Monday, 18 April 2016

With God, Nothing is Impossible

Dear Family and Friends

So this week was CHALLENGE WEEK!!! AHHH! So we had a mission wide challenge week, and the winners get some sweet prizes...it made the week a bit more interesting for sure.

Monday - pday! So we went out with the district for lunch/brunch, which was way fun! We had the classic English breakfast (minus black pudding cause that's gross) and just had some fun together! I was feeling pretty rough so we went and got groceries and then just chilled for awhile cause I wasn't feeling well. That night we went to see tish and had a lovely dinner with her, and then came back and rested #illness

Tuesday - we had some lessons in the morning, and then had exchanges with the sisters from Warwick (sister Frandsen and sister Prasad!) and since they come to our area, we had to do double the challenges which was exciting! So we had to take random selfies with 14 people, which was so much fun actually! And a really good way to actually get people to talk to us haha. We had so many miracles today, even though I was feeling quite ill we went out and worked hard!!! We found the coolest lady named Maria, who said she prays every day that she can get baptised (WHAT?) and was just so happy to meet with us. She is the sweetest lady ever. We had a lovely dinner with Georgie and her dad and uncle, and then went and got some medicine for me and that was our day!

Wednesday - so this day was kinda...weird but good. so we finished exchanges, and I was SO ill...I think cause I didn't rest at all on Tuesday even though I was told to 😬 SO I rested some more and we ended up going to see the doctor (which took 3 hours...) BUT we still accomplished all the challenges and were able to have some lessons with people as well which was good :) we had to do a random dance off with someone in the street, so sister Chen did that one which was so fun!

Thursday - whew. Another crazy day. So we had exchanges with the Stamford sisters, and as one of them is really ill and is having surgery on Monday, we came to their area and I stayed with Sister Monopula, and Sister Chen and Sister Voasden went and worked in their area so they could actually see some people. Since we had the exchanges and had to leave our area at 12, we had to complete all the challenges by then which was a bit crazy BUT WE DID IT.  Challenges done in 2 hours :) someone had to draw a portrait of us (I'll attach the photo) which was exciting and we gave out 3 book of Mormons! Amongst other things :) we then went to Stamford, which  is LOVELY, there was canola fields and windmills and it reminded me of home haha. After all that rest and medicine I was feeling loads better which was SO good....

Friday - so today's challenged were HARD...but we did them! Funny story about one of them - we had a challenge to touch 10 cats, so we were slightly worried cause we had to do all the challenges when we got back from Stamford at like3:00....BUT we went to an animal shelter, and we were hoping they would let us like...pet the cats, but the cats were all behind these like plastic windows with tiny slots and so....being the crazy missionaries that we are, we became cat whisperers and called the cats to the slots and got them to touch our fingers with their nose. So we managed to get that challenge done just barely! We had some amazing lessons with a couple friends who picked dates that they wanted to get baptised on, which was AMAZING! All in all, it was a fabulous day. We started to worry  about the baptisms which were happening on Saturday cause we just had so much to do,but we had dinner with Claudia and got it all sorted out for her which was good :)

Saturday - so Saturday was CRAZY. We had a baptismal interview, sports, lunch appointments, lessons AND challenges and not only that... 2 baptisms!!!! Claudia and Arthur both got baptized and it was AMAZING. They are the first baptisms I have had in my mission. It was so amazing. I could just feel so strongly how HAPPY they are and the wonderful feelings they had about being baptized, and also when they were confirmed. It was amazing. I am just so happy for them and so happy to see how much the gospel has blessed and will continue to bless them! It truly is amazing.

Sunday - so Sunday was a bit crazy...long story short, I was still ill and ended up throwing up all night on Saturday (Bleh. So gross) but we had the confirmations to go to at church so I napped until church, we went, and it was still so good even though I felt rough. We also still accomplished all the challenges by a MIRACLE, our neighbors ended up wanting us to come by and see them so that was so cool. We are blessed here in Coventry.

So we don't know who has won from challenge week...as there was a tie...so we did a tiebreaker challenge this morning and we will hear later tonight! WOO! We shall see what happens :) but it has been really fun. This challenge week has helped me see how much is possible as we work and act in faith. Truly, with God, nothing is impossible. We are blessed. This week has been amazing and I am just SO HAPPY over here in England.

Love you all!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Claudia's baptism!

Arthur's Baptism!




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