Monday, 5 October 2015

We are CALLED TO SERVE - please let us serve.

Dear Family and Friends,

Conference is AMAZING!! It was exactly what I needed this week.  We will be watching the Sunday afternoon session tonight with Deb and some investigators! So I am excited about that. We have seen every other session of conference this weekend though, and the womens conference as well. SO AMAZING. I am worried about President Monson though. I will be praying for him extra..he is so amazing and seems so frail now. The difference between how he looks now and how he used to look...being a disciple and apostle and leader for so long really takes a toll physically, spiritually, emotionally....and it really shows. I cant believe how amazing his talk was though. Oh how I thank God for the prophet we have..

Deb showed us what she put up on Facebook -  haha :) I am glad that you see her posts! She tells us EVERYTHING you say on the pictures so its kind of fun for us as well to see that our family and friends can see pictures of us pop up!  Brother Bettridge is a gem as well... he is the hardest working member missionary. So wonderful! The ward here is just fabulous. 

Today for Pday, Sister Maizey and her kids are being our Cardiff tour guides and taking us ALL over so I will make sure to get lots of pictures for next week!! The Maizeys are absolutely lush. I love them. I am excited to see where we go today! It will be an adventure! 

As for the news this week.....

Sooo I forgot my old planner....it is a new transfer so I just brought my new one which means ALL the stuff I did last week is in my old planner. OOPS. But I will share what I can remember haha. 

Monday - we went to town! (Cardiff. The real town center) I took some pictures but my camera was on the wrong setting for the longest time *facepalm* so I will send the ones that turned out and hopefully forward some from Sister Lowder. We explored the market and went past the Cardiff castle! It costs like 14 pounds to go inside and we are too poor for that soooo we won't be going probably. But it looks cool even from the outside! 

To be honest the rest of the week is a blur, but I will send what I remember, it just won't be specific to days...ugh. I need my planner. It is my brain while on a mission. 

We got 4 new investigators this week! I feel like everyone we teach is pretty old lately...but they are lovely. We found an older man named Paul, he was almost baptized in 2009! We just started talking to him on the side of the street and when we came home we found him in our area book...so that was a miracle! He is very kind but very sad and lonely....we are hoping that he will feel the joy of the gospel and the love of the people at church when he comes! We also taught an old, kind of deaf lady named Valerie....she is VERY forgetful and repeats herself a lot. We are hoping that we will be able to help her by doing some service...she lives all alone. We taught a young mother named Claire, she is just lovely and has a little 7 year old son, she wants her family to be together forever! We are excited to continue teaching her! We also were FINALLY able to do some service for a lady named Marilyn (yes, we teach a lot of Marilyn's) and we worked in the garden for her and helped her do things she cant really do now that she has a bad back. She was LOVELY and just wants to take care of us. People here truly are so sweet and kind to us most of the time. I am grateful for that. 

 We taught John (the old blind man) again...he doesn't want to come to church cause he has a church. Oh John. We just want him to see what it is like! And he never will unless he comes...but yeah. We are praying hard for all our investigators. We are really struggling with getting people to have real intent....and finding people who have real intent. Most people we teach just like to chat with us, which we love but we also want to share the gospel! And answer questions! And serve! 

One of the hardest things here I find is finding people who are willing to let us help them. We see old people in their gardens struggling with pulling weeds and they won't let us help them, even though they cannot physically do it....it is frustrating. We are CALLED TO SERVE. But we can't if people don't help us. Please let the missionaries help you! If you need help working in the back yard, CALL THEM. The missionaries can help you! I think there is a talk about that...the missionaries WANT to help. But we cant if people don't let us! So please let the missionaries in your area help you. Service helps us fulfil our purpose. 

To be honest the weeks fly by SO fast, so I don't remember much else besides conference, so I will share some spiritual thoughts from that! And a challenge :) 

One is a challenge specifically for Mom, and for all mothers. Elder Holland's talk hit me SO hard, because mothers are SO important. We see it so much serving as missionaries and as we see the effect mothers have on their children, and we feel it even more as we are gone from our own mothers. Mom, I love you. And I am SO grateful for you lifting me and always constantly supporting me. In every choice I have made, you have been there to help me and give me advice. THANK YOU. My challenge with this is to read Elder Holland's talk often and remember how influential and important you are to your children. WE LOVE YOU. 

My second spiritual thought came from one of the new apostles, Dale G. Renlund. His testimony hit me right in the heart. I have been feeling that as a missionary, I really have been called to do so much and I am SO weak. I am just a 19 year old girl, I don't know much and I don't know how to best help people. I want to serve and I work my hardest, but I have SO many weaknesses. What stuck out to me that he said was "The Lord has called you for what He needs to do through you". As I work my hardest to follow Him and do His will, He will work MIGHTY miracles through me. I have already seen it happen and continue to see it happen, so why would I doubt? Why would I?? This calling isn't about me. It is about those who are here and what the Lord can do through me. I am so blessed to be called and to have the Lord magnify me in my calling as I do His will! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! And as I share it I am strengthened and blessed in so many ways. There is NO way to do this work without the Lord working through us. 

I also loved Russell M. Nelson's talk about women. It made me think about if I really do realize my influence on those around me...I don't think I do! I need to continue to be an example, as President Monson talked about. I wrote down his 6 things and am going to strive to be a better example in all of those this week. Here are the 6 things we can do to be an example of the believers.
Be an example in...
My challenge to  you all this week is to pick just ONE of these things and strive your hardest to be an example of Christ in that aspect of your life. If it is in conversation, make sure to not gossip or talk about others in a way that isn't uplifting. If it is in faith, show your faith by sharing it! Just little things to be an example to those around you :) 

I love you all! I pray for you every day and thank you SO MUCH for the support and help I receive. Even if it is just a little uplifting thought given in an email, or a prayer, I feel it and appreciate it so much. I LOVE YOU!!

Sister Emma Beazer :)

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This picture is from town :)
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Town! Wales and Canada :)

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Sheep and Wales

Sheep and Wales

Sheep and Wales

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