Monday, 21 December 2015

Staying in Rhiwbina!

Dear Family and Friends!

So we spent Monday in Cardiff for district p-day, which was SO fun! We went on a roller coaster simulator, which actually was super fun...I'll send a video of that :) but most importantly, when we got the call that night about who was leaving and who was staying....I STAYED IN RHIWBINA!!!! WITH SISTER GAFFNEY! Which means....when she goes home at the end of this transfer on February 3rd....I will probably still be here! YAY!!! That'll be a total of 7 1/2 months in Rhiwbina...just saying. Almost half my mission! I am praying that happens cause that would be amazing!  My week has been amazing! Honestly, I was so stressed about leaving Rhiwbina, all the missionaries thought I would leave and the ward did as well, and I just cried on Monday right before we got the call that I was staying....I am so happy. I just felt like I hadn't accomplished what I needed to in Rhiwbina yet! There is things here I have to do before I leave, and I haven't done them all yet, so it was SO wonderful to get the call that I stayed! Actually, all the missionaries in my entire district stayed, which is CRAZY, so I am happy about that! 

Still together with Sister Gaffney!

Staying in Wales! YAY!

On Tuesday we saw Lisa again! She is amazing! We were able to have a really good lesson with her,  and it was wonderful! :) we went to the Jones that night for dinner, and they gave us a lovely Christmas present, and just were so sweet! They have the nicest family.

We spent Wednesday helping the Holes move! We packed up an entire house, and helped clean it, and then helped unload everything into the new house! I LOVE service and I love that we were able to just help them, and it was so fun as well! I feel like service is just the most fun thing to do, cause you get to help people and it just makes you happy! I loved it :)
On Thursday we had district meeting, which was WONDERFUL, I learned so much! We then went to see Lisa again, and to visit a few other people, and later that night went to the Holcombes for dinner. Oh how I love them :) we stopped by a few more people on the way home, and just had a lovely day!

Our District.

You can tell this district has been together for a while! ;)

Friday was our MULTI ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!! This was SO fun! We travelled to Cheltenham for a conference with the Cardiff, Merthyr, and Cheltenham missionaries! I saw sister Lowder, cause she is now serving in Worcester! We got to have a lovely spiritual meeting, and then each of the zones did an activity...we did a skit...and I was Santa Clause...it was SO fun though! We then travelled home and I had games night with Paul, who the Elders are going to be teaching now so that was fun as well! It was a LOT of travelling which was exhausting, but worth it.

Fun at the Multi-zone conference!

So good to see Sister Lowder again!

We went carolling again in city centre on Saturday! Only this time we went with the Stake Choir, and were able to sing and to share a message of Christmas with all the people around :) it was wonderful, and we invited so many people to our Stake Carol concert! We then went to see Lisa, and some other people. We got to help Rosemary with her personal progress again, which was lovely! She is almost done her faith project now! We then went and had a lovely meal with Vicki and some of her family, and we will get to spend time with them on Christmas Eve as well!

With Vicki (I stole this pic from Facebook)

Sunday was amazing! First of all, we had a lovely sacrament meeting and church in general was just lovely, as it was all focused on Christmas and sharing the message of Christ with those around us!  I played the organ and played for the Primary children as they sang, it was lovely! Sister Gaffney and I also spoke in church this Sunday, and just talked about the gifts we are giving this Christmas vs. Christmas in the past. It was lovely! That sounds like a WONDERFUL Christmas meeting! It was SO wonderful! We then had a lovely meal with the Riders, who take such good care of us, and then went to the Carol Concert! IT WAS AMAZING. I don't think I have ever been in a building with so many people, and so many people singing as LOUD as they can. It was incredible! Lisa came and so did dear Marilyn :) it was lovely!             

Spiritual thought and challenge :) 

So I have been thinking a LOT about how to focus more on Christ this Christmas, especially as a missionary, because we are focused on him all the time (or try to be anyways) so I was trying to think of what I needed to do to improve and I was reading some stuff from the lesson we were going to have on Sunday and it just says

"The Lord asked the question of His disciples, "what manner of men ought ye to be?" He then answered His own question by saying  "Even as I am." To become as He is, we must have Him on our mind - constantly in our thoughts. If thoughts make us what we are, and we are to be like Christ, then we must think Christlike thoughts."

So this week, I am really trying to improve on focusing my mind on just thinking Christlike thoughts. It can be easy to be impatient, frustrated, or upset with people, but I really just want to take the time to focus on how I can be Christlike, by thinking Christlike. As I focus on thinking in a kind, loving way, I think that my actions will show it! 

And so my challenge for you all is to take the time, when you get upset or frustrated, to think like the Saviour and focus on being patient, loving and kind with those around you, regardless of the circumstances. It is a wonderful time of year to take the initiative to focus more on Christ and becoming like him!    

I love you all lots!

I am so excited to see you this week! We get an hour to Skype as well, so that is exciting! Last Christmas, the missionaries only got 30-40 minutes. So we get a whole hour! I am very excited :) 

From Cardston 4th Ward!  Thank you!!

More Christmas packages from friends and family!
"I'm so spoiled!"

You got my letter? Did you get my Christmas package as well yet? Just wondering...I sent a little package. Nothing too big. I did get a letter from Aunt Angie! It was full of Missionary Christmas stories, I loved it!  I got some lovely emails from my study group from university this week! Also, they sent a giant group letter last week, I can't remember if I told you that. I am so grateful for their support..it is amazing! 


Sister Beazer  :)  

P.S.  Also Boxing Day this week (Saturday) will be my pday for next week, so please mention that on my blog and stuff so people will email me back! LOVE YOU! :) also for you to know :)  

P.S.S.  Here is a message from our district leader.....


e-mail anytime:

send real mail to:
Sister Emma Beazer
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