Monday, 16 January 2017

" for jesus people, my door always open."

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to my weekly email....and some quotes from sister Chen! 

"you can't get worse, you are growing up every day!" - sister Chen 

"I have that knowledge, I study in the school!" - sister Chen 

"trust me, I didn't crazy" - sister Chen 

And a random quote from sister Smith...#australia 

"is there a water in here?" - sister Smith 

This week has been so crazy but so good. I'm going to go with bullet points for this weekly email cause there is too much going on haha

  • So on Monday we were chilling for pday, the STL's got a call from the AP'S saying they were going to have a sister for a couple weeks while she waited for her companion. So then I said..."Hey we have 3 beds, it'll be easier for us to have her, let's take her!" So BAM. Tuesday evening, we suddenly became 3 instead of 2. Trio part 3 of my mission haha. 
  • We went on member splits this week so we could get more work done #bestthingever 
  • We ate spicy food and almost killed sister Smith, who is from Australia and has like the same food as British people. And British people don't know what spicy food is....🔥
  • We had interviews with president and sister Leppard wasn't there cause she was at her sons wedding  so that was sad. I love sister Leppard. But interviews were way good, as usual.
  • We felt like a gang as we biked down the streets of Peterborough with 3 of us. 
  • Sister Smiths bike broke and we has to bus/walk AGAIN. I am cursed when it comes to bikes, every one of my companions bikes break. 
  • We had the STL's come for a work over and we were able to visit some people who live in the middle of nowhere. Yay for the car ☺
  • We taught some amazing lessons to this part member family we are working with, and the son wants to get baptised in a couple weeks so that is a huge miracle!!! And the WHOLE family came to church ☺☺☺
  • We climbed a mountain. Or more accurately, a giant hill named "the tump" 
  • We experienced tracting and finding as a trio. Which is so weird, but we are seeing miracles. 
  • A member went to America, and found me cinnamon bears and brought me like 5 bags of them. I love members. And cinnamon bears 🔥🐻
  • We found some really cool new people to teach this week who LOVE their savior. One guy said "for jesus people, my door always open." I love the name tag we wear. Everyone knows we are "jesus people". 

This week has been so good. I love when exciting new things come up (like randomly getting a new companion for a few weeks in my last transfer) because things like this always help me to grow so much. I've been having some really great studies in the last few weeks, as I've been trying to get to know my savior more. Ive been studying the book of Mormon specifically looking for where it mentions his name, the words he says, his attributes, and the doctrines he teaches. Which basically is the whole book of Mormon, the whole thing is about him, it's so cool! As well I've been reading Jesus the Christ again, and wow. I love my savior. And I am so grateful for how he loves us INDIVIDUALLY. Not just collectively as this group of people he saved on earth, but individually. There is a quote I came across this week that I love. 

"Concern yourself first with loved ones, with individuals, with relationships. What else really matters? Don't imagine yourself, regardless of who you are, busier than the Lord, who puts souls first above everything else." - Paul H. Dunn

And this is so true. The people in our lives, the individuals, those we love...that is what matters. When we love God, really truly love him, we begin to see all those around us in a different way. We see them (as much as we can....we can never truly comprehend gods love I think) as God sees them, and our love grows so much. I am so grateful to be able to feel a tiny portion of that love for the people around me. Sometimes I feel like there is no way I can love more people, my heart just isn't big enough...but then I end up meeting new people who I love and it's great. God loves us. He loves us as individuals. I know that is true. He loves YOU. And I hope from my email you can feel a bit of that love. And when you feel that love...you can share it with someone. Tell someone you love that you love them! Tell them today :) 

I hope you all have a beautiful week. I love you all loads. And most importantly, God loves you the most. 
~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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trio life :)

swag trio life :)


oh I forgot to mention
it snowed this week

Don't mind how exhausted I look haha. 

culture pday
So basically we all made food from
our countries and we are eating it
together :)

Yay!!! And yes I did poutine haha.

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