Monday, 26 October 2015

Almost COMPLETELY mended . . .

Dear Family and Friends,

So I am feeling MUCH better. I am still not biking, but we are doing so much more and as long as I don't push myself too hard I should be able to bike later on in the week!! I am feeling really well actually. So this week, if I take like a half hour to an hour nap or just lie down after we finish all our studies (that ends after 11, since I am training and get an extra hour to study) I am good for the rest of the day! If I don't, I usually get really light headed and dizzy around 4 or 5 (hopefully that will finally get completely better this week). My headaches are almost gone, and I don't feel nauseous anymore AND my balance is pretty much back except for those times when I get really dizzy. So basically I am almost COMPLETELY mended. So don't worry :) Thank you for all the prayers I got these past few weeks. I needed them SO badly. So thank you. Prayer really works :) 

I honestly just love letters :) Having a note of love and encouragement is all I need. I will try to get better at sending letters home, lately I haven't had much time to write cause it really just hurt my head and such...but I am working on a letter :)  

I am sorry I don't have a ton of time to write this week....our chapel is getting renovated, so we have to email on the ipads which takes longer to type...but I will do my best to write a good udpate. Especially since I have a LOT to update you on! 

Monday we went to town again quick, we were supposed to have a lesson with one of the Lisa's that night but she didn't show up...which was sad for us, but it is ok! We are going to see her this next coming week at her home! 

Tuesday, we did some service for Deb, and visited with her and then had a dinner. We also had a really cool experience calling a former investigator from the area book, and she was VERY friendly and we are going to see her this week! 

Wednesday we saw Vicki, went and practiced some wedding songs (more on that on Friday and Saturday) had ward coordination, and I was starting to feel a lot better so we just visited with some other people and it was a good day! I also got a letter on this day from Mom, and from Taylor Devuyst and Kaitlynn Pierson. I am so grateful for getting this letter on this day. Taylor's letter made me cry (because the spirit was so strong). I am so impressed by how amazing the converts to the church are, and the young women in general. They have SUCH strength and power. Please tell Taylor and Kaitlynn how much I needed their letters this week. I will be sending some back eventually... 

Thursday was exciting. We had a district meeting which was FABULOUS. I always learn so much from district meeting on how I can improve. I loved it. And then we went and taught John with Sister Dearden from our ward, it was SUCH A COOL LESSON! The spirit was so strong, and we testified to John that his wife who had passed was with us during the lessons. SHE WANTS HIM TO GET BAPTIZED. I cant explain how I know this and how Sister Lowder knows except for that the spirit has definitely told us how much this means to her. It is going to be amazing. We then were talking and walking with this lady named Ann on the street after the lesson, and she basically showed us in to this tea party...a British, Christian tea party with a bunch of 85-90 year old women. We pretty much taught a bunch of lessons with them and got to learn from them, and hopefully will be visiting a couple of them this week! It was the most British thing I think I have ever been to. I half expected the queen to walk in. 

Friday we did weekly planning and then...here comes the big new....we started our WEEK AND A HALF LONG EXCHANGE. So the Sister Training Leaders in Merthyr both cant drive at the moment, they are just waiting to get UK drivers licences hopefully next week. So we are on a long exchange with them, Sister Lowder is in Merthyr driving and I am now leading the area in Rhiwbina with Sister Crowley! CRAZY. So now I am getting trained by two people which is interesting, and yeah. week long exchange! New comp for just over a week. After we started the exchange, we went to a wedding rehearsal as I was the pianist for a wedding on Saturday. So that was an exciting day! 

On Saturday Sister Crowley and I went to a wedding! So here, they have to have a civil marriage before they can go get sealed in the temple. So we were at the marriage at our chapel, I got to play the bridal march...like "here comes the bride" - that song. That was exciting. I also had to just pick songs to entertain as they signed the register and as all the bridesmaids and flower girls came in. THANK GOODNESS FOR ME BRINGING SHEET MUSIC WITH ME. I brought some classical music and a lot of arrangements of hymns and just kinda made some stuff up from the hymn book too...it was really fun though! And the bishop who was conducting the wedding service totally threw in a bit about missionary work. He just said, "If anyone has any questions about the church, feel free to ask the sister missionaries after the service, they can help out with anything." so that was amazing! I also met a family from Chesterfield I think who knows Kayla Neilson! She served in their ward and is now engaged to someone from there I think? Wow. We also had dinner with the Nunns and visited Rosemary. It was a busy day, but SO good. 

