Monday, 12 December 2016

"She is member? But I invite her to be baptise!" - Sister Chen

Dear Family and Friends,

"She is member? But I invite her to be baptise!" - Sister Chen (the quote of the week) 

Haha this week has been an adventure and a half. Sister Chen is awesome. We saw SO many miracles this week, one of which is that....one of our friends is going to get baptised this coming Saturday!!! WOOT WOOT! 3 weeks into the mission and sister Chen will have a baptism. So awesome :) as you can see from the quote of the week....sister Chen was on a roll with inviting people to be baptised. She even invited this poor less active member to pick a date for baptism before I leave 😂 the member was so confused. And so was sister Chen. But it all got sorted out haha. 

We had a relief society activity, and a few of our less active friends came and loved it! Sister Chen tried mince pies and....well...she hated them but it was a good experience. She thought they were "mints" pies and so the taste shocked her a bit. I guess in Taiwan, her family doesn't really do Christmas. So this is like her first experience with a lot of Christmas things. She is just so excited anytime anything has lights or anything. It's awesome! We got some presents to put under our tree from some members this week and she was just AMAZED. She was like "so we open them Christmas morning??? WOW!". I think her happiness is making me love Christmas even more. 

We also had this really cool miracle. So we were planning for the people we teach, and sister Chen prayed specifically that this son and mom would be able to come to church, that the sons job would somehow change so he doesn't work on Sundays and that the mother would get over her anxiety and commit to come. Then....we went to visit them. We walk in and the son is like "hey guess what! So I found a new job this week, and quit my old job so now I just work Monday-Friday every week." And the mom was like "I really want to come to church, will you save me seats beside you this week?" Miracles!!!! ☺☺

We seriously saw so many miracles this week, I can't even write them all. But faith is real, greenie miracles are real, God loves us, and life is good. ☺ I love my mission so so so much. 

I wish you all the best week! 

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤🇬🇧🇨🇦

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