday with the whole district and played an entire game of phase 10 - and we all know how long that takes! It was really fun though. It is fun to spend some time with other missionaries and just play games. We then had dinner at a members home (the Hutchinsons! They have been married for just a year and are young and kind of crazy. But fun) and then went teaching with them! We taught Dennis who is now our new investigator :) And it was good! Dennis is SO intelligent and has such a knowledge of the bible and all the stories in it. I have learned a lot from him already....he is so solid though. I am excited for him to continue to learn. He told us that after reading some of the Book of Mormon he can't argue that is isn't true, cause it is definitely the word of God. SO COOL! 

Tuesday was LONG and hard. We had so many people we had planned to see and no one was home, not even like ANY of our back up plans and back up back up plans....so we went tracting. And more tracting. And street contacting. We were so ready to find people but no one wanted to talk to us....and then people weren't home...it was HARD. But! a little miracle. WE finally were so exhausted of doing that and it wasn't successful so we called Lynn (a member in the ward) to see if we could do service or anything for her and we could! so we went and spray painted a bunch of dried flowers gold for her for her wedding WHICH IS IN TWO WEEKS!! She is the sweetest thing. So that was a little miracle for the daythat we were able to do service. Then we had dinner at the Holcombes again and they are just lovely! We finally had dinner with the WHOLE family and it was so fun to visit with them. They are the sweetest. 

So on Wednesday we went tracting again and we got referral from a lady on the street so that was really cool! We also visited the Maizey's sister in law who is just LOVELY and we are hoping to get to paint something for them soon and get some service done there as well! I LOVE service. And we are really focusing on that this next month with the ward. WE also visited Brother bettridge and did some service for him in his garden, I'll send some pictures of that soon! ~We visited Vicki, one of the other recent converts and just did some scripture study with her, and then had dinner at the Liassides and WE ALSO GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR AGAIN!! Marilyn was a referral from the Cardiff Central sisters, we helped her with family history that night and now she is our new investigator! She is so sweet and just wants to learn all about her family and she asked us why our church focuses so much on family history and...yeah! So cool! So we are super excited about that. 

Thursday at our District meeting we learned a LOT about how to more effectively plan. I am excited to use a lot of the things Elder Pillay taught us about planning. We are going to split our area map and really focus on going to the places we haven't been yet, and visit people there and hopefully it will help us be more effective throughout the day as well. We also tried to visit a lot of people today but they weren't home...so we will keep going! We went to a park in Whitchurch and talked to this little old lady named Jennifer, and ended up teaching her and now we have ANOTHER new investigator! #somanyblessings Her husband died almost a year ago and she was out walking the dog they bought together right before he died, and we just started talking and she is SO sweet and willing for us to come around :) so lovely 
we  visited a lady we met on the street named Marilyn (yes, there are two of them) and she invited us back to help in her gardnen next week! She has been taught by the sisters before and has a Book of Mormon, and she just invited us back and gave us flowers to take home and is the SWEETEST! We are excited about that. 

On Friday we did a ton of weekly planning, visited with Rosemary and checked on how personal progress was going (it is going well!) and then travelled to Taffs Well and did some service in a garden, and also had dinner at the Nunn's! They have the CUTEST little kids and they are just the sweetest family. Sister Lowder wasn't feeling well so we stopped in at Games night and then she REALLY wasn't feeling well so we went home. She slept, I wrote in my journal and looked through the area book....being totally ok while your companion is sick is hard. I just tried to learn and read some scriptures and talks and then went to bed on time. So Friday didn't feel super productive but we still worked hard and tried our best. 

We took it a bit slow on Saturday as Sister Lowder was sick the night before. We finished weekly planning, and then travelled to Ely to have dinner and we tried to visit Deb but it didn't work out. As we were travelling home we had a cool experience....We could either wait 30 minutes for a train and then take it and bike the other 20 minutes home, or just bike straight home which would take us about 40 minutes....we figured just biking home was more logical, and as we went to leave I told Sister Lowder we needed to pray cause I didn't feel quite right and after the prayer I KNEW we needed to wait for the train instead of biking home. It would've been so dark biking and I KNEW that if we were to leave we would be seriously hurt. I don't exactly know how but the feeling was just SO STRONG. I cant really explain it but it was crazy! I just knew. And so we then took the train and biked home from the stop up ahead and were safe. We are so blessed as missionaries to be protected. I am so grateful for prayers and how they help us and how blessed we really are as missionaries. It is amazing. 

