Monday, 7 March 2016

little things mean ALOT #cleanforthequeen

Dear Family and Friends,

So I forgot my planner, so I will do my best to rundown the things
that happened this week!

My best thing this week......
We had a lesson with a lady named Dana, and she is very forgetful so
it can be kind of hard to keep her focused...and we shared with her a
book of mormon that has a member of the church's testimony in it, and
read it with her and the spirit was SO strong, and she loved it and
stayed focused the ENTIRE time we read it with her, which was a
miracle, and she now wants to read it, so we are really excited about

The biggest challenge this week...
We had a struggle this week actually getting in to see people...but it
actually turned into a bit of a miracle, because next week we have a
lesson planned for almost every hour of EVERY day, which has never
happened before on my mission, so I am excited about that! It should
be really good.

We have had some other cool miracles this week, we have been trying to
see a man named Ian for AGES, but he just hasnt been home, and we
stopped by again the other night, and HE WAS HOME! Turns out he had
been in the hospital for hip replacement surgery and had just gotten
back home. They tried to keep him in the hospital longer but he is
stubborn and so he gets to be home, but the nurses have to check on
him to make sure he doesnt go out riding his Harley Davidson. (in case
you cant tell, Ian is a boss for 75 years old). The reason he had to
have surgery is becasue he ran 2 full marathons and wrecked his hips,
but he raised 20,000 £ for cancer research so he said he doesnt care.
Anyways, Ian is amazing and has read the entire book of  mormon, and
so we are going back this week to see what he thinks of it now that he
is home! I am very very excited about that.

This week was also challenge week, which is when our zone leaders give
3 random challenges every day (ex. hug a stranger, touch 7 cats,
etc..) and we have to incorporate it into our missionary work. That
made this week really fun actually, as we got to add random things to
our conversations with people.

We also got to go to "clean for the queen" which basically was just
litter picking in the park. For the queen I guess? But we cleaned up
LOADS of litter and were able to help out with the ward, which was
WONDERFUL! I have attached some pictures of us with the ward and some
of the kids in the ward. We had loads of fun and also got  a lot of
service done!

Basically, this week has been really good. I feel as though the weeks
are going by faster and faster, I hit my 7 month mark this week...and
it is crazy how fast my mission is going by! Something I have come to
realize this week is how much God loves his children. He loves
EVERYONE on the earth so very very much, and I have been so blessed to
feel of that love this week, and to be able to share it a little bit
in the things that I have done. My challenge for the week is just to
share YOUR love for someone, whether it be a brother or sister or
mother or father, or cousin or friend, and just share it by doing a
random act of kindness for them this week. The little things mean a
lot more to people than we realize, and it helps them feel Gods love
for them!

Have a lovely week! I love you all!


Sister Beazer

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