Monday, 7 December 2015

Gifts and Talents...

Dear Family and Friends!

First of all, I think I have had more illness on my mission than anyone should have in their entire life! But that's ok. Let's hope 2016 is a illness free year to make up for 2015....

Monday - we were going to go to a castle....but the weather was HORRIBLE. It was like a blizzard of rain. A rainstorm? But like...so windy and awful. So we ended up staying in our flat, writing letters, and taking a big nap. Sometimes as a missionary you forget how exhausted you are all the time cause it feels normal, but taking that nap reminded me what it was like to not be tired anymore, cause when I woke up I felt awake and alert and ready to go! It was wonderful. Pday was just lovely. We then trudged through mud and rain and wind to have family home evening and dinner with Lynn and her new husband Ben! It was SO lovely to spend time with them, and to listen to and learn from Ben's conversion story, and to just share the gospel with them. I love family home evening and it was so lovely to do that with them!

Tuesday - we had district meeting with the zone leaders (crazy pictures to come) which was WONDERFUL! Our zone leaders are amazing, and I absolutely love my district. I learned a lot from them, and it was absolutely lovely. We then stopped by a bunch of people, and invited them to our carol service that is coming up, and had a lovely dinner with the Pettersons! They share the gospel so much and are such a lovely family.

Wednesday - so on Wednesday, Sister Gaffney caught a sickness bug...and we were stuck inside the flat as she was so nauseous and such....so I studied a LOT (I read so many scriptures and talks) and called a lot of people, and just took care of her. The lovely owl rice bags have been in use this week :) sister Gaffney loves hers and I LOVE mine, thank you mom ☺

Thursday - Sister Gaffney still wasn't very well in the morning, but as the day progressed she felt better and we were able to go out and see the Holcombes, and teach Paul and he went to the priesthood session of stake conference that night which was WONDERFUL! We were also able to see Deb and share the new Christmas video and website with her, which was lovely.

Friday - so I caught that sickness bug that Sister Gaffney had....so she studied a lot this day and called people. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I am praying that because I caught so many things this year, that my immune system can be strengthened and that I will be healthy and strong all next year! I did feel way better by the time night came, so that was good...

Saturday - we had the ward Christmas party, I got attacked by children and fake snow (video to follow), and we were able to spend some time with the ward and support them! We then went to a TON of people's houses and got a lot of return appointments for this upcoming week, so that should be wonderful for next week! We found a couple families to teach which I am SUPER excited about, and all in all it was a wonderful day! We also had stake conference that night, and got to see President and Sister Leppard which was lovely.

Sunday - we had stake conference which was AMAZING! I learned so much from it, and it was just fabulous. We also got to talk to a lot of people and had a wonderful sabbath day, ending it off with dinner at the riders who I love to bits! I love Sunday's and this one was fabulous :)

My thought for this week comes from our stake conference. We were taught about gifts and talents we have, and we were asked the question "do you let the potential of what you can become shape what you do?"
And I just thought about the potential I have, and if I am letting it shape what I do and who I become. I need to use my talents and abilities and gifts that God has given me to become better, and to shape who I am and what I do!

My challenge is to pick a talent you have, or to pick something you'd like to learn how to do, and work on improving at that thing this week. If it is sewing, computer programming, piano, ANYTHING, just pick it and work on it and it will bless your lives and the lives of those around you!

I love you all lots and pray for you! Thank you for the love and
support I have!


Sister Emma Beazer

P.S. - She has a feeling she might get transferred next week. . . so maybe don't send any 'real' mail this week till we hear..... my fingers are crossed she can stay for Christmas......

send real mail to:
44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

e-mail anytime:

My Painting from Lynne!  A treasure and a gift

Merry Christmas!

You can tell she didn't get out enough this week!  ;)

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