A bit of sad news Saturday night...Lisa answered her phone when we called and just yelled at us to go away. soooo we got dropped by her. She was progressing so well and we don't know what happened...I was really sad but Sunday helped me feel peace and calm about it all. 

Sunday was great! I always feel Sundays are SO BUSY but I love being able to play the organ in Sacrament and the piano in Relief Society or Primary. Being able to use music on the mission is such a blessing for me cause it relaxes my mind and helps me feel such peace at the end of the crazy week. I love it. We went and had dinner at the Riders, who are just the sweetest couple and they made me gluten free brownies!! The members are so good here about making gluten free things for me, even though its harder for them. I am so grateful to be in this area. we then tried to visit Kojo and his family but they weren't home....but we wont stop trying! I love Sundays.

We are going today after emails to go to another Welsh museum and to visit some Welsh shops and a market in city centre! I am so excited for that! The elders might join us when we go to the museum so I will be sure to send pictures of that next week! 

My spiritual thought and challenge this week is just to invite people to General Conference! Invite them to come over for dinner and to watch a session, or for brunch or something! It is such a good family activity and you share the gospel at the same time! INVITE WHOEVER YOU CAN! It will bless you more than you know. So many blessings come from doing missionary work. I can PROMISE you that as you do this, your home will receive blessings and you will be able to feel of God's love for all his children. The worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God. He wants us all to hear his word :) Invite whoever you can. 

Love you all so much!

Sister Emma Beazer

send real mail to:
44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

e-mail anytime at:

Garden where we do service  :)

Brother Bettridge lives here

My district - they are crazy!

Flowers a potential investigator gave us :)

My picture of Wales

Cool Mission News!!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

On the Run

Hello Friends and Family!

Here is a rundown of my week:

Monday was a test of faith. I made a goal this week to work on following promptings as soon as I got them and on Monday I got ZERO promptings. I had to rely totally on Sister Lowder and it was testing my faith a LOT. We ended up visiting some less actives (one of whom "slammed" the door in our face, kind of. It was a flat so we called her to open the door and she answered and as soon as we said it was the missionaries she hung up. So fun.) but we ended up visiting this sister named Valerie who is only less active because she has medical problems and cant leave her room. We played a hymn for her on the Ipad's and she said it had been YEARS since she heard the Hymns and she was so grateful that we came to visit her. I am so glad that I am able to hear the hymns and am physically able to attend church every week. Health is such a blessing :) 

Tuesday - We had a trade off lesson with the Cardiff Central sisters, so we had to travel to city center to have that lesson. Our new investigator (who we are seeing tonight!!) is named Dennis and the lesson we had with him was REALLY cool. We were going to teach the plan of salvation and it ended up that he asked each of us to kind of share our conversion story (cause everyone has one) and to bear our testimony. The spirit was SO STRONG as we did that. We then challenged him to read and pray about the book of Mormon and when we called it turns out he did read and pray so I am SO EXCITED to meet with him tonight! He is really cool. He can't look anyone in the eye but he has such a faith in Christ and in God and I am excited to be able to teach him! 

Wednesday - we went to Birmingham for the follow-up trainers meeting. It is basically just to make sure all the trainers are doing their job and that we are alive :) So I got to take the 3 hour train ride to Birmingham! And back....it was a long day but very good :) I learned a lot from President, he knows SO much about the gospel it is amazing. I also saw Elder Hunter again at that meeting! And we took a picture. And then my mission family took a pic - so my "mom" is Sister Lowder, her mom was there, and her mom's mom and her mom's grandma and some of their other kids #bigfamily so that was amazing as well! It is cool to see the different levels of experience sisters have and the difference it gives. 