Sunday was wonderful, we were able to schedule a lot  of appointments with former investigators and potential investigators and just really prepare for the week. I am really excited to learn a LOT from this exchange. Sister Crowley is AMAZING. She knows so much, and I have a lot to learn from her I think. There is a reason this exchange is happening and I am excited to learn why! Also, we are a LOT alike which is crazy. She is also gluten free, which is kind of nice and she loves music (singing with her in the mornings is the BEST) and her family has 3 girls and 1 boy just like ours, and I just so far just LOVE her. This week will be wonderful! I do miss Sister Lowder but it will be good for me to have to explain and lead the area more. I am so excited! 

My spiritual thought and challenge for the week is from a talk called the "Cat's cradle of kindness!" 

Starting off with a quote from it.. 

"President Hinckley said something that I just love about our patterns of interconnectedness in the Church. He said: “To those of the Church, all within the sound of my voice, I give the challenge [to] … never lose sight of the whole majestic and wonderful picture of the purpose of this, the dispensation of the fulness of times. Weave beautifully your small thread in the grand tapestry, the pattern for which was laid out for us by the God of heaven.” (Ensign, Nov. 1989, p. 54.)  We may not know what contribution our small thread makes to the great tapestry. We may not understand the pattern that our lives make as they intersect, connect, separate, and intersect again, but God does."

I have been thinking a lot this week about the small and simple things we do affecting peoples lives. We really don't know what pattern our life makes with others as they connect, but we can strive our best to make it a good one by being kind, generous, loving, and gracious to all we meet. My challenge this week is to strive to do one small simple act of random service for someone. whether it is giving a hug to someone who needs it, writing a letter to someone you haven't seen for awhile, sending a message to someone, having lunch, helping carry groceries...whatever it is, it will bless their lives in some way. 

I love you all so much ! Have a GREAT week and thank you for all the prayers and love I receive! 

With LOTS of love, 

Sister Emma Beazer :)

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for more pictures, visit Sister Beazer's blog 

Sister Crowley and Sister Beazer

She only sent 1 picture this week, so I had to steal one off facebook from a member in her ward this week!  This is from Deb - (Thanks Deb!)

Thankful for the help I received today
with getting me started with the painting in my lounge

Monday, 19 October 2015

Obedience is Key

Bore da Family and Friends (good morning!),

Look at me, learning some Welsh. Anyways

Yes, my week has  been good! I am feeling a LOT better, Doctor Maizey did get me on some medication and I rested a LOT. I don't think I have ever slept so much in my life. I rested a LOT as per doctors orders. And I am feeling way better because of it! :)

I didn't get to see Layne and Stacey, as it is against mission rules to have visits from anyone from home...and I want to be obedient, so I didn't see him, but he did call and also told me about his moms cousin who needs to hear the gospel, so I am going to try and get missionaries sent over there! He left me her address and everything so it is going to be possible to get people sent over there, which is cool. I hope he had a lovely trip over here as well, and I am sad that I didn't get to visit with them, but obedience is key as a missionary, so I am being obedient :)

We hear a LOT about rugby from everyone over here. If we want to start a conversation, two things are key: 1. Rugby, and 2. Weather. Wales is out of the world cup now though so everyone is crushed over here...

Also Mom, just so you know, the normal amount of biking we do each week is about 30-40 miles a week. I didn't last week obviously and we won't this week BUT I thought you would be proud of me for that :)

So this week will be a bit less exciting than others, as I was quite ill BUT I shall go by day by day anyways :)

So on Monday the Morgans took us grocery shopping as I was not allowed to bike at all, and then we emailed and I wasn't feeling well so I slept for awhile, and then we had dinner at the Bernard's, a family in our ward and then Sister Bernard and Ffion (the daughter, she is about 9) came teaching with us to visit Deb! We had a lovely visit and played with her kittens, one of whom is named after me (the cutest one is named after me...just saying haha) and we had a good visit and were able to still get some work done, although I really wasn't well so it was hard to stay for long.

Tuesday we had district meeting, and the zone leaders came! Elder Salehian from New Mexico and Elder Myrtaj from Albania, they are wonderful zone leaders and teach us so much. We learned some more about using family history, which was really good as one of our investigators is really focused on family history right now, and it was also good as we used family history a lot this week to do missionary work!

