Monday, 31 August 2015

Hard days will come, but they will also pass


So on Monday night, Sister Lowder wasn't feeling so well so we did daily planning early and she headed to bed - I just wrote in my journal for a bit cause I had been slacking on that.

Tuesday - Sister Lowder had an awful cough, but we pushed through and went out street contacting and visiting investigators and some members. She just continued to get worse, so we came home out of the rain and worked on our progress record and some ward list things we had to do that we could do out of the cold so hopefully she would get better.

Wednesday - I woke up with a  cough and was super congested, and Sister Lowder was AWFUL. She was so sick. So we continued to push through cause we  wanted to work, but we just did secret acts of service and work to try and not get others sick. We got blessings that night which were really good, but not that we would be healed immediately which is I think what we were hoping for...

Thursday - We were both SUPER SUPER SUPER sick. So hence, the mission presidents wife and our district leader told us to stay in bed and get better. I don't think I have ever slept so much in my life. At this point I was super nauseous as well....Thursday was a rough day for both of us. Cause we wanted to be out working but knew we had to get better! It was rough. I'll explain more of my emotional state at this time in a minute.

Friday - we had zone meeting, were both pretty sick, but feeling better than Thursday, so I got to go and play the organ for the meeting and the president and his wife came (which is weird for zone meetings, but since he is new I think maybe they wanted to get to know the areas as well? I am not sure.) It was really good though. All about the importance of church and the Sabbath day. I loved it :)

Saturday - we taught a couple lessons - one to one of the Lisa's and one to Rosemary, who is the most darling recent convert EVER. She is OLD and hilarious. She told me how much she wanted me to play the organ again on Sunday which really helped my mood.

Sunday was a blessing. So much of a blessing! I am so grateful that I was able to have the Sabbath day. BOTH of our Lisas came to church and felt the spirit so strongly! They loved it. One of our lisas is on a date for September 19th, and she just quit smoking last sunday and hasn't smoked ALL WEEK so if she continues she will be totally ready!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Ok, so about my emotions this week...I was REALLY frustrated.  Being sick is really hard on the mission cause you feel useless and don't want to take the time to get better. And then being stuck in the flat all day really helps you realize all the little things that annoy you....you realize ALL of them. And that doesn't help the mood. So this week was hard until about Friday, when we had zone meeting and I was spiritually uplifted and reminded to focus on the good. So I am grateful for this week as it was such a learning experience. Hopefully now I don't get sick again for a long long long long time. We are taking vitamins every day and hopefully that helps (it is recommended by the mission president. Cause there is no sun here and the cold and wet makes it easy to get sick in the winter)

But honestly, this week has been good. Hard days will come but they will also pass. Refer to 2 Nephi 4 - we are surrounded by trials and afflictions but when we trust in the Lord we can ALWAYS get through and he will strengthen us (Philippeans 4:13). I know I can do ALL things through Christ. He will always help me. My faith has been strengthened so much this week.

Thank you for the pictures from Henderson! I miss the sun and the mountains - could you send me some pictures of Waterton? I also want to show my companion where I am from. I do love Wales and the rain but there is just something about mountains...Make sure to appreciate them for me!

GOOD LUCK WITH SCHOOL! School starts this week here as well, which makes it hard to teach with members but we are working on it! I am sure school will go great this week - tell the kids good luck and I love all of you!

Send pictures whenever! I can see them throughout the week!

Love you all!

Sister Emma Beazer :)

44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

The money here makes a shield!!

Also my hot kool aid - not really,
it's a nasty drink for coughs and colds. But it works! 

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