Monday, 16 November 2015

Focus on Christ and Press On

Hello Family and Friends!

So the wind in Wales in the winter is JUST LIKE THE WIND AT HOME. It is pretty much the worst part of being outside. But its ok..I love it here anyways.

MINCEMEAT! I wish you could send that over for Christmas, but by then it would just be gross...Oh how I love mincemeat tarts.

My new companion is Sister Gaffney, she is from England, and she has been out for 15 months...(yep. She only has 3 months left). She is AMAZING though. I already love her, and we get along really well. We had been together for like 30 minutes our first day, and we started to say things in sync which is kind of freaky, but I love her anyways :) She is awesome.

Our investigators are doing ok, this week has been crazy with transfers and seeing Elder Ballard, so we weren't able to see everyone I wanted to but we will this week! I am still feeling well :) The weather is getting colder, and just a LOT windier and wetter. That is the major thing about winter haha. It isn't too cold though. We will probably ride our bikes all winter, Sister Gaffney has never had a biking area her whole mission so we are getting her bike on Wednesday from the zone leaders, so that will be fun for her!

I love the book of Mormon!! IT IS THE BEST. The spirit during it is so strong. I finished it once on my mission so far, and am now in 3 Nephi again - it is amazing how more real the stories get the more you read them, and how much more you get from the scriptures every time. It still amazes me :)

First of all, transfers were this week, and... I STAYED IN RHIWBINA! ☺☺
Second of all, Sister Lowder left...
And third, my new companion is ENGLISH and her name is Sister Gaffney
and she is AMAZING.

And most importantly, we heard from an apostle of the Lord this week
at a mission conference, and I shook his hand, oh and also I played
the piano in the musical number at this conference. CRAZY

Monday - we went to Caerphilly Castle! IT WAS AMAZING. I will attach
loads of pictures because it was just AMAZING. I loved it. It was huge
and just so...old. I loved it. We then went to the Bernard's for
dinner, they are so sweet and they were going to come teaching with us
but Lisa cancelled so we just ended up finishing weekly planning. That
night (LATE) we got the call that Sister Lowder was leaving to go to

Tuesday - we met with the Relief Society president to talk about how
we can help work with her more, and then went to go to a lesson (which
got cancelled) and then sister Lowder packed a LOT and I cleaned. A
lot. We then had a lovely last supper with Deb and the Jones family!
It was wonderful. Then we spent the rest of the night getting Sister
Lowder all packed up.

Wednesday - we travelled to take Sister Lowder to the coach...I said
goodbye...and then went with the Cardiff sisters to their area and
visited some people, and talked to LOADS of people on the street. They
have the city in their area so there are people EVERYWHERE. It was
weird for me coming from Rhiwbina. But it was fun and we found some
really cool people who were interested! We then headed back to where
the coach was going to drop off the missionaries coming to the area,
and waited for them. I got my new companion :) we loaded her stuff up
and then went to a DA with the Liassides, so she got to meet them
right off the bat, and then we had ward coordination so she met the
ward mission leader right off the bat, and then we had a lesson with
Paul so she met him right off the bat! We then came back and planned
and unpacked her stuff a tiny bit in the time we had...

Thursday - we taught Lisa :) we hadn't been able to see her for a few
weeks but it was so good to teach her again! She loved the lesson, and
was happy to have us back I think. We also stopped by a LOT of people,
some of whom we had wrong addresses for but that's ok! We had a lovely
conversation with an atheist...and then had dinner at the Winters!
They are such a sweet family. I love them to bits. Sister Gaffney got
to see quite a bit of the area which was wonderful for her, and we had
a lot of fun getting to know eachother while tracting :) I LOVE BEING

Friday - we went to visit Marilyn...but she was still ill :( poor
thing. She sounded so awful. From there...we went to town to catch the
coach for the long ride to Birmingham. And from there, we caught the
train and then the Sisters there gave us a ride to where we had our
sleepover in Solihull. It was a long day, but it was good!

Also, Elder Christensen of the presidency of the 70 and also Elder
Kearon from the Area presidency!

THIS WAS AMAZING!! Oh my goodness. The musical number (which was
Joseph Smiths First Vision to the tune of Come Thou Fount) went really
well I think. So more on the musical number now there's I can actually
talk about it haha. So we couldn't find any sheet music that we liked
and that worked with the harmony parts really, so we found some that
worked for some of it and then I made up the rest 😬 so it was a bit
scary, but we figured out the arrangement and it was BEAUTIFUL and the
spirit was so strong! At least I felt it, so I hope everyone else did  :)

The rest of the conference...wow. First of all, Elder Ballard is
hilarious. He has the best sense of humour and I didn't really know
that until this conference. And wow. He is also so inspired. I learned
SO much from him about how to be a better missionary. I cannot wait to
apply it all..or at least try, there is so much! I LOVED IT.
From there, we travelled home and finished weekly planning for the week!

Sunday - we had church, which was FABULOUS and I again, just learned
so much. I feel like my whole mission is just me learning and having
"Aha" moments constantly. There is so much to do and improve on, and
learn, it is amazing! We then went to visit a media referral (someone
who asked for the missionaries to come!) but...his address was wrong.
We talked to some people along the way though and it was a wonderful
day :)

Spiritual thought of the day is this thought from Elder Ballard

"when you are having a bad day, go to Gethsemane in your mind."

 He said that as we do this and focus on Christ, we will have the inner
strength we need to press on. I can promise you that Christ is our
Saviour, he loved us and he knows what we need and how to help us
through our trials. He knows this because he has been there, he has
felt it all and he just wants to help us! Always remember that Christ
knows how to help us.

I love you all lots! hope you have the most amazing week :)


Sister Emma Beazer :)

send real mail to:
44E Heol Llanishen Fach
Cardiff, Wales
CF14 6LE
United Kingdom

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Caerphilly Castle


Random Statue

the district! in the giant hall

Elder Wilson and the statue
holding up the leaning castle
 Last day with Sister Lowder

Christmas decorations 

My new companion!!

My new companion from England - Sister Gaffney

Elder Ballard day!

district goodbyes

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