Friday, 9 December 2016

"it's about one hundred 1% improvements, not one 100% improvement."

Dear Family and Friends,

Alright so....(as I am sure you all want to know haha)...my new companion is....SISTER CHEN! If that sounds familiar to any of you, it's probably cause I served with a Sister Chen before in Coventry. (Here is a pic) she is awesome....but she is home now. 
So this is the NEW Sister Chen, brand new from the MTC and she is awesome. 

She is also from Taiwan and she actually knows my old companion sister Chen haha. So that is cool. She loves to . . . swim and eat and cook.  And she pays the piano and is super funny.  I am learning Chinese and helping her with her English. She is awesome and we are having loads of fun working hard, and I am even learning a little bit of Chinese!!! Woot woot. So here is how you write "I love you" In Chinese - 我爰你 (hopefully I got that right haha). And here is how you write hello - 你好. Ta da! Chinese for the week. Also she is good for the self esteem. She told me... "you have long eyelashes and tall nose. You are perfect." Hahaha I love it. 

But anyways....this week has been a new experience for me for sure. I've never really done language study on my mission and now I get to do it with Sister Chen, it is definitely helping me to improve my teaching skills by teaching very very simply. She has already improved so much in just a few short days though, and it is awesome!! 

We have been seeing TONS of miracles this week. I have a firm belief that we see more miracles with greenies (new missionaries) because....very simply, they have a lot more faith than most missionaries. And faith brings miracles :) I am loving it. 

We went tracting (Sister Chen's first time), and met SO many nice people, and so many huge families who all said we could come back :) best tracting experience of my mission, and she got it in her first week. We also were able to help someone pick a baptism day, and many many more miracles. I love it. 

Something interesting about training is how much you look at yourself as a trainer and see all your inadequacies and failures.....and it's so so so easy to be hard on yourself. When you are a leader and someone looks up to you, it's scary because you feel that you ought to be perfect. But no one is perfect. I've realised that a lot of the time, I have these crazy expectations for myself of where I should be (and usually I want to be perfect), and that I need to change my expectations. As our mission president says, "it's about one hundred 1% improvements, not one 100% improvement." We become better as we do something a little bit better every single day. It's not about being perfect tomorrow, but about progressing towards perfection in the eternities. And I'm so grateful that I don't have to be perfect now. I'm grateful that I just need to do a little bit better every day :) 

I love you all lots, and hope you have a beautiful week! 

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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When your last night together 
is spent blow drying a carpet.

Travel to Birmingham.....

happy for greenie, sad to say goodbye

Proud mission mom
Presenting Sister Chen!

The Peterborough family 

(I have ANOTHER son!)

No more relief society....

My comp probably thinks I'm nuts

Service time! 

Yay for Christmas

Master tree decorators

Crazy face masks

She makes the best Chinese chicken, 

I make the best rice :)

We finally got lights!!

My mission posterity!!
From left to right
Sister Cho (great granddaughter), Sister Carson (granddaughter), 
pic of Sister Sharp (firstborn), Sister Chen (second daughter), 
and me, Sister Beazer, the proud momma!

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