Monday, 2 November 2015

Come Unto Christ

Dear Family and Friends,

My week this week. Let's just say it was an adventure and a half. 

So I've been with sister Crowley all week, we exchange back tomorrow (after 12 days haha) and it has been exciting. 

Monday we went grocery shopping with Vicki, did some emails, and then we had dinner with the Bernard's. We then travelled to Gloucester...yep. To England! Sister Crowley had a self reliance meeting in Birmingham on Tuesday, so we went to Gloucester Monday night. We talked to some lovely people on the long train ride, and I left some pass along cards in seats and such. Who knows what will happen if someone picks them up :) maybe it will spark an interest haha. We then got to Gloucester and only had the sisters flat address, so we wandered around asking random people for the way to get there, using our street contacting skills to get directions. We finally got there and....the sisters weren't home yet! So then we waited and finally got in after a long night of travelling. Sister Francis and sister Mackay are the sisters in Gloucester. 

On Tuesday, Sister Crowley and Sister Francis headed to Birmingham, and I was now on an exchange within an exchange haha. Sister Mackay and I were companions for a day in Gloucester! So I can now say I have served in both England and Wales in just 2 transfers haha. We went and did some service for a member there, who as it turns out is the identical twin sister of a lady in Rhiwbina ward! It was crazy to see her and hear her talk. They look exactly the same. Her daughter also reminded me exactly of Clara, it was so weird! Clara has a British twin. We then went and taught this amazing lesson to a man named Andrew. He is a golden investigator. Soooo golden. When we got there, he said, "so I wrote down all the things I know about God" and wrote down all these amazing things about a caring, loving father, and then when we talked to him about doing missionary work in his life he just...I can't even explain. He has such a spirit and it was absolutely amazing.

We then came back for flat inspection and to meet the sisters who were coming back from Birmingham... and....the sisters were very late. They were supposed to get home at 4 and then ended up home at 6:30. And their phone was dead so we couldn't call them. We tried and failed multiple times..so we were slightly worried cause we didn't know when they would get back, and I still had to travel back to Rhiwbina with sister Crowley, and it was just quite an adventure. We finally headed back to Rhiwbina, and when we got to Cardiff central (just after 9. And 9 is our curfew 😬) the next train wasn't coming to Rhiwbina till 10:20which was WAY too late. So we called the assistants and ended up training to a station that was a 45 minute walk from Rhiwbina, and made it home at 10:25. Oh my goodness. It was a crazy crazy crazy day. But we arrived safe and everything was fine. 

Wednesday was one of those days for Sister Crowley -  So sister Crowley has chronic tension headaches, and they get really bad and she has to just sleep it off, and today was one of those days...so I just called people and made new appointments and did some area book things and spent time studying the scriptures. Then once she woke up she felt a lot better (it was like 4 in the afternoon at this point) and we went to the Liassides for dinner, and then taught a lesson with a lady named Clare who is the SWEETEST. I sent a video of her son chasing me with a light saber. So cute. It was really good, and I think we strengthened her. 

Thursday was district meeting AND interviews with President! Ah. I also got to go on a mini day exchange with sister Lowder, my real companion and it was so good to be back with her. I also learned a lot from president and the meeting, and then that afternoon we taught Dennis, and it was quite an interesting lesson. Basically we just resolved a bunch of concerns, and answered a lot of his doctrinal questions, and then challenged him to read the entire Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong though. If he reads it, it will answer any questions he does have. We then exchanged back with sister Crowley and continued our week long adventure. 

Friday we did some weekly planning, had lunch at the Parry's, more weekly planning, and then stopped by to see Marilyn, a lady we were going to do service for but she was ill and so we rescheduled for next week, and then we ended up instead doing service for the Maizey's and painted a room with them! They are the absolute best. They take such good care of us ☺️. We then saw Rosemary!!  I love Rosemary. We also got to meet her granddaughter, who is not a member and was so sweet. Rosemary struggled a lot being the only member, and her kids kind of mock her for it but it was nice to see her granddaughter have so much love for her. 

Saturday we taught Lisa again! She is now an investigator again...it's kind of crazy. We don't know exactly what is going on but we are excited to be seeing her again and helping her. She just moved, and so we are going to see her new flat later this week. Exciting! We then went and did a lot of service for a lady named Michelle and her son Gallo. Michelle is less active, Gallo isn't a member. They were so sweet, they wanted to feed us but we had a curfew for Halloween of 6:00.. But we are going back next week! So it'll all work out :) 

On Sunday Sister Crowley was very ill so we were stuck inside and actually missed church...but I just studied and read a lot of talks and it was a really good time for me to reflect and learn. The Maizey's offered to give us blessing, I got one as well and it was absolutely amazing. More on that in my spiritual thought :) 

Spiritual thought and CHALLENGE! 

So in my blessing, it talked about how really, every calling in the church is the same. We are all here to invite others to come into Christ through our examples, and anything else we do. We are all disciples of Christ. So this week (and for the rest of my mission) I am really focusing on becoming a better disciple of Christ. My challenge to you, is to take 5-10 minutes every day to read either a story of Christ from the scriptures (New Testament, Book of Mormon, etc.) or to listen to music that is Christ centred, or to read a talk or just something that for those minutes focuses you on Christ. 

I love you all lots, and hope that you have an amazing week! Thank you for all the support and love I get! 

❤Sister Beazer 

send real mail to:
44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

Tuesday with Sister Mackay

Sister Mackay and I were
companions for a day in Gloucester

? Halloween Fun ?

Oh Emma....

Halloween and Clare

Halloween Selfies!

KFC with Annie today!

Ya, I warned them that KFC would probably make them 'ill'....

So my goal is to read all the books of scripture once on my mission. I
am almost done Deuteronomy for the Old Testament (I started that 3
weeks ago) ..and I read the Book of Mormon once already and am now
done alma again. Quality is more important than quantity, but I am
reading and studying slower than normal. Don't worry :) it's just fun
to keep track of as well.

Video #1 - Being chased by Clare's son with a light saber!
Video #2 - Sister Crowley playing a game at the Maizey's house.
 - - - - - - - - - - - this game is SO HARD!

Got this picture from Kayla Nielsen today -
These people know Kayla and Emma is in the picture!  Yay!

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