Tuesday, 20 December 2016

"dreaming of a white Christmas" - and it happened!

Dear Family and Friends,

 First....quotes from sister Chen of the week. Cause she is awesome. 

"The moon the moon it's so big! Oh the moon! Can we go to the moon?πŸŒ™" - sister Chen 

"Mission tour!!!  Does that mean we get to drive all over the mission?" - sister Chen 

"My dream now is in English and have Chinese subtitle." - sister Chen 

"How strong is our companionship?" - me 
"if you get kidnapped, I will go and save you." - sister Chen  

This week has been absolutely nuts and exhausting and awesome. 

Loads and loads of funny moments, a lot of sickness, and a crazy baptism. And we have videos of a lot of moments. Let's just say....stress relief was in order. 

So we had our baptism all set up, a member was set to baptise our investigator and then 2 days before the baptism...the member slipped a disk in their back and obviously couldn't do it. And pretty much all the other able priesthood holders were away and so we were scrambling to find someone to do the baptism and things were crazy....thank goodness we have elders in the ward, and we got a couple of them to do it. Yay for Elder Godfrey and Elder Scanlan! But as Henry (our friend) said, "I don't care who does my baptisement, all that matters is they have the right power to do it." And that is the truth. It's all the same authority in the end :) we were "dreaming of a white Christmas" and it happened! Henry got baptised! Hallelujah. 2 elders had to do it but it all worked out, it was a wonderful service and the spirit was there and we had the ward Christmas party straight after which was nice cause quite a few members were able to be at the baptism before! Miracles and blessings :) 

Other cool things, we went caroling as a district this week and people actually loved it which was super fun!!!! Christmas carols for days. We actually had a cool miracle with this, so basically....sister Chen and I were super sick this week. It hit us Wednesday night but thankfully we already home when it hit...and then Thursday we just pushed through but when we woke up on Friday we were so so so so ill, and so we got a blessing from the elders and the blessing told us that we would have the strength to do what we need to do that weekend. And miracle...we felt like...80% better!!! (We had no voice and we were able to go caroling AND sing at the baptism!) and then Saturday night, the illness was back full force but we were able to do what we needed to which was awesome :) and hopefully now we are on the mend. 

Another funny story....this guy proposed to me this week hahaha. So we were out tracting, and we were sharing this Christmas video and this guy stopped us as we were walking and asked what we were doing, we shared the video with him and then he asked for our number, and left cause he was in a hurry. We didn't think much of it until...we got a call from a random number, and the guy just wanted to speak to me. It was a little weird, and then later that night...he texted and said "Sister Beazer, can you marry me?" Oh dear. Don't worry, I'm not engaged, I rejected the proposal and we are passing him to the elders to work with. It was pretty funny though πŸ˜‚

I love Christmas caroling and Christmas music and Christmas lights and all things Christmas. I'm so excited/sad that Christmas is this week cause after Sunday....people won't want to sing Christmas songs :( but also I'm pumped for Christmas! Miracles happen at Christmas timeπŸŽ„ 

Love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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When you are super sick
but you have a challenge to find a guy with a fro

Christmas dinners....





Elf powers

CHRISTMAS πŸŽ„Sister Chen and I 
were Santa's elves at the ward Christmas party

Santa Clause is coming to town.......

Zip lines!

Here's a video of a way we relieve stress - hahaha... we found this after we found a zip line!

The moon!  The moon!!!

Henry's baptism!

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