Monday, 11 April 2016

you are always a leader and you are always a follower

Dear Family and Friends,
Monday - well...this was the most interesting pday I have had on my entire mission. So we went to the market, which was SO fun and bought so much fruit and vegetables, which is good...we need to be healthier. We then went and emailed and then for district pday we went to the fair, and we went on SO many rides, one after the other. The last one was like...spinning teacups essentially that also moved up and down and it was just a LOT of spinning. So many of us felt SO ill after, but there was one last ride that we wanted to go on before ending pday....so....we went up to it, and I had decided not to go cause I felt so ill...but..... Actually. I'm just going to attach a video to tell the story cause it's funnier that way. 

Anyways...after you watch the video you will see how interesting the pday was. Elder Holbrook and I are still friends...so that is good. And our district had a good laugh....and still we just laugh about it. My goodness. Anyways, after that we cleaned up a lot (which was necessary...so gross) and then went to visit some members and had dinner and shared a thought with them, and were also able to visit a less active family which was so good :) Tuesday we went teaching with Maddy, a recent convert who is just AMAZING and is one of my favorite people ever, and all the people we had set up appointments with weren't home....so we ended up visiting some other people we hadn't planned on, but it was really good :) we then had to go to Birmingham for Sister Chen's driving lesson, and then came back and had more lessons, one with an amazing lady named Jayne who just has the sweetest spirit ever. We then had a dinner with a member in the ward, and that was our day! Wednesday was was crazy! We had to go to Birmingham for another driving thing for Sister Chen, and then we went straight from there to Leicester for zone meeting, at which we gave some training and learned SO much. It was such a good meeting that just focused on how we as missionaries can become better. It was so needed. We then drove home and had some lessons, one with a friend of ours who is getting baptized this upcoming week! AH! So good. We then watched the broadcast of the general women's meeting from conference, which I loved! I loved the focus on serving others. Thursday was another crazy day! We had our Coventry zone meeting, which also was amazing and I learned so many different things from this one, which was so cool cause the training was similar... But different :) we then had exchanges with the Peterborough sisters! Sister Schwendiman and sister beck. We picked them up and had dinner, and then sister Chen and sister beck went to see Claudia, and sister Schwendiman and I went to visit our Romanian friends and went to church with them...which was quite an adventure. Since it was all in Romanian we couldn't understand a word, so we were just sitting, and the pastor was talking and and all of a sudden he looked right at us and talked fast in Romanian and then everyone went silent and just turned and looked at us like we were going to do something....and the girl beside us, one of our friends said "now you are going to go sing something for everyone!" So...sister Schwendiman and I went up and sang a hymn for them haha. Random musical number by the missionaries in a Romanian church :) it was cool to feel the spirit as we sang though, and as we testified to all there through song. Such a cool experience. Friday - we were still on exchange, and had a bunch of lessons which was SO good, after which we dropped off the sisters at the train station so they could travel home, and then we went to the chapel for Arthur's baptismal interview! He is so excited to be baptized, and we are so excited for him :) it was cool, we asked him to pick some hymns he wanted, and as he isn't too familiar with the hymns he just went in the gospel library and listened to a whole bunch so he could really pick his favourites. He is amazing and so prepared! We then had some lessons after dinner, and for dinner...we went to McDonald's and had a comp date, cause we needed it haha. Ice cream sometimes is just needed :) it was a good day. Saturday - on Saturday we went to see if our Romanian friends were coming to sports, but apparently their car insurance just expired so they couldn't come :( So we just went to sports and met some other friends and members, and played some serious football in the mud. We then had lunch and some lessons....and I was starting to feel SO ill. So we went to the lessons and then came back for dinner and planning, and I decided to just sleep for dinner so I could feel better, and then I was OUT. And definitely still ill when I woke up, so we got some medicine and things and I went back to bed. Sunday - I was still feeling quite ill, but better than Saturday so we walked to church with some friends and president and sister Leppard came! It was so good to see them. I ended up getting a blessing from the elders before leaving church, and talked to sister Leppard and apparently I caught some thing that is going around, so I am prescribed medicine and some more rest...hopefully I will be better soon! Being ill on the mission is the worst cause you can't work as hard as you want to. We also had a couple lessons, one of which was SO good and the spirit was so strong. I love feeling gods love for his children as we meet with them :) So this week I have been reading the bits of conference that I wasn't able to watch cause of the time difference and things, and I was reading in a talk all about leading, and following. I loved this quote, 
"regardless of your calling, you are always a leader, and you are always a follower. Leadership is an expression of discipleship--it is simply a matter of helping others come unto Christ, which is what true disciples do. If you are striving to be a follower of Christ, then you can help others follow Him and you can be a leader. Your ability to lead does not come from an outgoing personality, motivational skills, or even a talent for public speaking. It comes from your commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It comes from your desire to be, in Abraham’s words, “a greater follower of righteousness.” If you can do that--even if you aren’t perfect at it, but you’re trying--then you are a leader." (The Greatest Leaders Are the Greatest Followers) - Stephen F. Owen I think this is so true. We are all leaders, and also all followers. As we serve and follow Christ, we lead by bringing others closer to him. I love being able to serve, and I know that I can lead by example as I do my best to follow Christ. I know that anyone can be a leader as they do their best to serve others. So my challenge this week is to be a leader, by showing love and serving others in any way you can! Love, Sister Beazer ❤️🇬🇧



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