Monday, 9 January 2017

"girls, you smile all day OK? Today is a happy day!"

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to my weekly email....and some quotes from sister Chen! 

"So this morning I study about marriage so I can teach you so you are ready for marriage when you go home 😏" - sister Chen 

"HEY. HEY YOU. You want gospel? STOP!" - sister Chen (yelling at the cars driving by)

"Come to church or I kill you" - sister Chen (don't worry she just said this to a flower) 

"hey have you ever eat black egg?" - sister Chen 
"what? Old eggs?" - me
"no no! *looks up definition* like this!" - sister Chen 
"the definition is thousand year old eggs...so...old eggs?" - Me 
"yeah yeah! So yummy!" - sister Chen 

From the quotes....I think you can maybe tell how our week was at first haha. When you get so desperate that you yell at cars to hear the gospel, you know things are rough. That was just for the beginning of the week though! We saw so many miracles at the end of the week ☺. It was awesome. 

So the beginning of the week, it seemed no one wanted to hear us or listen to us or let us talk to them, which may have just been that it was the end of the holidays and so people wanted their holiday time to stay holiday time and not "listen to the missionaries" time. Which was really sad. 

BUT THEN... We started having success and we saw a lot of miracles!! On Friday, we went tracting for a bit and we found the coolest girl ever from Romania ☺she is so sweet and she wants to come to church next week :) so cool. We were just so happy because she was the first person to listen to us like all week.

THEN....we saw the coolest miracles ever on Saturday!!!we went district tracting, and we got let in to 2 people's houses like in a row!! And the coolest thing is that with one of the people, we got let in, and we were going to share the restoration with them, and then I just felt to share the Christmas video with them, so I just started playing it for them, and it turns out that they were celebrating Christmas THAT DAY!!! Can you believe it? Miracles. They were so happy that we were sharing the Christmas video, and they want us to come back :) when we left, Olga (the mother) said "girls, you smile all day OK? Today is a happy day!". It was awesome. 

Also a little miracle  (well actually a big miracle for me) is that a member  bought us more American peanut butter and Swedish fish and.... REAL HOT SAUCE. And when I say real, I mean not English "hot sauce" that has no heat haha. Real siracha sauce. Which makes me so happy. Spicy chicken here I come :) 

Life is good in Peterborough, miracles are happening, and I am happy ☺☺ 

Love you! 

~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

P.S. SURPRISE CHANGE TO MY LIFE - So basically, a sisters companion is not coming for 20 days sooo....We are getting her. Sister Smith (I was her first stl, so I've gone on exchange with her) is coming with us for the next 20 days until her companion arrives in England. Exciting stuff. So I'm gonna be in a trio with my greenie for a few weeks! Exciting stuff!!! Life is crazy on the mission.

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Me drinking Chinese medicine 👩

vs sister Chen drinking Chinese medicine 👩

...when dancing is your morning exercise

When the weather is actually below zero
(coldest day of the week)


Zone meeting 

#welcometoleicester ✌


Life is good, members are awesome ☺

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