Thursday - we had district meeting and then went tracting!! It was cool cause we were able to talk to a lot of people compared to street contacting and WAY more people were friendly with us. We visited one girl named Anna who seemed really interested and so we are going back to see if she wants a lesson this week!! And we had lots of service opportunities as well! We also taught our dear old John (the blind man) and he is just amazing. So prepared to learn about the gospel. We told him he would see his wife again and the spirit was SO STRONG, and he told us that if he believed that he would run to the doors of our church as fast as he could. He loves his wife so much, he told us how he thanks God so much every day for letting him have so many years with her, and that there will never be a marriage like it. It is amazing to me how much love he has for her. I hope he can learn that he will be with his wife again...we are going to keep teaching him! He told us to keep coming back cause he still wants to learn, but he is on holiday this week with his son and daughter in law so we wont be seeing him this week.
Then we started our exchange that night, so I went to Merthyr (which is where Elder Jones who served in Cardston is from! FUN FACT: he is in the sisters ward up there! CRAZY. I remember going snowshoeing with him and having him play his Welsh music. Who thought I would ever be where he lived?). Sister Ronspies is who I was with, she goes HOME in 7 weeks....crazy. She is amazing though. 

Friday - EXCHANGE!! WE WENT ON A RUN!! It was the BEST. I haven't run for weeks and it was so nice to run in the forest with a bit of rain and just run. I missed it. I think it definitely helped my mental health this week. And then on exchanges we did a lot of tracting and street contacting, and visited a less active family. I really learned how to talk to the Welsh people which was a really good learning experience for me. I am so grateful for exchanges - learning a lot from the sister training leaders is so good! We then came back to Rhiwbina and ended our exchange. 

Saturday - This day was weird....all our plans ended up not working out, and we had to do weekly planning because we couldn't on Friday as there were exchanges, so we didn't get a ton done out in the area but we planned SO well for our next week, and were able to talk to some people on the street. We also kind of got back into contact with Lisa so that was a miracle! We still don't know what is going on but she texted us so that is a start :) 

Sunday - oh how I LOVE Sundays.  Church was amazing. I won't say a ton about it, but we went to the Maizey's for dinner again and how I love that family. I can't express how lovely it is to be in members homes - please take care of the missionaries in Cardston. We really go through a lot during the week and having a safe place where we are just loved and taken care of is so wonderful. If there is anything I want to do more when I come home, it's to help the missionaries more. Offer to go teaching with them at night, feed them, anything. Missionaries need members to do their work. We NEED them. Just a thought :) 

Spiritual thought and a CHALLENGE

I was reading a talk by President Monson called "Think to Thank" from October 1998. In it, there is a quote by a Robert W. Woodruff, that says "the two most important words in the English language are these: "Thank you."" 
The challenge I am giving you is kind of in the talk, so read it, and then do these four things at some point during the week
1. Express thanks to your parents for all they have done for you. For caring, for life, for sacrificing, for providing, for whatever you are most grateful for.
2. Express thanks to a teacher at school or church who changed your life or helped you learn something that influenced you. 
3. Express thanks to a peer who influenced your life. 
4. Express thanks to God for all of these people and the things you learned from them ( I added this step :) ) 
I know that as you do these things, you will come to love and appreciate the people around you more, and will be blessed to recognize more blessings in your life which will in turn make you happier! 

I hope you have an amazing week, I love you all so much and am so grateful for all you do! I have received SO MUCH support, I cannot express my gratitude for it all but know that I pray for you every single day and love you so much. 


Sister Emma Beazer

send real mail to:
44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

e-mail ANYTIME!

Saw Elder Hunter (from Cardston) again.  

This is my mission family....
My "mom" (trainer) is Sister Lowder, her "mom" (trainer) was there,
and her "mom's mom" (trainer), and her "mom's grandma" (trainer)
and some of their other kids

These pictures were forwarded from Sister Katlyn Ronspies, from exchanges! 

Monday, 14 September 2015

A Wonderful Week Full of Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,

My week has been quite interesting...

Monday -  we didn't rest AT ALL haha. No P-day (preparation day) rest for us....but it was a good day! We had inspection on Tuesday of the flat so we cleaned extra and then had some service and a DA (dinner appointment) planned, and taught 2 other lessons AND visited a Less Active. Let me just say...we started off the week strong! Usually Mondays don't get as many lessons but we did well!

Tuesday - So this day was PACKED. We went GQ-ing (street contacting) and then had a LA (lunch appointment) at a less active home, and taught a wonderful lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the spirit was so strong and it was WONDERFUL to visit with them. The husband told us that he came to church on Sunday simply because we visited and he wanted to show us his faith. How cool is that? By the small and simple things, the Lord accomplishes a LOT. Then we went and traveled to Ely...which is in the Elders area of the ward but we had a referral to visit and a DA (dinner appointment) there. We ended up visiting with Lisa that night too! WE FOUND HER!! She didn't come to church again though so we had to postpone her baptism from the 19th.....so keep praying for her. She just needs to come to church! And then she will be baptized!!!!! So yeah. Pray for Lisa still. But we found her and had a lesson with her almost every night this week so that was a big miracle...she had just gotten a new phone and lost all her contacts. But we found her!! So thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for her if possible. 

