Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas is coming!

Hello Family and Friends!

Monday - so we emailed, and we went to town! We got to see all the Christmas lights and it is BEAUTIFUL. I love Christmas :) We then went to the Bernards for dinner...and then went to go try and teach, but the lady we went to visit must not have been in..we had some fun in the rain though! We were blown around by the wind and it was a bit crazy, but such is missionary life :) 

Tuesday - We went to see the Morgans who are HILARIOUS, and visited some other people, and then went and had dinner with the Bettridges and Rosemary who are just so lovely :) I love this ward so much, and just Rhiwbina in general. I love this area. We were able to talk to Paul...he is rocking the Book of Mormon. He was in the end of 2 Nephi when we called him, and he just loves it! Which I love. 

Wednesday - we tried to see one of our new investigators, but when we stopped by she was VERY ill. The weather has started to get worse and now everyone is getting ill! Which makes it hard to visit people, but its ok. We then had lunch with the Parry's, who are amazing. Sister Parry is making like..hundreds of Christmas cards by HAND and she showed them to us, and just wow. They are the most creative people. They do tapestries, painting, cross stitch, cards, and pretty much just everything....wow. We then got to go teaching with the COOLEST YSA EVER! Lauren is amazing, and is planning on a mission so she came teaching with us when we went to see dear old John, and she is wonderful! She answered a question that sister Gaffney and I weren't even sure how to answer, and it was such a good experience. Go teaching with the missionaries if you can, cause it is the BEST. They appreciate it so much. We then visited quite a few more people throughout the day, and then had dinner with the Liassides. They are just the sweetest family. And their kids are HILARIOUS. 

Thursday - AMERICAN THANKSGIVING. So they don't celebrate thanksgiving at all over here, so I didn't get to have Canadian thanksgiving, but some American members in the ward invited us for American thanksgiving to make up for it, so we did celebrate it! Before then we were helping Rosemary with her Faith project, I will take a picture of it next week but she is doing AWESOME and picking out pictures and quotes that she loves, and making an art project out of it. Also, we found a guitar in her house (it is missing 2 strings) but I managed to fix one of the strings kind of and play a song for her, which I think she liked. It surprisingly didn't sound so bad once it was tuned. We then had thanksgiving at the Riders, and it was SO GOOD! We also talked about what everyone is grateful for this year, and I am so grateful that I have the support that I have on my mission. I really appreciate it so much, I get so much love from people at home, and people here, and it just makes being a missionary a bit easier sometimes, because after being outside in the pouring rain and wind, and having doors slammed in our faces....having love and support makes us realize how worth it it is. So thank you

Friday - We had district meeting with President and Sister Leppard! They are absolutely amazing :) I love them to bits. We learned so much about how to improve as missionaries, and also how to use the new Christmas video in missionary work! I am SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! And for the Christmas video and getting to share it and AH. I just love it. I love being a missionary. I think it is probably the best thing EVER. We also helped decorate for a baby shower (pictures to come), and played basketball with our investigator, Paul (yes. I actually played basketball #miracle). 

Saturday - we did weekly planning, and visited a lovely less active lady and her son, and had a full English breakfast for lunch there, which I have never had before...so that was a new experience! But it was delicious. And we were able to share a lot from the scriptures with them and they loved it :) MIRACLES! 

Sunday - ok. This was such a spiritually exhausting day. So we had church, which was amazing, and then we were invited to come with our recent convert as she got her patriarchal blessing. THAT was such a privilege, and wow. I feel so blessed to have been there. She is amazing. And it was such a wonderful experience. We then had a sister session of stake conference (which I've never had before, but I loved it!) and we learned SO MUCH. I was exhausted at the end of the day, I felt like I had just been drained of all energy, but it was amazing! 

So my spiritual thought and challenge..is just more of a challenge this week. There is a new Christmas video the church has put out and it is AMAZING. So watch it, feel the spirit, and then share it with someone or on social media or something! IT IS AMAZING! And Christmas is coming :) 

I love you lots! Thank you for everything and for the wonderful support that I have.


Sister Emma Beazer

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So a member found out that I love love love 
Harry Potter and gave me these for Christmas! 

And a postcard to Hogsmeade :) 
And a bus pass holder!!  :) 

Baby shower!
We totally made all the cookie envelope things as well :)

I was SOOO tired!

So I was doing family history and found this adorable photo :)
Grandpa and Grandma Broadhead (Grandma Beazer's mom and dad)

Random Photo

Bookmark corners from Mary

Some of the unwrapped gifts in her
Christmas package that arrived this week!  

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