Monday, 21 March 2016

Share your love and make people happy!

Dear Family and Friends,

Monday - so it was my last pday here in Wales, and we went with the district to the beach! It was SO much fun to spend time with them for my last full day, and the beach was BEAUTIFUL! We were blessed with a sunny day and it wasn't too cold outside, so that was lovely :) from there we said some last goodbyes, had dinner with the Bernard's and Deb, and then said goodbye to Lauren (who hopefully will get her mission call ASAP! AHHHH!) and then said goodbye to the Holcombe family and did the last minute final bits of packing....

Tuesday - so we got ready to go, and sister sharp and I just kind of sat around in the flat....trying not to think about me leaving. It was a really hard morning for me, and I may have cried a tiny bit. Or a lot. We got a ride to the coach with my stuff, said the last goodbyes to the district and zone, and off I went to England! It was cool to get to see people at the mission home, but hard to say goodbye....and then I had to drive from Birmingham to Coventry that day, as my companion doesn't have her license! So crazy. I didn't crash or hit anything or anyone, so thank you for your prayers. They worked :) we were able to meet a few people and teach some lessons, which was way cool, and sister Chen is amazing! We also are in a trio for a couple weeks, as Sister Frandsen is waiting for her trainee to get here, and she won't be here till the 29th. So we are having her with us until then, as she has nowhere else to go, poor thing! It is cool to be in a trio again, but also weird... 

Wednesday - wow. This day was a BLUR. It was my first full day here in Coventry, and so adjusting to the big city life when coming from Rhiwbina has been weird, but I love it! It is such a different area, and I love it for different reasons than I loved Rhiwbina, but so far it is amazing! There are some amazing people we are working with, both investigators and recent converts and others, and it is just so cool to see how prepared some people are to learn about God and everything! WOW!  

Thursday - I used sign language today, which was WAY cool. We were walking to this lesson at the uni, and this lady waved us down as we were walking around a corner and was asking for help because she was deaf and needed us to call her friend to figure out where she was to meet up with her. We figured it out, and I was able to talk to her for a minute (in VERY bad sign language because I have forgotten so much) but I was able to introduce myself and say I was from Canada and was a missionary. It was lucky, she knows how to speak ASL and BSL so we were able to communicate! Such a cool thing to be able to do on my mission :) I want to practice up my sign language skills now....

Friday - We had district meeting with President and Sister Leppard! It was so good to see them, and to learn from them again. We are really focusing on changing our mission culture to work with members more and really use that relationship to strengthen the ward and new converts and things, and it was so good to get new ideas on how to do that. This day was just a BLUR. I feel as though I have never been so tired on my mission as I have this week, probably cause with transfers and things I got less sleep and I am a bit stressed....but it has been good. We taught a lot of lessons and it was just a solid day! 

Saturday - I think every day here in Coventry is just going to fly by...wow. So we do sports here every Saturday at 11, and we went and played football and basketball with members, investigators, and just people who want to come! It was so much fun, and I was able to meet more people here which was so good. We then had a few lessons, and visited a lady named Claudia and her family. They are SO amazing, and so loving and just want to help out the missionaries so much! It was so good to see her faith and her family as well. I love being missionary and seeing the joy the gospel brings into people's lives :) 

Sunday - whew. I feel as though this week just went by in a BLUR. I have said that like every day...but wow. The ward here is so big, and so it was a bit overwhelming compared to Rhiwbina, where I knew everyone but it was so cool to be in a big ward again and have so many people to work with. No wonder there are 4 sets of missionaries in this ward :) SO MANY PEOPLE. I got to meet quite a few people and I was able to give a talk as well actually, so it was really good to help people get to know me and recognise me. Also, I met some people who served with people from Cardston on their missions (Ben Wright and Kylie Wilde) which was so cool, it is interesting how many connections we really have with people all over the world! I love being able to meet new people and share the gospel with so many people. I met a LOT of people and we had some lessons, which was so good! Life is busy here in Coventry. 

Something I have learned this week, is just how important it is to LOVE everyone around you. The world is a crazy place, but as we show love to those around us, it makes it easier for us, and for them, to have a good day and a good week and a good life. It is SO hard to enjoy your day when you don't feel loved and you don't share love, but...when you do share your love for others, you make people happy! I love sharing my love with people here, and brightening their day, and my challenge this week is to just share your love with those around you, whether it is cleaning up for your mom, baking cookies, heart attacking, or anything! Just do it :) 


Sister Emma Beazer 

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Last Pday in Wales......... and goodbyes.......


Transport Museum today!

Oliver White (served with Ben Wright in London)
Small World!

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