Wednesday - We had zone meeting and it was ALL about finding new people to teach. Our area really struggles to find effective ways because no one likes to talk to us...people see us on the streets and cross over to the other side as fast as they can or turn down the other street or basically just run away from us. Like always. So it is difficult...we have some plans for this week and are planning a Meet the Mormons movie night to invite lots of people to just learn about who we are and what we do. Hopefully that will help! Then we went and taught dear Rosemary, who is 85 years old and got converted 3 years ago. Her whole family rejected her joining the church and now treats her badly because of it...but she feels that is it true and is the strongest woman I have ever met. She is so inspiring to me. I love her :) We then taught our other Lisa, Lisa A and Also taught Lisa H (the one who had disappeared) and all in al it was a wonderful day! We had a DA with the former ward mission leader and is family as well, they are lovely. 

Thursday - We went up to Thornhill.....so much hill....biking up there is a real adventure. We had dinner at the Holcombes again and did some service for Lynn. Let me tell you about Lynn....she does missionary work EVERY day on the bus, handing out pass along cards and talking to people. And one day she talked to a man and BAM he ended up joining the church and now the are getting married October 10th!! BLESSINGS OF MISSIONARY WORK!! She is amazing. She is also an artist. I am hoping to buy one of her painting from her before I leave...she is really good! She is also going to publish a book soon. She is just amazing. Anyways, we did some service to help her with her wedding and then just taught Lisa H again! 

Friday - sooo we did weekly planning and then tried to take a bus someone and got REALLY lost. A recent convert named Deb had to come get us....we were really lost. She is so lovely though. She could really use some prayers at this time...she got baptized in March and since then has been hit with EVERY trial that could hit someone. She is so amazing and faithful though. I love her to death. Then we had our Friday night games night and Lisa H came and a less active and quite a few members!! it was really successful and really helped our investigator meet some more families from the ward! Hopefully we continue to have success with this :) 

Saturday - MIRACLE DAY!!!!!! We had many little miracles but today was really a miracle day. So we went up to Lisvane, which is about a 30 minute bike STRAIGHT UPHILL and the lady we had an appointment to see wasn't there. But before we went to her house, I saw this old man standing outside his house with a dog. I REALLY felt like we should go talk to him, but he went inside and and we went to teach this lady. When she wasn't home..I told Sister Lowder we needed to go visit this man. We walked over to his house and knocked on his door and he came out and started talking to us! He is blind, hence the dog who guides him everywhere...and his wife died about 2 years ago. He has such a faith in God, he goes to his wife's grave every single day at 2 and prays and just sits there. He asked us to explain why there are so many churches on the earth and why there isn't just one true church and BAM. Golden Investigator. He is so prepared. We are going back to visit him this week, he is amazing. We just have to figure out how to get him to read the Book of Mormon as he is blind and REALLY old so he doest have a CD player to listen to it...we might just get him one. Cause a braille copy of the book of Mormon is HUGE. And very overwhelming. So we will have to figure that out. But the whole time we were teaching him, the spirit was so strong and I am SO grateful that I listened to that prompting and went and talked to him. #blessings 

Sunday - I love the Sabbath day. Church was AMAZING and so uplifting, we talked all about temples and families being together forever. The talks were incredible. And I played a song on the organ I have NEVER played before so that was exciting. I just show up and play whatever they pick - no practicing for me - so it was VERY exciting. But it went well, and I feel the spirit so strongly during the hymns...I love it. 

We had a wonderful week full of miracles. Thank you for all you do for me! I love you so much and could not do this without your support and love. I seriously feel SO loved being out here on my mission. The love and support I receive from everyone has amazed me. I have gotten actual letters from quite a few people and emails and just feeling the prayers that are given for me....I am so so so so so so very grateful and blessed. I hope you all know how much I love you! 

I love you!,

Sister Emma Beazer

Real mail can go to:

44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

PS.  I just had a couple extra minute and thought I would share a thought from my Book of Mormon studies this week. 