Then we went with Sister Morgan, the primary president to go teach dear old blind John! This lessons was SO cool, we went in and were talking to him and Sister Morgan shared her conversion story, she used to be Methodist, and then converted and LOVES the gospel and missionary work so much. As it turns out, Johns wife was Methodist, so they connected through that (John LOVES talking about his wife. It is so sweet, he just loves her SO much) and she just really shared how much the gospel has helped her, especially to know that families can be together forever as she has had a son who died in an accident. The spirit was SO strong, and then I felt impressed to tell John exactly how we came to find him and come to teach him, and it was amazing. He ended up telling us that he really does feel the spirit every time we come visit him, and he ALMOST committed to come to church which is a HUGE step for John. He is really old and is progressing SLOWLY but is still progressing! It was a wonderful wonderful lesson.

Wednesday was doctor day! I went to Dr. Maizey and got some blood tests done, she just wanted to make SURE that she hadn't missed anything AND my blood is good (we got the results back on Friday) so that is good! We also went to the Liassides for dinner and shared a spiritual thought with them, and they took good care of us and drove us to ward coordination that night (as I wasn't allowed to bike) and it was a good day!

Thursday, we taught Marilyn again and really helped her with her family history, also, we just gave her a book of Mormon last time and didn't even commit her to read and she told us she had been reading from it #miracle and we gave her a chapter to read and pray about (alma 32) and invited her to the Primary Presentation on sunday! She didn't end up coming, but yeah. still miracles! It was a really good lesson.
We then went for dinner at this old couple's home, the Parry's...they are the most interesting people I think I have ever met. They both paint, like VERY well and the husband does cross stitch and tapestries and they collect spoons and the wife has VERY life like dolls. It was an exciting dinner...they are hilarious though and we had a really good spiritual thought with them and learned about their conversion story, which was amazing. I LOVE conversion stories! LOVE THEM.

On Friday, we did some planning and serious studies, and also had a really good dinner with Sister Webb (yw's president and Ward mission leaders wife). We learned a LOT about Welsh...I can now say good morning, good night, hello, and I am sister beazer! So that is good :) Welsh is such funny language. It is beautiful but also....funny.

On Saturday we did a lot of weekly planning, and then went to a Gymanfa Ganu - like a welsh sing along music festival - which was REALLY cool. So basically you all just come together and sing hymns and welsh songs and the chorister does whatever she wants and repeats verses or anything, and the pianist changes key and does other things according to whatever they feel. And people add in random harmonies and it was AMAZING. I love it. I love it SO much. Also, lots of Welsh people are REALLY good at singing which makes it even more fun. Also, me singing in Welsh...probably made it more fun for everyone around me. I loved it though. I love learning about the Welsh culture - it is REALLY interesting.

Sunday was the PRIMARY PRESENTATION. So one thing I forget to mention was that we had been texting Dennis all week, we hadn't been able to visit him but we invited him to the Primary Presentation and HE CAME! The spirit was so strong during it and he loved it and said he wanted to come to our church again. YAY FOR CHILDREN AND THE SPIRIT THEY BRING! It was amazing. I absolutely love Sunday.

All in all, this week was REALLY good. Something cool that our mission is doing this transfer (well..till Christmas) is that we are doing a Come Unto Christ transfer, and each missionary individually picks things we can do to work to come closer to Christ personally. As we do this, it will help us bring others closer to Christ as well, which is our purpose -  so I am excited to start working and having a focus on this even more. The following quote is from a talk called "The Challenge to Become"

"All that I have I desire to give you--not only my wealth, but also my position and standing among men. That which I have I can easily give you, but that which I am you must obtain for yourself. You will qualify for your inheritance by learning what I have learned and by living as I have lived. I will give you the laws and principles by which I have acquired my wisdom and stature. Follow my example, mastering as I have mastered, and you will become as I am, and all that I have will be yours."

This quote is based off of a parable of a father talking to his child. As it says in the talk, "This parable parallels the pattern of heaven. The gospel of Jesus Christ promises the incomparable inheritance of eternal life..." as we live the gospel and learn what Christ learned and live as He lived, we WILL receive the inheritance and all the God has to give us will be ours.

My challenge for you is to ponder how you can best learn and live as Christ did, and make a goal to really strive toward becoming more like our Saviour Jesus Christ.  I know that as you do this, your life will be blessed and enriched as God pours out blessings upon you :) Because He really will as your strive to become like Christ.

I love you all SO very much and am so grateful for the support and love I feel from you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Sister Emma Beazer :)

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District Meeting with the Zone Leaders.


The following pictures are from her P-Day adventures
last week.

Roth Park - Can you see out all the swans down there!!



