Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas is coming.... and so are transfers....

Dear Family and Friends,

First of all...transfers are this week 😬 so I will find out tonight
if I stay or if I leave Rhiwbina. So that is exciting...if anyone
wants to send anything to me, just send it to the mission home until
we find out what happens!

Monday - so we went to the Bernard's for dinner, it was SO lovely and
they are just so missionary minded! It is amazing the missionary work
that members can do. They can do so much more than we can as
missionaries...it is awesome. We were meant to go on exchange this
night but it ended up happening Tuesday instead! We stopped by some
people and had a lovely night.

Tuesday - Exchanges! Miracles happen on exchanges :) so we exchanged
at like...7am, which was fun. We then had to go into Cardiff for a
practice for a musical number I was helping out with, and then on the
way back we saw one of our investigators we haven't seen for AGES and
we were able to make an appointment with him, which was a miracle! We
then were also able to see Lisa again! And we had such a good lesson
with her, and it was AMAZING. We were also able to stop by another
investigator we haven't seen for a long time as well, which was
wonderful. We then stopped by a new friend, who is a motorcyclist, a
DJ, and also has his masters degree in science...it was quite
interesting. He is reading the Book of Mormon, and told us if he
decides he doesn't like it, he will throw it at us next time he sees
us. I can't tell if he is joking or serious...but...that's ok! We were
also able to drop by our dear friend with the fluffy dogs....who are
psycho. But I love them :) and we also taught Wendy again! Tuesday was
just wonderful, and we exchanged back that night :)

Wednesday - we saw Lisa again, and then travelled to go visit someone
who said we could come back, but they ended up not being home...but
it's ok! Cause we had a lovely walk, and were able to talk to lots of
people along the way. We were also able to visit Marilyn, and she gave
us a ton of presents for Christmas! She is the sweetest thing. She
gave us these cool German Christmas ornaments that are kind of like
Russian dolls, and a lovely candle holder and these tiny hand painted
ornaments from Germany as well. She travels a lot and so she wanted to
give us something from her travels. What a sweet thing. We also got
invited to youth night, as did the elders and we played
hockey...and...IT WAS SO FUN! It was a good end to a lovely day.

Thursday - we saw a few people in the morning, had district meeting,
and then we went carolling in town with a lot of other missionaries.
We had a proper missionary choir...and...surprising enough we sounded
pretty good! We were able to talk to a lot of people as well, and a
ton of people came and took some Books of Mormon and talked to us,
which was really cool to have people come up to us and ask questions,
rather than the other way around. Thursday was just wonderful :) we
had a lovely dinner after carolling and it was a wonderful day!

Friday - we had zone meeting! It was a wonderful meeting, and we got
to hear the testimonies of the missionaries who are going home. Elder
Myrtaj (one of our zone leaders) is going home this transfer, so it
was wonderful to hear those. We then went to deliver a bible to
someone who had requested it online, and searched and searched but
couldn't find their house...and ended up going to visit Rosemary. She
is the sweetest thing. We also went to a Christmas get together at the
Liassides, and had a lovely evening there.

Saturday - we did some weekly planning, went out to Marilyn's and
dropped off some Christmas cards, and did more weekly planning. We
were supposed to go see Paul, but he didn't end up coming so we didn't
get to do that today.

Sunday - I love Sunday's!! We went to church, and Lisa came and she
just loved it and we had a wonderful meeting and classes afterwards.
We walked over to the Maizey's and had dinner with them that night, and
also had Lauren, our only YSA in the ward there! She is awesome and is
putting in her mission papers soon (I am praying she goes to Canada!).
We then got to go see the Christmas devotional, which was AMAZING!
Wow. I love Christmas!

Love you!

Sister Emma Beazer

P.S.  As we are not sure where she might be in a week, you can send real mail to the mission home:

Sister Emma Beazer
England Birmingham Mission
187 Penns Lane
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
England, B76 1JU
United Kingdom

e-mail anytime:




zone meeting


found a chocolate on the floor!

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