So the scripture I want to focus on is in Alma 19:10, but also kind of all through verses 4-12

Background to the scripture - Ammon has taught King Lamoni, and King Lamoni fell to the earth, being overcome by the spirit. Everyone thinks he is dead, and the queen is worried, because she doesn't think he is dead. She talks to Ammon and asks him to go in and see her husband and tell her if he is dead. Ammon tells her that the king is NOT dead, and he asks her if she believes what he has said. She says (this is in verse 9)
 "I have had no witness save thy word, and the word of our servants; nevertheless I believe that is shall be according as thou hast said."
Then Ammon tells her, and this is what I want to focus on 
"Blessed art thou because of thy exceeding faith; I say unto thee, woman,there has not been such great faith among all the people of the Nephites."

Now how amazing is this woman in the scriptures? I think sometimes we forget examples of women with exceeding faith, and I have always focused on Abish in this story, as she is a missionary in her own way and brings people to come see the miracles that happen, but I LOVE that here is a woman, a queen, and her faith is so great that it is greater than all the people of the Nephites. All is a big word in this scripture. There were many many Nephites and many faithful ones, so how great must've been her faith? I think this is such an example to us of how we can work on our faith, to improve and become better daily. We may not know everything or anything at all really, but we can have faith and trust that as we learn and strive to become better, the Lord will help us. Later on in this chapter she teaches "many words" and lifts the king up so he can teach the people. All this was done through faith and the power of God. I love it. 

I love you! Hope you have a most fantabulous week!

THANK YOU!!  For all the letters this week!

Sister Lowder's mom ordered this for me
before she even started 
training me
as a gift because Sister Lowder is my trainer!
So I have a 
cool mission necklace!!!  I LOVE IT!!

My scriptures now. . . .
They aren't so blank anymore!
And I'm halfway through the Book of

Mormon now. Started again in the MTC :)

My Zone!

This photo is for Duane (Dad).
We love that her camera will show us
exactly where the picture is taken!
Geeky Fun!
You will recognize some of the areas
that she talks about in her letter as well!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Strengthen the roots

Family and Friends!!!

Thank you for your emails this week, it is encouraging to read them during the week, emails from family and friends give us SUCH support and remind us why we are here - to help other people have what we have! A forever family :) So thank you for them! I really loved them. I do miss you all but I wouldn't want to be anywhere other than where I am now. I KNOW this is where I am meant to be. I have never felt so strongly about being somewhere at any other time in my life.

There was a HUGE rugby game going on in Cardiff in preparation for the World Cup so finding on Saturday was difficult because...everyone was at the game. Like EVERYONE. So much rugby love here. And football too. Like English football (soccer) not American football. 

I get to play the organ a lot. I think I am now the ward organist hahahaha. They struggle to find even a pianist for Sacrament soooo that happened. Its not an official calling but we were at the Bishops last night and he was like "Can you maybe play every Sunday? We really struggle finding people" So that is fun! The organ here is OLD and kinda sounds super weird. And the volume pedal doesn't work, so I have to use these weird volume presents whilst playing to change the volume. Sometimes I hit them with my elbows so that it can get louder if I start off too quiet. I bet it looks hilarious but...it sounds ok so that is what I do! 

THANK YOU for putting us on the prayer roll. We really felt blessed this week so it helps, we can feel it :) I LOVE my ward. Really, it should be a branch..there aren't many members, but we are really focusing on less actives this week. Both Sister Lowder and I really felt impressed that we needed to do that. Thinking of Jacob 5 and the parable of the olive tree - we need to strengthen the roots before we can graft on too many branches or it will all fall apart. So that is what we are really working on right now. It is kind of our vision for the rest of this transfer. We have another zone meeting this week....don't know why, but that will be cool and I am excited to learn even more from our zone leaders, they are WONDERFUL. Very inspiring missionaries. Tell the kids and dad and grandma and grandpa (both of them) that I love them.

Thank you for all you do for me! I pray for you and the rest of the family EVERY day. I hope you can feel my love and support from here in Wales.