Maizey Fun!! 
The Bay

Monday, 12 October 2015

All in God's Plan

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanksgiving...so they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here! So that has been a little weird for me to get a whole bunch of happy thanksgiving emails haha. I forgot it was happening! I hope it was good though! 

So - This week has been an adventure!

Monday -  Pday!! The Maizeys took us out for the day, and we explored the bay! I am silly and forget my camera today soo I will have to send those pictures next week. Sorry about that! But we saw the sea, and also where Roald Dahl was christened. Fun fact. We saw a lot of cool buildings (the opera house, cathedrals, etc) and then went to Eleanor and Josh's FAVORITE diner. It is their favourite cause it is a ONLY dessert diner. Haha it was lovely and so much fun to spend some time with them! We then went and visited Deb for a bit and watched the last session of conference, and I finally learned about this "ponderizing" that everyone was speaking of. My scripture for the week was Doctrine and Covenants 130:2. Our mission president sends a scripture every week so that is what I chose, and my scripture for this week will be Doctrine and Covenants 11:20. How did ponderizing go with you?

Tuesday - we visited quite a few less actives that we had been wanting to see, and then did some service for Deb! We stripped down wallpaper and started painting her living room white! IT was SO FUN! IT was good to do some service this week :) We then stopped by the Gros house and visited with Sister Gros and her darling children, and then biked REALLY fast to ward council to talk about the ward mission plan! It was really interesting to sit in on ward council and see how it all works, we don't go very often but I really enjoyed being there and learning from that!

Wednesday - We had zone meeting! it was SO GOOD! We talked a lot about family history and how we can more effectively use it in missionary work, cause it is SO important, and we are hopefully going to work on that a bit in the next couple week! We also talked a lot about the doctrine of repentance...it was really amazing. I learned a lot about daily repentance and how I should be using the Atonement more fully EVERY day. And not just like, every night, but all day! It was really good.

During zone meeting I started getting a really bad headache, and it was affecting my vision a bit so we decided to walk instead of bike, as it is safer...and we visited the Morgans, who are just LOVELY and hilarious! They have the cutest grandchildren and were taking them out for the grandsons birthday! We also visited Rosemary, she is working HARD on personal progress and I think she is really excited about working towards a medallion! She is so lovely!

Thursday -  I was still feeling quite awful...and I got more ill on this day.....I was feeling dizzy and nauseous, and so ended up just mostly sleeping all day. The Holcombes fed us but after that I just even had a bigger headache, and so we went back to the flat, and then the bishop and one of his counsellors gave me a priesthood blessing. In the blessing it talked a lot about how I will be needing to learn patience, as will my companion the next little while, and that we will need to learn to do missionary work in a new way, and that I need to  listen to the medical advice I will receive and remember that I should not run faster than I have strength.... It also talked about how my family is being blessed AND protected from harm because of the work I am doing out here. I thought that was amazing. We then came back home and I just slept again...still feeling awful.

Friday - we saw Doctor Maizey today. Our bishop's wife is a doctor, and so she is the doctor we go see when we are ill. Anyways, apparently I have a weird virus that is very common (never heard of it before though) that affects the inner part of my ear, that helps me be balanced. So basically when I move I get dizzy and disoriented, and get nauseous quickly cause I have no balance and am not balanced at all. Kind of like being seasick all the time or drunk, according to Doctor Maizey. And I am on bed rest for at least a week.....I am allowed to go out as long as I do not cycle or walk very far, and I am supposed to sleep and rest a LOT. this is probably why the blessing talked about me needing to do missionary work in a new way...so anyways, that is going to make the next couple weeks interesting. She said it can last for 3 weeks, but it will probably last for at least 2. So yeah. I am working on how we can do missionary work..we are really going to rely on members this week.

Saturday - Lynn's wedding! I sent pictures :) It was celtic themed, and it was lovely. Ben and Lynn are so happy :) I couldn't stay for too long cause I felt very ill, but we did get to stay for the ceremony and have a bit of food, it was beautiful and just a very happy day for her!

Sunday - Church! We had church, again...I am not very well....so we just stayed for the first hour and I mostly slept all day...we went to the Maizeys for dinner and they just let me sit on the couch with a blanket and let me rest while they played more. It was very nice of them...cause poor sister Lowder has been cooped up with me being sick and REALLY needed some people time. So that was lovely.

