Thursday, 6 August 2015

First Day in England

Today is the first day here in the MTC!!!!

We arrived this morning around 11 England time, and I am EXHAUSTED. I've been awake for over 24 hours. So that is interesting. But while I am exhausted I still feel super awake and excited about the next two weeks here! The MTC president here is Emma Bevan's old mission president, and he is the nicest man I have ever met! His wife is wonderful too. I just had my interview with him and his wife. I think they are going to make me sing at some point cause I put on the form that I can sing...so that'll be interesting. He wants me to sing solo so that will be even more interesting *gulp*. But they also are going to have me play the piano for our Saturday meeting I think which I am excited for! I do love playing the piano. And if my musical talents help in any way with helping others feel the spirit, I am excited about that!

All my flights went well, there was one (in Toronto) where we had to run to catch the flight but we made it! And the airport in Germany was like a castle it was so fancy. Elder Harker and I were the only missionaries on all of our flights...so that was interesting. But I talked to a few people I sat beside, one German man and I had a good conversation (at least I think it was good, he was hard to understand) about my mission and stuff. He had seen a presentation some missionaries did and so thats all he knew about the church. I hope meeting me was a good experience. There are only 3 Canadians here at the MTC so far, so that is kind of cool! Also, this group reporting to the MTC is the biggest group EVER apparently! Which is really cool. I love everyone I've met so far and I cant wait to find out who my companion is tonight! Right now we are just supposed to be updating you with how we are doing quickly, so hopefully this email is good. 

The MTC is BEAUTIFUL! Actually all of England is beautiful. Its pretty cloudy and grey but the trees and grass are green and beautiful! I think I get to take a walk around the temple later this afternoon so I am excited about that! About 10 minutes after we got here it started to POUR rain which I guess is normal here, but it was awesome! 

Just so you know, I think P days here are on Wednesday, so you'll get to hear from me again in a week!

I am feeling excited about learning this week, my goal is to be teachable and humble and just let the Spirit guide me to learn what I can do to become  the best missionary I can be! I also want to love everyone. One of the Elders was worrying about how he was going to deal with people he didnt get a long with, and it made me think...I know there are people who I will struggle to be companions with, but I just want to love everyone I serve with. So my goal is to just pray to have charity and work my best to love everyone as Christ would!

I love you all, I am so grateful for your support and I hope you know how much I love you! Give everyone a big hug from me (even Jack, although he might cringe). 

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