Tuesday, 1 November 2016

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Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been FULL of crazy interesting moments for sure! Haha I learned some new African slang words ("Swak" - "when someone asks you for a cookie cause you have two, and you take one and lick it and shove the other one in your mouth") from SisterMcAravey, and we had an exciting week....

So first off, we had the first 4 days of our week booked FULL with appointments. Something was planned for every hour of the day. And what happened? NONE of them went through, everyone flogged us haha.....so that was exciting. Because of that we ended up doing a lot of finding, which means we met a LOT of interesting people. We had a lot of rejection/weird moments -  A man invited me to go party with him, a lady yelled at us, someone was too busy making chapatis to meet with us, and a guy was dancing and singing in the street about money. So that was exciting for sure..BUT then we had some great moments to make up for it :)

We were about to unlock our bikes to go to another area one day when I saw this old man working in his garden down the road, so we went to go help him! He even let us dig up part of his garden (in skirts haha) and just kind of laughed because we were doing the garden dressed like that. He is an 86 year old man from Italy named Leo, still going strong working in the garden. He is awesome. We should be seeing him again this week and meeting his wife as well :)

We also met another man who was working in his garden named Noel (I tell you, gardens are the best finding tool), who LOVES what we are doing and said we could come back to visit him and we even get to help in his garden as well!

Oh and a funny thing, and we were talking to this random guy at a bus stop who stopped us cause he heard my accent and thought I was from Dublin, Ireland. He is from Ireland and just seemed so confused by my accent. Bless him. I guess my accent is an American/Canadian/Irish accent now.

We also had interviews with our mission president this week, which was wonderful as usual. He gave me a few insights to things and it was just really good to talk with him, as well as with Sister Leppard after while my companion was having interviews. I love them both so much.

The best thing that happened this week though was with our investigator named Dasse. She is from Africa and is AWESOME. She also lived in Paris for a few years, and is a native French speaker,  she is teaching us a little bit of French which is fun. She has this adorable little boy who draws me pictures, and they are just so prepared. She was taught by missionaries a little bit in Paris, and she came to church with us for the first time this week! The miracle was that we hadn't been able to contact her for a few days, and she missed her appointment with us...we thought she was just avoiding us, but then she called us and said she had left her phone at her friends house when she went to London and had to wait for a few days to get it back and was so sorry she missed our appointment because of it! She is just awesome.

All in all, life is good here in Peterborough. I think I am getting leg muscles again cause of biking, and I've already lost weight from the months in the car (yay for biking 🚲) so that is a plus. I am happy and healthy and...just really happy. I am so grateful to be here in England right now, there is no where else I would rather be.

I think this week has made me even more grateful for my mission. I get to go out every single day and talk to people and share the love and joy I feel with them ALL DAY every day. Even when no one wants to talk to us or it rains or we get yelled at, I still get to do my best to share what I know and believe with people. And that is just awesome. I love my mission so much, not because of the outward results of it, but because it makes me so happy every single day to share what I know. Life is good and the mission is awesome :) I love you all lots and hope you have the best week ever!

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Do we look rough?

Probably because we have been.....

Biking all day!!

Singing at the request of members


and making french toast!

When investigators text you in a foreign
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The many faces of

Sister Beazer and

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Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral

Happy Birthday Elder Godfrey :)

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