Monday, 11 January 2016

I really am a missionary!

Dear Family and Friends,

Monday - We emailed, got some groceries, and then poor sister Gaffney was so ill, so we came back to the flat and I just wrote some letters and did random things around the flat! We then went to the Bernard's for dinner, and then came back and sister Gaffney rested, and I studied some more!

Tuesday - I cleaned all morning, as sister Gaffney really wasn't well still, and then we had flat inspection and went out to see a couple people, who all as well happened to be ill, and them sister Gaffney had to come back to rest, so I have been working on our ward list and organizing all our missionary things and our map!

Wednesday - we had zone meeting! It was weird, we had it in Cardiff chapel rather than Rhiwbina, but it was good! The chapel in town is in like..an office block, which is interesting! Sister Gaffney had to give her departing testimony, as it is her last zone meeting...weird! Zone meeting really wore sister Gaffney out as she is quite quite ill...and we got a doctors appointment for Thursday, which is good! We went to the Liassides that night, and I got to use some of my pent up energy from being stuck in the flat to share a fun spiritual thought with the kids and play with them :) Which was really good! I had a lot of energy haha.

Thursday -  we had a lovely district meeting, and got some interesting training from Elder Jones (picture will be coming) and then we went right to the doctor, and found out that Sister Gaffney has labarynthitis, which is what I had when I was really ill for a few weeks with Sister Lowder....so that will be interesting. We definitely cant bike right now, and go only go out for an hour or two at a time before we have to come back in so she can rest, so that is proving to be a challenge, but its ok! we are working through it and finding good things to do in the flat, that are still doing missionary work! We went to the Holcombe's that night, and my goodness..I love this ward! Everyone is a bit nuts in the best way. They are so wonderful and take care of us.

Friday - We went with Sister Liassides to visit a few people in the morning, which was REALLY good, and then came back so sister Gaffney could rest, and then went to go see Vicki! It was a lovely day and we were able to see more people than we have so that was really really good!

Saturday - We went and saw deb that night, and were able to have a lovely lesson, and then dinner with her! I got to see Beazer, the cat that is named after me, which was lovely :) And we are probably going to start teaching Deb's lovely neighbours this week! I am so excited about that, they are the sweetest girls ever! And Ruby came to church with Deb on Sunday as well so that was amazing!

Sunday - church was lovely! The Elders spoke, and we are really getting excited about our ward mission plan and working with the members with that, so that will be amazing!
Also, like I said, Ruby came and it was her birthday the day before so she got a card and got sung to in primary which was so fun for her :) And then we went to the Riders that afternoon for lunch, and just had a lovely time there, and then had a meeting at the church! Sunday was good, we were able to be out for longer than we have, which was good. Sister Gaffney is still quite ill though, poor thing.

This week has been interesting. I am feeling a lot better than I have for some time, so that has been a blessing, and with Sister Gaffney being so ill I have had a lot of time to study and ponder and learn...which has been REALLY good for me. I think this week it really hit me that I am a missionary. As we were teaching someone, and I was bearing testimony and sharing the gospel with her, it just hit me that I really am a missionary, and that I am sharing the gospel in an amazing way! As missionaries we are so blessed to bear testimony every day, and I think it is something that as member missionaries, we need to take more advantage of. As members, we can all share the gospel and share our testimony every day, even if it is just by example!

There are a lot of people who have been examples to me who aren't full time missionary, who have never been, but who have helped me SO much. just the example of someone who is living in a way that their faith and testimony shows is amazing! 

So my spiritual thought and challenge this week, is just to take the time to write your testimony down for yourself to remind you of everything you know! YOU KNOW A LOT. Even if you don't think you do, what you do know is powerful and can change lives. Write your testimony down, and remind yourself of the wonderful things YOU know. Each testimony is different and unique and that is amazing! God loves us all so much!

Thank you for all you do for me! I feel so loved and supported, and I am so grateful for that! THANK YOU!

Sister Emma Beazer

Enjoy the pictures from this week!

I did Sister Gaffney's hair

Having fun during a lesson.....

.......After a long day I was very tired!!

Sister Gaffney With Deb!

All 3 of us!

With Beazer the cat :)

Our training from Elder Jones

My new name tag  #wales

Our district....


crazy missionaries!

Pictures from Deb's Facebook page!  Thank you Deb!  We love the pictures!

Sister Gaffney, Deb, and Sister Beazer

This one is from Gilean - lovely

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