Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Do the BEST you can do.....

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week hasn't been too eventful, cause sister Gaffney was so ill BUT good news, she has been starting to feel better the past couple days! So thank you to everyone for the prayers :)

Monday - Sister Gaffney was feeling a tiny bit better soooo we went out to a further away grocery store, Azda (which is WALMART) and then came back cause she was feeling pretty rough....so we weren't able to do much sadly. I got a lot of tidying up and cleaning done though! So that was good.

Tuesday - We went to see Rosemary!! We are really working on personal progress with her and she is doing SO GOOD!! It was so fun to work with her. We tried to stop by some other people but they weren't home, and Sister Gaffney was feeling awful so we came back and I did a load of paperwork and went through some things, and tidied even more. We had ward council that night and just spent some time studying...

Wednesday - We saw Vicki! We went to just read some scriptures with her cause she wanted some help studying for sunday school (she is amazing) and we tried to stop by someone on the way there, and then tried again on the way back but they weren't home...everyone just seemed to be out and about this week! But not on the streets either...it was weird.

Thursday - We had district meeting, and INTERVIEWS WITH PRESIDENT! It was so good to see President and Sister Leppard again, I love them so much! Interviews were good, president talked about how I am now about 1/3 done my mission (AHH.) and how I have grown since I came out. It was good to just talk with him, and to have some questions answered and things. And district meeting went wonderfully as well! Sister Gaffney wasn't doing so well after having been out for so long, so we came back and let her rest and I did more paperwork, and then we went out to the Winters for dinner! They are so wonderful! Their daughter, Sister Kay and her kids were there as well and her boyfriend, and they are just so wonderful. We did a fun spiritual thought about drawing birds and prophets (which was awesome) and then came back home and did more paperwork!

Friday - Sister Gaffney really wasn't well so we were stuck inside all day....soooo what did I do?  CLEANED AND TIDIED AND DID MORE PAPERWORK! I went through our whole flat pretty much. It was very exciting to see things missionaries had left here...and I studied a lot as well. It was really good to go through stuff though.

Saturday - We went to the chapel and I worked on typing up our ward list that I made up (organized by areas....with map coordinates and stuff.) and then we went out to visit a dear old lady named Mrs. Thomas, and then went and saw Vicki and her family! We then went to basketball, and I played whilst Sister Gaffney sat cause she still wasn't feeling well at all :(

Sunday - CHURCH! Church was fabulous :) Poor sister Gaffney was still ill so we came back and listened to a bunch of talks by John Bytheway (he is hilarious) and just studied for awhile, and then went to the Maizeys and have a lovely dinner with them, and the Green family AND the Gros family! There were SO MANY KIDS THERE! It was nuts, but so fun for me to get out a bit. Being inside so much has given me a bit of cabin fever the last couple days especially...

All in all the week has been ok....I feel like we have been inside a LOT which is hard to get to see people, but we were able to have some more phone lessons which was good! And Sister Gaffney is starting to feel better! So I am really excited about that, and to be able to go out and work some more.

This week it has been hard to see how I was able to fulfil my purpose as a missionary and teach and invite other to come closer to Christ. I had been really hard on myself, even though there wasn't much I could do about the situation, cause Sister Gaffney really was just so ill. But I felt like I want to do more, and there wasn't enough that I was doing, etc...

BUT then we were listening to some talks and I just realized I needed to stop beating myself up for not being perfect, and for not being able to control what I physically COULD NOT control. That is just silly! It is ridiculous to beat yourself up for things you cannot control. All we have to do is do our best :)

There is a scripture in 2 Nephi 25:23 "it is by graced we are saved, after all we can do" ALL WE CAN DO. You know what all we can do is?

In Alma 24:11, it says
"And now behold, my brethren, since it has been all that we could do (as we were the most lost of all mankind) to repent of all our sins....and to get God to take them away from our hearts, for it was all we could do to repent..."

All we can do is repent. That is all God asks of us. Do our best, and repent and get better! And just keep doing that. Cause God is always there for us to help us to get better. Perfection is not necessary right now, just our best. And that is something I really realized this week.

My challenge is to just do the BEST you can do, at something that is hard for you. If practicing the piano is hard, just practice a bit more than you normally would. If math is hard, do some extra problems and do your best! If reading your scriptures and praying is hard, just do a bit each day. All we can do is improve and do our best and repent!

I love you all lots, thank you so much for the support and love that you give me!


Sister Emma Beazer :)

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We actually had some frost this week.
I saw it at like 
7 am when it started getting lighter out,
and then it had melted by 
but I took a picture for proof haha!
I am doubting we will ever get snow here :)
Which is wonderful.


We got your package!!

Thank you!!!

Walking Home...

After Basketball...

Here are a couple of videos of my #skillsnotreallythough and #funbasketball.. 

not sure why the videos aren't working - technical difficulties #tobefixedsomeday

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