Tuesday, 5 April 2016

.... discover what we are truly made of.

Dear Family and Friends,

First off...this week has been CRAZY. I'll try to remember everything but...wow. So busy :)

On Monday we went to the Coventry cathedral for pday, and then after that we had dinner with a lovely member named Tish, she is from South Africa and she is amazing! It was so good to see her and to share how we can better prepare for conference :) we then saw Claudia and Salonge, and had a lovely little lesson with them! They are both so amazing.

On Tuesday we took Sister Frandsen to the mission home to pick up her new companion! It was both happy and sad, we were so excited for her to train a new missionary, but so sad that we were losing our companion. We then took her and her new companion, Sister Prasad back to Warwick and helped get them settled. Poor Sister Prasad was ill, so I took sister Frandsen to get them food and medicine and things and sister Chen stayed with her to take care of her. We stayed with them to help them for a little bit, and then drove to Leicester to pick up sister Larsen and sister Infanger so we could have exchanges with them! SO MUCH DRIVING. But it was a good day, we got to serve a lot which was wonderful :)

Wednesday we had my first exchanges as STL! It was fun cause I came out with sister Infanger, and sister Larsen was in Cardiff zone with me so I know both of them pretty well! I was with sister Larsen for the day, and we were able to have a lot of good lessons and to see new people which was really cool, and we went and did service with the other sisters for Maria and crocheted some things for her and rolled balls of yarn, which was a new kind of service that I had never done before, but it was fun :) we then saw Arthur, who is just so prepared and willing to do all he can to follow God, it is amazing! We took to the sisters to catch their bus back to Leicester, but we missed it so we ended up driving them back and then driving straight back to ward coordination.

Thursday was our first day with just sister Chen and I, which was a whole new experience for us haha. we had district meeting in the morning, which was SO good and then did some service for a lady in the ward, sanding paint off of her doorframe. We didn't get much off cause there was like 5 layers of paint, but we got a good start on it :) we then had a bunch of lessons, and dinner with a lovely family from Hong Kong, and that was our day :)

Friday - more driving! We went to the mission home for the mission leadership council (my first one!) it was AMAZING. It was so cool to see how much President does to help the leaders to become better, so we can help all the missionaries in the mission become better. It was an inspiring and uplifting meeting, and I am excited to apply all that we learned in our upcoming zone meetings. After MLC, we drove back and picked up sister mackay and sister Anderson for my second exchange, and had a bunch of lessons and stopped by people, and just had a wonderful day! I got to be with sister Mackay, who is so sweet. She goes home the same time as sister Chen as well.

Saturday we had sports in the morning and quite a few people came again which was so good, and then we took the sisters back to the train so they could get back home in time for conference! We had a lesson with a 90 year old man, who is so funny and so sweet, and then headed back for conference! Conference was AMAZING, and after if we had a meeting with the zone leaders to help plan out zone meeting. It really has been so amazing to see how much effort is put in to helping all the missionaries become better :)

Sunday - more general conference! Sister Chen and I had some planning to do in the morning, and then went to conference! It was so good :) it is interesting with the time different to be watching the Saturday afternoon session on Sunday morning, and the morning session at night and things, but it is still so amazing and uplifting no matter what time you watch it!

So I was just thinking about all the amazing things I learned from conference, and what was kind of the main thing I wanted to share was from president Uchtdorf's talk from the Sunday morning session (I haven't watched the Sunday evening one yet). I loved the story he shared about the church in Germany (can't remember the name of the city right now) that was rebuilt after being destroyed by bombs during the war. He talked about how we can become better and be built up after being torn down, as we are obedient and come to Christ. He wants to help us become better every single day :) I loved the quote that went something like this "obedience is the process by which we discover what we truly are made of".

I think as we do what we need to every day, reading scriptures, praying, and just taking the time to get to know God and Jesus Christ, we really do discover what we are made of and who we really are.

I just want you all to know that I love you so much and appreciate SO MUCH the support and love I feel from everyone back home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Sister Beazer 🇬🇧

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Our last day together....

Gummy Rings...

last early morning exercise together....

Mission Leadership Council (MLC)

Sister Beazer and Sister Lowder!
(Sister Lowder was Sister Beazer's FIRST companion!)

surprise friend at the mission home :)


Don't worry Sister Chen,
she does this all the time!

ya, that is Sister Beazer!

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