Monday, 12 September 2016

Trusting the Lord with our whole souls!

Dear Family and Friends!

Monday - we said some goodbyes, and had pday at the cathedral (I think I sent pics last week?) it was a fantastic last pday in Coventry :) and I finally packed everything.....

Tuesday - transfers!! We drove to the mission home, moved my stuff into the Notts Car, and off I went! We had a crazy day as we drove a bunch of greenies and their trainers home, and all their luggage and things as well! It was super busy and we didn't get back till just after 9, so it was a crazy first day!

Wednesday - we had district meeting! We got to meet our district, which was way fun. We have 2 sets of elders in our district..and....I now have a son! So basically, the district leader is training, and I am the oldest serving sister in the district so I am his mission mum haha. I now have a son and daughter - life is complete :) but it was really cool to get to know everyone a bit better, and to spend that time with them. Then we went out and taught some lessons, did some finding, and then travelled out to this tiny village for a DA. We cover a few tiny villages outside Nottingham (our area is pretty big) so that was a beautiful drive!

Thursday -  we weekly planned, which took ages but it was really effective as we set some goals for the transfer as well. Also...we have 8 sets of sisters we are now looking after, so we had to plan time for 8 exchanges in the next 5 weeks haha. SO BUSY! Then we visited a few investigators, did some more finding, and that was our day!

Friday - Sister Nielsen took her theory test and PASSED! Hallelujah. So now she will have to take her practical in a few weeks....she hits her year mark this week, so it'll be just me driving for a little while haha. We then had quite a few lessons, and met some cool new people that we are going to start teaching this next week, and....it was a solid day!

Saturday - we helped out with the COOLEST ward activity I have seen for a long time! It was a medieval activity, and people were wearing fancy dress and there were stocks and a castle and pony rides and decorations and it was so awesome! We were in charge of making princess hats, crowns, and jester hats for all the little kids. It was crazy but SO fun! And then we went finding and ran into a concert that was on outside, which was exciting haha. We were knocking doors with music playing and it was super fun.

Sunday - church! Wow. The ward here is fantastic, it's like a big family and everyone has connections to Canada, which is so cool :) lots of connections to Alberta as well, and so many people have served in the calgary mission! It's so cool. So we met a ton of people, and then traveled out to another tiny village to do some family history with the sweetest lady and her husband, and went finding some more....and...yeah!

This week has been just a testimony to me that faith brings miracles. We have met so many cool people just from having the faith to set high goals and then work hard to achieve them! I truly believe that faith works huge miracles in our lives, and in the lives of those around it as we do our best to increase it. There is a quote by John K. Carmack that says "increasing our faith required trusting the Lord with our whole souls." I know that in order for us to increase our faith, we have to trust in God and his promises to us, and then WORK. Nothing happens in missionary work unless you do actual work, and when you do that and trust in God, miracles happen.

I love you all lots!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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....more good-byes...

....and more good-byes...
Meet my new companion - Sister Nielsen!

Ahhh... we meet again.

There is a Taco Bell in Nottingham!  OH HAPPY DAY!!

Medieval activity

The view from our flat. 

Elders in our ward - familiar faces

Sister Nielsen and Sister Beazer!

Companions in Nottingham :)

The many views of Nottingham!

The organ in this church in Nottingham! Wow!

Running in the rain!!!

The things that happen while finding........

Driving in England

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