Monday, 28 March 2016

By the grace of God I am what I am...

Dear Family and Friends,

So as a sister training leader we go on exchanges with the sisters in 2 zones, the Coventry and Leicester zones, so we go on 6 exchanges a transfer. We are starting that this week so it'll be exciting! We also just help out and go to sisters areas if they need some support or something. And just give training at meetings. That's about it :) and then just normal missionary work as well.

Here's a look at my week....

Monday - pday! So we went and did some service as a district for our ward mission leader, and then as a district went to the transport museum here in Coventry, which was actually really cool! It was so fun to go in there and to see all the old cars and bikes and things. I sent pics of it last week :) we then had family home evening that night with some members and investigators, and it was SO cool. We watched the lamb of god, which is just a video about Christ and especially about this time of year, about Easter! I love Easter and I loved watching that with our friends here

Tuesday - Tuesday was crazy as well...I feel as though every day is crazy here in Coventry. So we had to go to Birmingham, and sister Frandsen had a meeting, and while she was at her meeting we went with another sister to get a light on our car fixed...and had to go back to Coventry for that, and then back to Birmingham to pick up sister Frandsen, and then we went to her area for the rest of the day and worked with the people she normally works with in Warwick! So it was SO busy and full of travel, but also so good to get to help her in her area to see her people.

Wednesday - today was FULL OF MIRACLES! We were able to meet loads of members of the ward that I had never met, and sister Chen hadn't met some of them either (the ward is so big!) and so that was such a good thing for us. We also were going to an appointment, and the girl we were going to see was going to be late, so we tracted just the few houses around and found 2 new families to visit, one of whom wants to come to church so badon Sunday, and just invited us in to teach them and to uplift them! It was amazing, they are from Romania and are such an amazing family. We then went to see a lady we are working with... who has now decided she will pick a date for her baptism!!! And she picked it right then and there with us!!! And it is before sister Chen goes home! So amazing to see these people want to come closer to Christ and do everything they can to do so. I love seeing the atonement help people ☺

Thursday - we had district meeting, and then did district finding! We went to the elders area and just went tracting for a few hours. It was fun to get to meet so many people, but it was exhausting as well! We found some really cool people for the elders though, so that is exciting! We then visited some friends also helped out a member with his project he is doing, which was really fun and then visited a lady named Maria! She is a media referral, and she is 83 and so cool. She has a bible the size of a desk pretty much, and we are going to help her out with some service later this next week :)

Friday - SUCH A CRAZY DAY. So we had lessons planned for literally every hour of the day. And then halfway through we got a call that we needed to go help some sisters who were at the hospital about an hour away, so we changed our plans, and then got a call that we actually didn't need to go, so we changed them BACK and had to reorganise things. But it all worked out, and we were able to see almost everyone we had planned! We had a lovely dinner with Claudia and Salonge, our friends from Portugal. Our friend Rhiannon came as well, and it was so good to just get to know them all better, and we were able to have a lovely lesson as well :) I love them all so much.

Saturday - well...this was a crazy day! We had sports, and a member injured her knee....and then....I had to go to the hospital cause I had a really bad ankle that I had hurt on like Monday but was too stubborn to get checked out 😬 BUT it's ok. It was just a bad sprain, and I'm supposed to rest it. Which is easier cause we are in a car as well, so it's not as much walking. Not bad at all :) so don't worry about my foot! It's just a lovely blue colour, so it is healing up nicely!
We had an amazing quick lesson with a lady named Jayne as well. She is incredible, she feels the spirit so strongly and just has such a desire to learn more! I am so excited to keep teaching her :)

Sunday - church! It was a crazy day, as usual, but as it was Easter Sunday it was also amazing. It is usually amazing, but I just was really feeling the spiritthis Sunday. I love talking specifically about Christs last few days on earth, and his resurrection. I think it is so incredible what he did for ALL of us. Church was amazing, and we had a lot of friends come which was so good! We then had some planning to finish, and then ended off the day with 2 really good lessons with our solid investigators :) both are getting baptised before sister Chen leaves, so like in the next 4 weeks which is AMAZING! They are such incredible people.

Easter has just been amazing, I love the example Christ has set for us, and the hope and peace it brings to me to know that I can live again because of him, and because of him I can become better every day. There is a scripture in 1 Corinthians 15:10, that I just love. The beginning says

10 "But by the grace of God I am what I am..."

And I think that as we follow Christ, that is true for all of us. We can become better because of the grace of God, every single day. And I just love that. I want to be better every day, and I know that I can through Him!

I love you all,

Sister Beazer

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Going to the Doctor

District :) at the Cathedral

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Dinner with Claudia and Salonge and Rhiannon

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