I was really frustrated on Friday, when I learned that I wasn't allowed to cycle and such because if we want to teach and find we NEED to be out doing things...but just remembering the blessing, and that I should not be running faster than I have strength...it reminded me that it is ok for me to rest when I am sick. I was feeling guilty cause we have a very strict schedule as missionaries. And I just WANT to be working and teaching my hardest ALL THE TIME. I don't like resting when I feel I should be out working. I read through Mosiah 4:27, which says

"And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order, for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize..."

I felt better reading this, cause I simply cannot do things that I would normally be doing at this time...I am ill, and I HAVE to rest. And I will do what I have strength to do and the Lord will bless me as I am diligent, and I will "win the prize" as it says. I just have to trust that this is all in God's plan and that I have something I need to learn from this. And if it is just to learn patience, then I will learn that.

I hope you have a lovely week! I love you all so much!

Sister Emma Beazer :)

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44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
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THANK YOU!  I just got these today :)
along with maple syrup
(Amazon.uk delivery from her dad)

So this is my testimony book -
I'm putting all the stamps
I get from letters on the front and back!
It's super fun :)
So keep sending letters!  I love mail!

I (Mom) took these next 3 photos off of facebook from a dear Sister in their ward!
At Women's Conference last week! 

The Sisters with Sister Deb at conference.

The lovely and beautiful Sisters at mine yest eve....love
 them to bitz x Deb Morgan

At Roath Park on P-day

At Roath Park with the Maizeys

A little bit about Roald Dahl

​Doctor who was filmed in Cardiff!!
And it was even filmed in my doctors office! 
How crazy!!

At Roath Park and the very famous Opera House!

The Dessert ONLY diner!  Their favorite!

This is the new mission blog with the new mission president and wife :) If you look under new arrivals, I am there for August 19th!  http://ebmcalltoserve.weebly.com

A Quote from Dennis.  Dennis is hilarious. 
Sin is the devil zone - remember that aha

At transfers this week,
Me, my trainer (mom) and her trainer (grandma)

My zone after transfers this week :)

A member bought us flowers cause I'm ill!
They are to make me feel better :) 

I have my own flowers here...
gardening is a huge thing and I love it!
So I wanted my own plant haha :)
isn't it cute?

Deb did name her kitten after me! She is amazing...
One of her kittens names is Beazer, Bea for short :) 
It's the  cutest kitten too...
and the only one she is keeping from this litter! 
So that is fun.  (It is the dark one in these pics)

We were at this wedding...it was Celtic themed....
Dear Lynn.....we love her to bits. 

My first wedding in Wales!

This photo is of the Bishop's family -
they sent this photo to me (Mom) on Sunday.
I didn't really know what they meant by
'they will look after her '....it all makes sense now! 
"We love her and send you our thanks
for lending her to us at this time!
Cannot tell you how much your daughter
is loved and appreciated by the ward....
we love her and she is an amazing missionary.
I promise that we will look after her!"

Monday, 5 October 2015

We are CALLED TO SERVE - please let us serve.

Dear Family and Friends,

Conference is AMAZING!! It was exactly what I needed this week.  We will be watching the Sunday afternoon session tonight with Deb and some investigators! So I am excited about that. We have seen every other session of conference this weekend though, and the womens conference as well. SO AMAZING. I am worried about President Monson though. I will be praying for him extra..he is so amazing and seems so frail now. The difference between how he looks now and how he used to look...being a disciple and apostle and leader for so long really takes a toll physically, spiritually, emotionally....and it really shows. I cant believe how amazing his talk was though. Oh how I thank God for the prophet we have..

Deb showed us what she put up on Facebook -  haha :) I am glad that you see her posts! She tells us EVERYTHING you say on the pictures so its kind of fun for us as well to see that our family and friends can see pictures of us pop up!  Brother Bettridge is a gem as well... he is the hardest working member missionary. So wonderful! The ward here is just fabulous. 

Today for Pday, Sister Maizey and her kids are being our Cardiff tour guides and taking us ALL over so I will make sure to get lots of pictures for next week!! The Maizeys are absolutely lush. I love them. I am excited to see where we go today! It will be an adventure! 

As for the news this week.....

Sooo I forgot my old planner....it is a new transfer so I just brought my new one which means ALL the stuff I did last week is in my old planner. OOPS. But I will share what I can remember haha. 

Monday - we went to town! (Cardiff. The real town center) I took some pictures but my camera was on the wrong setting for the longest time *facepalm* so I will send the ones that turned out and hopefully forward some from Sister Lowder. We explored the market and went past the Cardiff castle! It costs like 14 pounds to go inside and we are too poor for that soooo we won't be going probably. But it looks cool even from the outside! 

