Monday, 1 August 2016

Trust in God . . . .

Dear Family and Friends,

Monday - we had a pretty normal day, had a good pday, went out with the district, and had dinner with Tish and a lesson!

Tuesday - so we had a few lessons in the morning, one which was WAY cool, we ended up meeting our friend in a park instead of at her flat cause she got stuck there, and she was just reading the book of morning as we drove past, she is awesome! Then we had an adventure of going to the mission home to help out with the greenies coming in....and....HAPPY DAY!!!! I saw my beloved daughter Sister Sharp, who I trained like almost 6 months ago now!!! WOW!! We were just a little excited to see each other haha. It was one of the happiest days I've had :) I missed her so much. And what makes this even more exciting is that she is training!!!!! So now I have a mission granddaughter! Her name is Sister Carson, and she is from Utah! I am so excited for Sister Sharp to train, she is absolutely amazing and will rock it. Then we took the Peterborough sisters home, Sister Filoso is training so we took her and her girl all the way back to Peterborough (about a 2 hour drive) and then came home, and had an awesome lesson with Joanne!!

Wednesday - Wednesday was a bit crazy. We had lessons set up for the entire day, every half an hour was planned, and we had members scheduled to come to EVERYTHING. Then, that morning....everyone called and cancelled on us, including the members. It was crazy. But we were able to see some people we hadn't planned on, and it ended up good!

Thursday - we had district meeting and interviews with our mission president!!!! He is awesome, I loved my interview and it really made me reflect on my mission and how far I have come. It was fantastic :) during lunch with president, he definitely bonded with the elders as they talked all about cars...it was interesting haha. Then we had a load of lessons, and Sister Gillette had a driving lesson, and then another lesson after that!

Friday - so today started off the crazy....so Elder Smith will be taking a driving test in our car (cause it's nicer haha) and so we switched cars with the elders for the day in order for him to practice in our car, and it was exciting....it was also elder Jarvis' birthday which was fun, so we wrote all over our car with window markers to help him feel loved as they drove it haha. So we were in a different car that is much bigger than ours, which was weird to drive. I felt like I was driving a minivan haha. But I didn't crash it so that is a plus! We had some lessons, and Joanne had her baptismal interview and rocked it!!!! Then we weekly planned and that was our day.

Saturday - so first of all....crazy stuff always happens on the day of a baptism. So we go to district exercise in the morning, and what happens? Well....our car AND the elders car get broken in to, and the windows are smashed. So basically we walk back and there is glass all in the car and everything has been looked through. Thank goodness we were just at exercise so we didn't have much in the car. So we had to call and get all that stuff sorted, so we didn't get back into our flat till about 10, then spent another 2 hours sorting out putting something on our window so the rain didn't get in with the elders, and we still had some lessons to go to and a baptism to prepared for! So we are driving around with this plastic bag taped over our window, kind of panicking....and we get back and shower and sister Gillette gets something in her eye and it has to be rinsed for like an hour and...wow. It was crazy. We ended up teaching a great lessons, getting the font filled and prepared for the baptism and it all worked out, but it was just a crazy day. Joanne's baptism was amazing though, the spirit was so strong and she looked so happy after :) I loved it.

Sunday - so..I had to give a talk in church, which was exciting, but I think it went well! And Joanne got confirmed!!! That was so cool :) she looked fantastic and the spirit was definitely felt. We came home from church and were so exhausted that we took our dinner and lunch hour together and just literally passed out asleep. Then we went to teach some people, and didn't really get to see many people but it was still a good day :)

I was reading a scripture in Hebrews this morning, in chapter 10, verses 35-36. It says

35 Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.

36 For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.

I was thinking about those scriptures, and just how sometimes....I get frustrated when I am working hard and don't see results, and sometimes that shakes my confidence a bit. I really want to trust in God more and have more patience that as I do all I can, miracles will always happen. That is something that I am working on this week, and I am excited to see what miracles come from it! God loves us so much and wants to bless us as we work hard and are faithful. Sometime, we just need to be a bit more patient and realize that his timing is so different to ours. He will always bless us though, I know that.

Love you all lots!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Look who I saw!! 

My daughter and granddaughter!!

Sister Carson, Sister Sharp, Sister Beazer





The elders stole our car AND our sunglasses...

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