Monday, 2 May 2016

Focus on trusting in God as I work...

Dear Family and Friends, 

I asked her a bunch of questions and here are her answers....

Alright...so my new companion is really good! We are finally together (more about that in the weekly email) and we are working hard. She is from Wyoming, and she is amazing. She just has a lot of fire and is very bold. It is good to learn from her in that way. Our new members are doing so good and are preparing for the temple. We don't have exchanges every week...at the beginning of the transfer we plan exchanges and give the new comp time to learn the area so we won't be lost haha. So exchanges will be started in a week or so :) I haven't gotten the package yet, I'll probably get it Friday as that is when we go to the mission home for MLC.

Sorry if my emailing isn't quite as good...I have a chest infection and feel a bit ill so that's life. Hopefully one day on the mission I'll be healthy haha.

Wow. This week was CRAZY, I know I say that every week but I feel like this one has by far been the craziest on my mission.

Monday - So on Monday the district had a goodbye meal, and then we said some goodbyes to members and recent converts and...that was it!

Tuesday - travel to Nuneaton to help the sisters bring stuff to transfers as their area closed down so they had to bring everything! I got a ukulele from their flat which was sweet, so hopefully I can play some sweet tunes :) transfers was crazy, and I found out I wouldn't he getting my new companion quite yet cause she got food poisoning in Cardiff and her and her comp were throwing up and such...sooo...I was going to stay with the sisters at the mission office until I could go travel to Cardiff and get her! So basically I helped prepare the dinner for the missionaries who were going home and we ate and babysat presidents house. Quite an interesting night!

Wednesday - so I said my final goodbyes to sister Chen, and then drove to Cardiff to pick up sister Rasmussen!!! It was crazy...but so fun. I got to drive back to Wales and I drove through my old area - we went past my flat and I had to take a picture cause it was crazy. Oh how I miss Rhiwbina...it was so cool to be back for just a little bit. We picked up sister Rasmussen, drove back to Birmingham, and then dropped of the sisters and then drove back to Coventry and that was the day!

Thursday - district meeting...the first one with the new district! It was so good and we set some good goals together. We then saw Maria, Arthur, Salonge and Claudia, and our lovely Romanian family!! It was a solid day.

Friday - We saw a lot of miracles this day...just being able to see people who are NEVER home but all happened to be home, which was so cool. We stopped by some members who are SO COOL, one of them is from Wales and we had a good chat about that. It was so good. We also had an awesome DA with the Paralles family, who are from Spain and Ecuador and just make me laugh so much.

Saturday - so I forgot my planner, so I can't remember everything but we went to sports this day, saw Georgie and helped her with some scriptures, and taught some other lessons which was way good! We are just trying to get sister Rasmussen to know EVERYONE before we start exchanges. Also...we went to the doctor again. Cause apparently I now have a chest infection. So that was exciting...we got some antibiotics and hopefully I'll be all better soon!

Sunday - so we had a lovely fast and testimony meeting, and then I rested a bit as I was feeling pretty rough and then we went and saw Georgie and Claudia and Salonge and talked about the temple :) they are all so excited to go and I am so excited for them!!!

So I don't know if you remember those 5 points that I talked about last week...but here they are!

1. don't be afraid
2. have faith
3. work
4. do what is right
5. persevere to the end

Something that is a goal of mine this week is to just have more faith, and to focus on trusting in God as I work. Sometimes people use their agency to just...make dumb choices. And it can get frustrating, and sometimes when I'm frustrated I forget to have faith that things will work out. So this week I am really working on just having faith and hope that it will all work out.

Love you all!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

Final goodbyes to Sister Chen...

my old flat in Wales ❤

my new companion - Sister Rasmussen

Random exchange in Wyldegreen




                                   A little Mother's Day preview - - - - 
we are so excited to talk to her on Sunday! 

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