To be honest the rest of the week is a blur, but I will send what I remember, it just won't be specific to days...ugh. I need my planner. It is my brain while on a mission. 

We got 4 new investigators this week! I feel like everyone we teach is pretty old lately...but they are lovely. We found an older man named Paul, he was almost baptized in 2009! We just started talking to him on the side of the street and when we came home we found him in our area book...so that was a miracle! He is very kind but very sad and lonely....we are hoping that he will feel the joy of the gospel and the love of the people at church when he comes! We also taught an old, kind of deaf lady named Valerie....she is VERY forgetful and repeats herself a lot. We are hoping that we will be able to help her by doing some service...she lives all alone. We taught a young mother named Claire, she is just lovely and has a little 7 year old son, she wants her family to be together forever! We are excited to continue teaching her! We also were FINALLY able to do some service for a lady named Marilyn (yes, we teach a lot of Marilyn's) and we worked in the garden for her and helped her do things she cant really do now that she has a bad back. She was LOVELY and just wants to take care of us. People here truly are so sweet and kind to us most of the time. I am grateful for that. 

 We taught John (the old blind man) again...he doesn't want to come to church cause he has a church. Oh John. We just want him to see what it is like! And he never will unless he comes...but yeah. We are praying hard for all our investigators. We are really struggling with getting people to have real intent....and finding people who have real intent. Most people we teach just like to chat with us, which we love but we also want to share the gospel! And answer questions! And serve! 

One of the hardest things here I find is finding people who are willing to let us help them. We see old people in their gardens struggling with pulling weeds and they won't let us help them, even though they cannot physically do it....it is frustrating. We are CALLED TO SERVE. But we can't if people don't help us. Please let the missionaries help you! If you need help working in the back yard, CALL THEM. The missionaries can help you! I think there is a talk about that...the missionaries WANT to help. But we cant if people don't let us! So please let the missionaries in your area help you. Service helps us fulfil our purpose. 

To be honest the weeks fly by SO fast, so I don't remember much else besides conference, so I will share some spiritual thoughts from that! And a challenge :) 

One is a challenge specifically for Mom, and for all mothers. Elder Holland's talk hit me SO hard, because mothers are SO important. We see it so much serving as missionaries and as we see the effect mothers have on their children, and we feel it even more as we are gone from our own mothers. Mom, I love you. And I am SO grateful for you lifting me and always constantly supporting me. In every choice I have made, you have been there to help me and give me advice. THANK YOU. My challenge with this is to read Elder Holland's talk often and remember how influential and important you are to your children. WE LOVE YOU. 

My second spiritual thought came from one of the new apostles, Dale G. Renlund. His testimony hit me right in the heart. I have been feeling that as a missionary, I really have been called to do so much and I am SO weak. I am just a 19 year old girl, I don't know much and I don't know how to best help people. I want to serve and I work my hardest, but I have SO many weaknesses. What stuck out to me that he said was "The Lord has called you for what He needs to do through you". As I work my hardest to follow Him and do His will, He will work MIGHTY miracles through me. I have already seen it happen and continue to see it happen, so why would I doubt? Why would I?? This calling isn't about me. It is about those who are here and what the Lord can do through me. I am so blessed to be called and to have the Lord magnify me in my calling as I do His will! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! And as I share it I am strengthened and blessed in so many ways. There is NO way to do this work without the Lord working through us. 

I also loved Russell M. Nelson's talk about women. It made me think about if I really do realize my influence on those around me...I don't think I do! I need to continue to be an example, as President Monson talked about. I wrote down his 6 things and am going to strive to be a better example in all of those this week. Here are the 6 things we can do to be an example of the believers.
Be an example in...
My challenge to  you all this week is to pick just ONE of these things and strive your hardest to be an example of Christ in that aspect of your life. If it is in conversation, make sure to not gossip or talk about others in a way that isn't uplifting. If it is in faith, show your faith by sharing it! Just little things to be an example to those around you :) 

I love you all! I pray for you every day and thank you SO MUCH for the support and help I receive. Even if it is just a little uplifting thought given in an email, or a prayer, I feel it and appreciate it so much. I LOVE YOU!!

Sister Emma Beazer :)

send real mail to:
44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

This picture is from town :)
we ran into a bunch of missionaries.

Random Accordian Player

Town! Wales and Canada :)

The worlds largest handcrafted lovespoon!

Town Centre...

Sheep and Wales

Sheep and Wales

Sheep and Wales

Sheep and Wales

Sheep and Wales

A lizard friend...