Monday, 26 September 2016

Miracles for days :) and that was our day!

Dear family and friends,

Monday - PDAY! So we got our car fixed (a light wasn't working), and then headed into town for district lunch and some fun together. We had Taco Bell, of course, cause the elders LOVE Taco Bell, and then headed to check out some charity shops and ended up buying a district unity item because well...we had to. Pictures to follow haha.

Tuesday - so we started off the day by going out to Granthem, a village about 45 minutes away from Nottingham. This was the first time out there for the both of us, which was fun and we were able to visit some less active people and kind of see how this part of our area worked! We then drove back to Nottingham and picked up the demontfort sisters for a day full of fun and work :) I was with sister Christy, and it was literally one of the craziest exchanges ever haha, we took a member teaching with us that night and as we got out of the car to visit one last person, we saw someone getting mugged SOO... That is Nottingham for you.

Wednesday - we finished off exchanges, I took sister Christy to Taco Bell as she had never been in her whole life and she so wanted to try it (she is from Ireland). Also fun fact, Sister Christy came out the same time as my lovely daughter Sister Sharp, so it was fun to be with her :) weird to think they have been out for about 8 months now. AH. We then went finding and met some AWESOME people, one lady was so sweet. We knocked on her door and ended up setting a time to come next week, and she said "oh I will be waiting for you, I am so happy!". It was awesome. Then we had an...interesting experience of a guy trying to kiss me on the street, which I successfully avoided so that was an adventure. All in all, an exciting exchange. We then dropped the sisters off at the train station, and then had dinner and drove to Stamford to pick up the sisters there for exchange! We drove back and that was our night.

Thursday -  we had exchanges with the Stamford sisters! This time I got to be with sister Wadsworth, we went out to a tiny tiny village and visited the nicest old lady, and talked to some other nice old people haha. Small posh villages are full of old English people here :) it was lovely, and then we came back, taught some lessons, and that was the day! They travelled back home and we taught some more lessons.

Friday - we had district meeting, which was FANTASTIC. I learned and relearned a lot of things that I need to improve on in the upcoming weeks and months, and hopefully as I apply things to improve, I will see miracles! We finally took a district picture as well so I'll send that. Then we went to the Notts 4 Sisters area, Sister Olsen and Sister Smyrnova (I forgot to take a picture....oops) and we helped them out with some finding, and we saw MIRACLES. I was with Sister Smyrnova, and the first 3 doors we knocked on, everyone was lovely and said we could come back, and at the 4th door, a lady named Emma just let us right on in! She is SO interested and has so many questions, it was amazing to talk with her and to strengthen her faith. So cool. We then came back, had a DA with Priya, and then taught a couple more lessons!

Saturday - we weekly planned in the morning, then drove to Lincoln to work with Sister Horwatch and Sister Manning, and did a bunch of finding with them in their area and had ANOTHER a miracle where we got let in while tracting, and we taught this lady named Jeanie, and WOW. She is so prepared as well. Miracles for days. Then we drove home, and went and did district finding with our district in the elders area. And we met some awesome people there as well :) and that was our day!

Sunday - we had church, which was WONDERFUL. I am so excited for this upcoming weekend of conference, all the talks in church were about prophets and things and it got me so excited. Then, we drove to Peterborough, with Sister Koivisto and Sister Dignos, did some finding in their area with them and saw MORE MIRACLES. Miracles for days. We met this super cool girl who is actually friends with a member in the ward already, so that was awesome! Also, Sister Koivisto told me she read my blog with her mom at home, so that is so cool! If her mom is reading this...shoutout to her haha. You have a great daughter who is rocking her mission. Anyways, it was so good to get to work with them, and then we drove home and had call-ins with a couple district leaders and that was our day!

This week was nuts because we basically only worked in other people's areas for like 3 days of the week, but we saw so many miracles and were so blessed in our area as we did that. God is good, and he loves us and will help us so much as we serve others. I've been thinking a lot about preparing for general conference (which is a big conference broadcasted 2 times a year, in April and October. The prophet and the apostles and other leaders of the church speak to the whole world, it is awesome), and I was thinking of things I could do to prepare. Our mission president sent us some ideas, and I have some as well that I have taken from my studies...so I want to share some ideas with you :) I have 6 simple ideas that I want to apply that I think will really improve my conference experience.

1. Pray for the speakers at the conference.
2. Come with a question in your heart. I promise you it will be answered :)
3. Come with a desire to follow the direction you receive, especially if it relates to a personal challenge you may be facing.
4. Be humble. Come prepared to change as you apply what you learn
5. Prepare your schedule so you can be ready to listen and learn a few
minutes before the conference starts (not after the opening hymn has
happened haha)
6. Use a physical pen and paper to take notes, so you don't get distracted by your phone/tablet/device of any sort.

I would just like to invite you all to watch a session (or 2 or 3 or 4) of conference, and to prepare yourself by using all or any of these steps, and to really pay attention to the words that are said. I really know that this conference is inspired, and I love it so much and can't wait to share what I learn next week!

I love you all lots!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Exchanges Part 1....

loving Taco Bell!

The District

Exchanges part 2.
dance party featuring Myself making muffins

Workover in Peterborough

Workover in Lincoln

Sister Koivisto and I :)
shoutout to her mom for reading my blog
District finding and dinner

onsies from a charity shop

gangster onsies??

a district unity item because well...we had to
district onsies ;)

The many faces......

of ...

Silly Sisters

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