Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I think God sent angels to help us

Dear Family and Friends,

First off, the best part of my email.....quotes from sister Chen! 

"Oh oh oh presents and a tree and presents oh oh oh!!" - sister Chen 

"Today we be Norwegian and open the gift?" *winks* - sister Chen (after having asked for the 3rd time on Christmas Eve to open all the gifts)
"Nope." - me 

"What is the best part of your week?" - me 
"OPEN THE GIFT!!! 🎁" - sister Chen 

" no no no, no quote today...." *shakes finger emphatically* - sister Chen (when I said I was writing funny quotes from her in my weekly email)

And " HAPPY CHRISTMAS and...happy Boxing Day?" Haha.

 So I want to share a couple stories from Thursday (which was one of the coolest days of my mission). So basically, sister Chen's bike broke again and we had to walk and so we literally just talked to every single person we saw on our way to town to catch the bus somewhere. And I told sister Chen "so I've never met anyone from china or Taiwan or Hong Kong yet in Peterborough, but my goal is to meet at least one with you here." And BAM. We run into a lady from Hong Kong named ChiChi who is flippen awesome, she wants us to come visit her and she just happens to live a 10 minute walk from the church. She is going on holiday for a week starting like tomorrow so it's a miracle we met her, but she wants to come to church after her holiday! SO COOL. And then 5 minutes after this, we met a whole family from china and the mom is going to bring her kids to church on Sunday. And sister Chen was able to use her Chinese skills which was awesome. This may not sound like a huge miracle but like literally....I have never met anyone from china or Hong Kong or anything like that since I've been here so this is a huge miracle. HUGE. My jaw literally dropped when I heard the family speaking Chinese so it was awesome. 

Then...the day got even better if you can believe it! We went carolling as a relief society (well more accurately, as the 5 lone sisters haha). We went and visited some ladies who are so so so old in the ward and can't physically get to church, and it was one of the sweetest experiences of my life. We were singing silent night to this one lady, named Hazel, and as we sang the spirit was just there SO strong, and sister Chen even got choked up and by some miracle I was able to sing soprano on my own  and it actually was beautiful (I think God sent angels to help us) and the spirit was amazing. She was so happy we were able to sing to her and I really don't think I've felt the spirit like that in a long long time. This lady named hazel is incredible, in the short time we were there to sing and visit her, we learned that she is an incredible artist, she loved to sing and play guitar before she got too old to do so, and she is just amazing. I want to be like Hazel one day :) I wish I could express in words the spirit that was there in her room, but I can't. It was simply incredible. 

Besides that day, the rest of the week was fantastic as well. Sister Chen and I literally invited hundreds of people to learn about the gospel and come to church and it was awesome. And we also sang to pretty much everyone haha 🎶✌🏻 gotta love singing. I think I have every word to every Christmas carol in the hymnbook memorised. And the alto part and the tenor part memorised as well hahaha. Oh the joys of Christmas. We had a Christmas conference with president, I got to see my firstborn beautiful daughter sister sharp and she gave me the cutest present 🍍 and i got to talk and catch up with some of my favourite people and it was wonderful. 

Christmas Day was beautiful, I've never seen sister Chen look so excited. Best Christmas experience ever ☺ and we spent time with members  and I skyped home which was awesome, my family is the best and I am just so happy. I love my mission, I love Christmas, I love my mission family and my family at home and life is good. 

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Happy Pday!

10 minutes into... cutting my own hair....

I did it - cut my own hair...

Christmas Conference!

when your district

is epic  :)

mission conference

Zone Conference in Leicester

Just dying Helen's hair

mmmm  ....  chocolate face masks!

one of my favourite humans!!

The Ohana district
"ohana means family, family means no one
 gets left behind or forgotten" - Stitch/Elder Scanlan

Ohana carolling
(so fun! We sang in parts haha)

Carolling for days!



Christmas  🎄🎄❤

the coolest mug ever!

Christmas day skyping!

Christmas day games "rumikub"

Christmas day hats!

Christmas day dinner!

Christmas day table!

Christmas day food!

Random memories video ~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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