Monday, 27 June 2016

Sister Challenge Week = LOADS of miracles!

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week has been a bit different :) we decided to do a Sisters
Challenge Week, so we organized that and every day sent out some
challenges and the winners get a great prize! We were really excited
for this week and LOADS of miracles came from it. It was amazing!

Monday - so on Monday we called some former investigators (people who
had been taught before) and NO one answered. We then had dinner with
Tish, and then went and taught Kristina an AWESOME lesson! She is so
prepared :)

Tuesday - MIRACLES. First off, we saw bill and said goodbye as he
headed back to Nigeria this week...sadness. But he is pumped to get
the priesthood there and the church is 10 minutes from his house so
it's perfect! We then went teaching with Milla, a member in our ward
who is going to do a mini mission with us soon!!! And we taught
Rajinder, who is so cool and who wants to prepare to be baptized!!! We
then had a MIRACLE with Milla. So we were stopping by less actives and
no one was home. 

The LAST person we stopped by was supposed to be a
man named William, but when the door opened it was a lady named
Dorothy who moved from Ghana and married William AND is also a member
of the church. It was funny, she was like "I just have one concern
with coming back to church..." We of course were worried it was a huge
concern, and said, "well, what is it?" And....she said "'my records
are in Ghana."Which is the EASIEST thing to fix ever. So we told her to come to
church on Sunday and we could get it sorted out and she was SO HAPPY!
We then also saw Chloe, who I love to pieces and had a great lesson
with her, and then saw a few more people and...basically had a
fabulous day!

Wednesday - so Wednesday I wasn't feeling well at ALL, and we started
to study and things and I was just not well so I ended up sleeping for
a few hours. We then went out and worked, as I felt a little better!
Woo! Probably should've rested a little more but that's ok :) we
taught a few lessons, and had dinner with our ward mission leader who
has the cutest baby ever, and then had ward council!

Thursday - ZONE CONFERENCE!!! It was so good. President and sister
Leppard and the AP's and part of the mission presidency came, and we
just learned a whole lot. We then started exchanges with the Warwick
sisters right after, and had so many miracles :) sister Prasad and I
met so many cool people on the street, and then taught Uche! He is
leaving soon for a year so we probably won't see him again :(

Friday - we had such a cool lesson with a lady named Tanya!! She is
from Croatia, and just had a lot of sadness in her life....but we were
able to share how the gospel truly makes us happier, and she has a
sincere desire to be happy again! It was really amazing. We stopped by
some other people, finished exchanges, and then did a load of weekly

Saturday - MIRACLES AGAIN! We had a former investigator call US and
ask us to meet with him, so we did and he is awesome! He just
struggled with understanding and wants to learn again! So cool. We
then stopped by more people and then taught Adriana and had a miracle
with her. She referred us to her ex husband and he came in and we
ended up teaching him and saying a prayer with their whole family! It
was so cool.

Sunday - wow. More and more miracles. So we had this amazing lesson
after church with someone that a member referred to us, and then set
up an appointment for us, and then came and taught with us! Talk about
member missionary work. So cool. She is amazing and has so many good
questions too. We then had a random miracle...we were stopping by an
investigator right before we were going to go home to eat, and she
opened the door but was really tired. She is 8 months pregnant, and
she was like "oh sisters I still have to cook" and looked so
exhausted, so we offered to cook for her!! Now, she is from Zimbabwe,
so they cook food a lot differently and its traditional African food.
But we learned how to make it with her teaching us, and cooked dinner
for her and her brother, and then they invited us to stay for dinner
and we talked about the gospel! So cool. AND we have a sister in our
zone from Africa who loves this kind of food, and now we know how to
make it so we called her and are going to make it for her before she
goes home :) so cool!

Basically I am just so happy this week. It has been so miracle
filled!!! And that makes me happy. I just know that when we have faith
and act, miracles will happen every single day. Even thought sometimes
they are small miracles, they are miracles and when you notice them
you are so much happier! My challenge this week is to write down a
miracle every single day! You will become happier :)

Love you all lots!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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