Monday, 14 September 2015

A Wonderful Week Full of Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,

My week has been quite interesting...

Monday -  we didn't rest AT ALL haha. No P-day (preparation day) rest for us....but it was a good day! We had inspection on Tuesday of the flat so we cleaned extra and then had some service and a DA (dinner appointment) planned, and taught 2 other lessons AND visited a Less Active. Let me just say...we started off the week strong! Usually Mondays don't get as many lessons but we did well!

Tuesday - So this day was PACKED. We went GQ-ing (street contacting) and then had a LA (lunch appointment) at a less active home, and taught a wonderful lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the spirit was so strong and it was WONDERFUL to visit with them. The husband told us that he came to church on Sunday simply because we visited and he wanted to show us his faith. How cool is that? By the small and simple things, the Lord accomplishes a LOT. Then we went and traveled to Ely...which is in the Elders area of the ward but we had a referral to visit and a DA (dinner appointment) there. We ended up visiting with Lisa that night too! WE FOUND HER!! She didn't come to church again though so we had to postpone her baptism from the 19th.....so keep praying for her. She just needs to come to church! And then she will be baptized!!!!! So yeah. Pray for Lisa still. But we found her and had a lesson with her almost every night this week so that was a big miracle...she had just gotten a new phone and lost all her contacts. But we found her!! So thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for her if possible. 

Wednesday - We had zone meeting and it was ALL about finding new people to teach. Our area really struggles to find effective ways because no one likes to talk to us...people see us on the streets and cross over to the other side as fast as they can or turn down the other street or basically just run away from us. Like always. So it is difficult...we have some plans for this week and are planning a Meet the Mormons movie night to invite lots of people to just learn about who we are and what we do. Hopefully that will help! Then we went and taught dear Rosemary, who is 85 years old and got converted 3 years ago. Her whole family rejected her joining the church and now treats her badly because of it...but she feels that is it true and is the strongest woman I have ever met. She is so inspiring to me. I love her :) We then taught our other Lisa, Lisa A and Also taught Lisa H (the one who had disappeared) and all in al it was a wonderful day! We had a DA with the former ward mission leader and is family as well, they are lovely. 

Thursday - We went up to Thornhill.....so much hill....biking up there is a real adventure. We had dinner at the Holcombes again and did some service for Lynn. Let me tell you about Lynn....she does missionary work EVERY day on the bus, handing out pass along cards and talking to people. And one day she talked to a man and BAM he ended up joining the church and now the are getting married October 10th!! BLESSINGS OF MISSIONARY WORK!! She is amazing. She is also an artist. I am hoping to buy one of her painting from her before I leave...she is really good! She is also going to publish a book soon. She is just amazing. Anyways, we did some service to help her with her wedding and then just taught Lisa H again! 

Friday - sooo we did weekly planning and then tried to take a bus someone and got REALLY lost. A recent convert named Deb had to come get us....we were really lost. She is so lovely though. She could really use some prayers at this time...she got baptized in March and since then has been hit with EVERY trial that could hit someone. She is so amazing and faithful though. I love her to death. Then we had our Friday night games night and Lisa H came and a less active and quite a few members!! it was really successful and really helped our investigator meet some more families from the ward! Hopefully we continue to have success with this :) 

Saturday - MIRACLE DAY!!!!!! We had many little miracles but today was really a miracle day. So we went up to Lisvane, which is about a 30 minute bike STRAIGHT UPHILL and the lady we had an appointment to see wasn't there. But before we went to her house, I saw this old man standing outside his house with a dog. I REALLY felt like we should go talk to him, but he went inside and and we went to teach this lady. When she wasn't home..I told Sister Lowder we needed to go visit this man. We walked over to his house and knocked on his door and he came out and started talking to us! He is blind, hence the dog who guides him everywhere...and his wife died about 2 years ago. He has such a faith in God, he goes to his wife's grave every single day at 2 and prays and just sits there. He asked us to explain why there are so many churches on the earth and why there isn't just one true church and BAM. Golden Investigator. He is so prepared. We are going back to visit him this week, he is amazing. We just have to figure out how to get him to read the Book of Mormon as he is blind and REALLY old so he doest have a CD player to listen to it...we might just get him one. Cause a braille copy of the book of Mormon is HUGE. And very overwhelming. So we will have to figure that out. But the whole time we were teaching him, the spirit was so strong and I am SO grateful that I listened to that prompting and went and talked to him. #blessings 

Sunday - I love the Sabbath day. Church was AMAZING and so uplifting, we talked all about temples and families being together forever. The talks were incredible. And I played a song on the organ I have NEVER played before so that was exciting. I just show up and play whatever they pick - no practicing for me - so it was VERY exciting. But it went well, and I feel the spirit so strongly during the hymns...I love it. 

We had a wonderful week full of miracles. Thank you for all you do for me! I love you so much and could not do this without your support and love. I seriously feel SO loved being out here on my mission. The love and support I receive from everyone has amazed me. I have gotten actual letters from quite a few people and emails and just feeling the prayers that are given for me....I am so so so so so so very grateful and blessed. I hope you all know how much I love you! 

I love you!,

Sister Emma Beazer

Real mail can go to:

44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

PS.  I just had a couple extra minute and thought I would share a thought from my Book of Mormon studies this week. 

So the scripture I want to focus on is in Alma 19:10, but also kind of all through verses 4-12

Background to the scripture - Ammon has taught King Lamoni, and King Lamoni fell to the earth, being overcome by the spirit. Everyone thinks he is dead, and the queen is worried, because she doesn't think he is dead. She talks to Ammon and asks him to go in and see her husband and tell her if he is dead. Ammon tells her that the king is NOT dead, and he asks her if she believes what he has said. She says (this is in verse 9)
 "I have had no witness save thy word, and the word of our servants; nevertheless I believe that is shall be according as thou hast said."
Then Ammon tells her, and this is what I want to focus on 
"Blessed art thou because of thy exceeding faith; I say unto thee, woman,there has not been such great faith among all the people of the Nephites."

Now how amazing is this woman in the scriptures? I think sometimes we forget examples of women with exceeding faith, and I have always focused on Abish in this story, as she is a missionary in her own way and brings people to come see the miracles that happen, but I LOVE that here is a woman, a queen, and her faith is so great that it is greater than all the people of the Nephites. All is a big word in this scripture. There were many many Nephites and many faithful ones, so how great must've been her faith? I think this is such an example to us of how we can work on our faith, to improve and become better daily. We may not know everything or anything at all really, but we can have faith and trust that as we learn and strive to become better, the Lord will help us. Later on in this chapter she teaches "many words" and lifts the king up so he can teach the people. All this was done through faith and the power of God. I love it. 

I love you! Hope you have a most fantabulous week!

THANK YOU!!  For all the letters this week!

Sister Lowder's mom ordered this for me
before she even started 
training me
as a gift because Sister Lowder is my trainer!
So I have a 
cool mission necklace!!!  I LOVE IT!!

My scriptures now. . . .
They aren't so blank anymore!
And I'm halfway through the Book of

Mormon now. Started again in the MTC :)

My Zone!

This photo is for Duane (Dad).
We love that her camera will show us
exactly where the picture is taken!
Geeky Fun!
You will recognize some of the areas
that she talks about in her letter as well!

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