Monday, 10 October 2016

No Thanksgiving in England - but thankful for my miracles!

Dear Family and Friends,

So my week! And some CRAZY news.

So first of all TRANSFERS ARE ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK. And we find out what is happening on Wednesday night. And we get an extra pday sometime this week (I am guessing Thursday right before transfers for packing and stuff). So if you want to email for then, feel free, if not, I'll hear from you the next week. AND Elder Quinton L. Cook is coming to the mission on Monday and we are having a mission conference. ANOTHER APOSTLE IS COMING! This will be the 3rd member of the Quorum of the 12 to come while I am on my mission. Wow. So I have no clue what is going to happen with pday next week. Please still email and I will respond when I get to :)

So next week, I will have heard from an apostle, I might be in a new area or have a new comp or both or something, and you will have heard from me an extra time :) CRAZY. 

Alright so wow....this week has been crazy! But amazing. Again, I'm probably just going to list a couple miracles from the week 'cause I don't have a ton of time, Sister Nielsen had to take a driving test today so that was fun and yeah! Anyways...this week. 

A couple cool things that happened, we had a multi zone conference with Leicester, as we are helping out with the poppy appeal this year so that was super fun! We got to see all the Sisters we work with, which was fun, and we are excited to help out with that more this year!! We also had MLC this week so it was a bit busy but I loved it, and I learned SO MUCH at MLC. I love that meeting :) We also had double exchanges which was SUPER crazy with all the meetings, but miracles happened as well and it was awesome. 

So miracle number 1/cool thing - We had dinner with a member in our ward named Hong, she is from China and she is awesome! She comes teaching with us all the time and just really helps us out all the time! She cooked us some traditional food from where she lives in China, because I told her I love spicy food and we don't have it much on our mission (British food is pretty bland). It was DELICIOUS, and as we were eating she told us it had pig tongue, fish ball, squid, fungus, and other delicious things haha. It really was good though. And the miracle is that she was able to make it completely gluten and dairy free :) YAY! 

Miracle #2 - exchanges with Sister Smith and Sister Selwa, who are in Derby. I was with Sister Smith who is a FANTASTIC missionary. She had been out for about a transfer now, but is SO good and loves to work and learn and improve. We saw miracles as we talked with everyone and just shared the gospel, we had a dinner with a family from America which was actually so nice, they are so missionary oriented (and I got to play their guitar and piano!!!!) and they were just so willing to do anything to help us. 

Miracle #3 - we had a surprise lesson with a friend named Delphin, who is from Africa. She wasn't home earlier in the week when we were supposed to have a lesson, so we just stopped by and let us in to teach her! We ended up sharing a lot about general conference and showed her the gospel library app which she LOVED, she said she will watch all the videos and listen to the scriptures, and we also shared some good gospel music with her. It was so cool to see how much she loved it all! 

Miracle #4 - THE RAI FAMILY! So there is this family from Nepal who have been taught by the missionaries for about a year. Never committed, haven't come to church, but they have been coming for the last 4 weeks, and I showed up to their lesson this weekend on exchange with Sister Olsen, we walked in, chit chatted for a minute, and then they dropped a bomb. The dad said, "Sisters, we have been meeting with missionaries for a long time, and we have decided we all want to get baptised and we have picked the day we want to do it, and we want your help to get us ready." WOW. We had been praying about how to help people prepare to get baptised, and this family is so prepared, and just...prepared themselves! So awesome. Faith brings miracles. 

Love you all!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Dinner with Hong

exchanges with Sister Smith

and and my actual companion :)

We were too tired to move the beds
so we had our own sleepover. 

Exchanges with Notts 4

I told Sister Neilsen she was as good as
chocolate chip cookie dough and
she was so excited she took a picture!

We saw a fair! 

The goose fair!!

We were driving and saw a random castle.
Turns out it's in our area :)

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