Monday, 4 July 2016

God is good, and life is good, and He loves us. That I know.

Dear Family and Friends,

So this has been thus far...the best week of my whole mission,
missionary work wise. OH MY GOODNESS. We have seen more miracles than
I can even count. WOW. Like, honestly I still can't even hardly
believe it. It has been fabulous ☺️ it was crazy cause even though we
had 2 big meetings AND I was super ill one night, we were able to do
so much and see so many people.

Monday - so we went to Tish's house for dinner which was fabulous, as
usual. Then we went and taught Kristina!! She is amazing, and is doing
so well but she is just so busy...but it was wonderful.

Tuesday - so we started exchanges...and it was crazy. We had set up
lessons at 2 with members coming to both lessons, and then the sisters
were going to be about an hour late so we got to go on member splits
which was so cool! So basically, I took a member teaching with me as
my companion, and sister Gillette took another one. It was weird but
awesome!!! And then we had an amazing exchange with the sisters from
Stamford, they are SO good and so positive. I love them! AND we had a
huge miracle. One of the members in our ward brought her sister to our
dinner, and it turns out that this sister wants to get baptized and
now we are teaching her regularly! MIRACLES.

Wednesday - wow. So we finished exchanges, but while on exchange
sister Wandsworth and I stopped by this less active lady and ended up
teaching her boyfriend and she wants us to come back and meet her son
who also isn't a member and teach him! So cool. Then sister Gillette
and I taught Georgie and her sister, had a wonderful DA and then went
and saw one of the coolest less active families EVER that is becoming
active again!!!! The son has even started going out teaching with the
elders and wants to do a mini mission, which is SO COOL. cause they
haven't come for years and now miracles are happening. It makes me so

Thursday - we had ward coordination, district meeting, and then we
taught so many people!! We saw Ian, who is so cool and is planning on
getting baptized at the end of the month, and Arthur came teaching
with us! It was awesome. Then we saw Georgie and her sister, and then
during the last couple lessons I started feeling super
ill....like...it was probably the most I'll I've felt on my mission. I
wasn't even sure if I'd be able to drive home (which is not good cause
sister Gillette can't drive) but we made it and I basically just slept
for like...6 hours. And then woke up and we talked for a few minutes
and then I slept for the whole night through till morning. It was
crazy how ill I felt though...but...more miracles happened. So when I
woke up we called the elders and asked them to pray for me, cause I
was so ill and we had MLC the next day and we really needed to
go....but if I was this ill there was no way we would get there. So we
had prayers happening and that was good.

Friday - THEN...I woke up and felt way way way better. Like...I could
walk around and stuff which was so good. So we prepared to go to the
meeting and we prayed some more and MIRACLES! I felt almost 100% and
we made it to the meeting and it was amazing. We learned so so so much
at this MLC just about our important as leaders and how to more
effectively serve, which was so helpful. Then we went and taught even
more lessons!!! We have been blessed to teach so many people this

Saturday - more miracles. So we stopped by Adriana and her family and
invited them to sports, and most of them came!! And they made friends
(and little 8 year old Sophie fell in love with one of the elders
haha) and they had lots of fun, and were excited about coming to
church the next day! We then weekly planned, did zone meeting planning
with the zone leaders, and that was our day!

Sunday - wow. So...this was probably the coolest day. So we had 7
people come to church...which...is a big deal. Adriana's WHOLE FAMILY
came, and 3 of our other friends and it was AMAZING. I've never been
so busy at church but it was awesome, and they all loved it!!! WOW!
And then....we taught 5 lessons and had a DA, and were able to....HAVE
A MINI MISSIONARY! So basically, starting on Sunday and ending this
coming Friday, we have one of the young women with us all day every
day as a mini missionary!! It is so cool (but it's so hard for me to
call her Sister Top and not her first name) and I know we will see
miracles as we have her with us. I'm so excited!!! Also, we had a
challenge with our zone leaders to have 15 lessons this week with a
member present, and we succeeded!! It was AMAZING. Miracles happen
when members come teaching and we have seen that this week. I love it

I don't even know what else to say about this week, other than
that...I am so happy and grateful for blessings and miracles. God is
good, and life is good, and He loves us. That I know.

Love you all lots!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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District pictures....

Us and our mini missionary  :)   Sister Top!

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