Monday, 19 September 2016

To serve as an instrument in His hands...

Dear Family and Friends,

So first a couple things about my companion - her name is Sister Nielsen, she is from UTAH (Orem area), she loves to run and we go running together, she wants to be healthy, hence the kale chip picture, and her favourite color is orange. She loves music and we play Ukelele and guitar together and sing. She loves tennis, we are seeing miracles together. OH! She was trained by my first every STL, Sister Ronspies, who I love to death so it is cool to serve with her daughter. And...yeah. Any other questions about her? We get along GREAT, have the same taste in music...and just love life!

My week summed up is this  - Meetings x 5, shaking hands with a 70, running in the rain, and the baptism of a lifetime.

So basically, this week we had 2 zone meetings, a district meeting with our mission president, an exchange and stake conference with a member of the 70 there (who we ran into as we were leaving and got to talk to for a few minutes! Nicest guy). It has been INSANE. I am going to share just a couple highlights, because there is SO MUCH I could say and not enough time to write it all. We are emailing a bit late because we spent the earlier part of pday with our district, and I FORGOT to take a picture so I will repent and do that for next week.

Highlight number 1 - so last week we did a TON of finding, and this week it SO paid off as we had lessons with some families that we found who are amazing. So prepared to hear the gospel, they both have family who are members and so know a bit about the church and want to know more and read and pray and come to church and be together as a family forever! WOW. Talk about golden. And we seriously just have met some of the nicest people of my whole mission the last few weeks. I swear, people in Nottingham are SO SO nice, even if its a bit of a dodgy place.

Highlight number 2 - zone meetings! WOW. The zone meetings in Leicester and Nottingham were FANTASTIC. It is cool to see how different the zones are when things change, and moving into a completely new zone has been really cool. Each zone has its own vibe, and so...yeah. I have also met a ton of missionaries that I have never ever seen before, which has been cool. The meetings also made me feel super old cause I go home before almost everyone else in both zones haha. AH. But it was fantastic to be able to really set some good goals with the zones we work with, and to see the faith that everyone has! Life is good.

Highlight number 3 - STAKE CONFERENCE! Wow. The stake conference was all about self reliance, which is cool cause I just had my self reliance meeting a few weeks ago, and..wow. I learned a lot from the conference about things I need to be better at to be not only temporally self reliant, but spiritually as well. The temple is going to be a big part of my life when I go home, that is for sure.

Last, but not least, Highlight number 4 - The baptism of the Sebastio girls. So I taught Chelsea and Esther Sebastio in Coventry for probably about 5 months, and put them on a baptismal date and then left a week before their date...but...President gave me permission to go back for it! WOW. So the rest of the family are members, but had not been active for a few years, and so we went by during the beginning of my time in Coventry and started teaching all of them! Gomez, the oldest brother, started bringing his siblings to church...and from there it just lead to a lot of miracles happening in this family. Gomez got the priesthood about a week ago, and this weekend was able to baptise his two sisters, Chelsea and Esther, and their father was able to participate in confirming them members of the church and giving them the gift of the holy ghost. I cant even explain the spirit that was there as this family became united as members in the church, and just seeing them all sitting together on the front row, all together in the church with the spirit so strong was AMAZING. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room for part of the service, because the spirit was just so strong I cant even explain. I am so grateful for the opportunity that God gave me to serve as an instrument in his hands to help this family come back and be united together. WOW. It was absolutely amazing. I love them so so so much.

So wow. That was basically my week! There are more things that happened, but...yeah! Sister Nielsen hit her year mark, we went running in the rain, and the trees are changing color! Life is good and I am so happy. My challenge for everyone this week is just to notice God's hand in your life, and when you notice it, write the experience down in a journal. You will begin to see his hand in your life daily and see the blessings you didn't even know you had. We are SO blessed. God loves us so much. He truly loves his children and places us where we need to be to learn and grow the most. I know that.


Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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