So overview of this week: 

Monday - we went to St. Fagans!! It was AMAZING! I will send many photos hopefully after I email! Then we had a super busy night and biked many miles - we came home EXHAUSTED. Every night this week I have been so tired. Waking up tired is not pleasant. BUT it also is cause I know I am working my hardest. We seriously worked SO HARD this week. It has been a wonderful exhausting week

Tuesday - we had district meeting, and the zone leaders attended. It was all about developing Christlike attributes to help us become better teachers and missionaries. I would challenge you to do the Christlike attribute activity at the end of Chapter 6 of preach my gospel again. I did it and will continue to do it on my mission. It helps a LOT to know what we need to improve on. So I challenge you all do to that! 

Wednesday - We travelled a lot this day, and taught a LOT of wonderful lessons! Echo was one of our most solid investigators, but we will be passing her on to the Cardiff Central sisters cause she is moving. She might become an eternal investigator though...cause her parents don't approve of her joining a church at the moment. She is from China so its hard. But she was lovely and we do love her. We also taught our golden investigator Lisa. She LOVES Christ and wants to improve and learn more about him always. Except....more about her later on in the week...

Thursday - We got to do service on Thursday for a recent convert named Deb who is an ANGEL! We also got to teach a lesson to a girl named Ruby, she is an absolute angel. She loves the book of Mormon and has the kids book of Mormon (cause she is just a kid, but her parents are ok with her learning). and she knows SO MUCH! I think she knows more than I did when I was 17. She said to us the other day "so my friend Amy told me that God wasn't real. But I just looked around and said, "Amy, how could God not be real. Look at all THIS *spread her arms out wide and spun around gesturing to the world* This world is amazing and there has to be a God if this is here."" How precious is the testimony and faith of a child...it is no wonder that Jesus taught that we need to become as little children. They have more faith than anyone I can think of. I love it :) 

Friday - Friday was a day where all our plans got changed according to Gods will, not ours. We visited a less active man and the whole family invited us in and we are now having lunch there this week, and a mini miracle happened with them. So I guess missionaries hadn't come over there for YEARS. So we just stopped by cause ALL our appointments and lessons fell through, and we ended up sharing  little thought about gratitude and making our lunch appointment. On Sunday, this man came for all 3 hours of  church and he hadn't been for years!!!! He came simply because of the example of the missionaries. His wife is the Primary president and has come faithfully for years but..yeah. Mini miracle for the week :) 

Saturday - We travelled to Taffs Well, we take a train to get there and all our lessons and appointments and plans fell through here as well....it was hard and disappointing, but we got to visit a members home and share some thoughts with them and he tuned up our bikes a bit, so that was a little blessing as well. I love the gospel!

Sunday - now this was our miracle day. We were REALLY disappointed, cause Lisa disappeared on us. We haven't been able to contact her since Saturday morning, she wont get ahold of us or anything. So we are giving her space to see what is going on....but it was hard cause she is set for baptism in 2 weeks, and now we don't know what is going on. So we headed to church a little upset...then had the miracle of that less active man, then got to go over to the Bishops for dinner after fasting. The bishops family is LOVELY. They have two kids, Elinor and Josh and they are the sweetest things. We were so privileged to stay after dinner, as the bishop blessed his house. They had just moved in and wanted to bless it now that things were settled there. I have NEVER felt the spirit so strong in my life. I can honestly say that. NEVER IN MY LIFE. It was incredible. After, their son was crying so much cause he could feel it so strong, and their daughter said she just felt SO HAPPY. I cant even explain it but it was a miracle for us. Members homes become our homes, as it is one place where we truly feel loved and cared for after all the rejection we get every day, cause we get a lot. This area is hard. I love being here and wouldn't change where I am, but is is HARD. We are rejected day in and day out. and people wont even let us do service...its hard. But we persevere and get little miracles along the way. 

I just want you all to know how much I love my Saviour. I feel so privileged and blessed to be able to share the joy and love I feel from the Saviour with others. I truly know that he loves us, and that He LIVES. I am so grateful to know that God is there and that he cares for us and can guide us and lead us. My life would be lost without that knowledge. I am so grateful to you, my family, for supporting me and loving me as I am here on my mission. I truly feel the support and don't know what I would do without it. Thank you for all you do for me :) I love you!

Sister Emma Beazer

Real mail can go to:

44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

Pictures she sent this week.  I think a bunch of them are from St. Fagan's as she talked about in her letter - beautiful.  

Welsh Mud huts from thousands of years ago!

One of our new members had new kittens!  

Just finishing our computer time on PD Day!

The Bishop's kids  - the cutest!