Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Remember that God is good and life is awesome and miracles are real.

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to my weekly email....and some quotes from sister Chen! 

"How do you eat?" - sister Chen (while looking at a chocolate orange)
"You take it and smash it with your head" - Elder Searle
"Ok!" - sister Chen *takes orange and smashes it with her forehead* 

"I be blessed 💁🏻" - sister Chen 

"Sister chen!" - me 
"What's up man?" - sister Chen (In a super American accent) 
😂“ - me 
"You like it?" - sister Chen 

"Please bless us, Elder Be...oh wait wait wait, we are not Elders. Please bless SISTER Beazer and Chen" - sister Chen 

"Don't do stupid thing" - sister Chen 

This week has been absolutely crazy. My goodness. So basically, I wasn't in my area for 3 days of the week 😭
We had exchanges with our STL's this week, which was AWESOME! I was with Sister Nielsen and we saw so many miracles together, it was fantastic. I love exchanges with previous companions because it feels so natural and normal to be serving together. It's the best :) we talked with so many people and had one of the best lessons of my entire mission with this mom and her daughters who are SO COOL! At the end of the lesson, one of the daughters turned to her mom and said "can we please go to church???" It was so cool. I love families. 

Then, we came that evening and the Boston Sisters came and slept at our flat so we could all make it to a multi zone conference in Coventry the next day! I've got to say, driving through Coventry was so weird...and having a conference at the chapel was so weird...but it was so good. Elder Johnson of the seventy and his wife came and it was such an incredible conference. I learned SO MUCH. I love hearing from the general authorities, it is always always so inspiring. 

Then...we drove to Loughborough with our STL's who were going to drive us home, and ended up actually staying the night in Demontfort instead with the lovely sister sharp and sister rydalch, because I happened to be super ill...and we had a meeting in Birmingham the next day so this way we would be closer to Birmingham and I would be able to get more rest. Not that I'm complaining, I love sister sharp :) 

Then we travelled to Birmingham for the mid trainers meeting (a meeting in the middle of training where President makes sure we haven't killed our greenies haha), and travelled back and life was just crazy. During all this time travelling and whatnot, I developed some crazy illness from a virus that is going around and now I am super ill, but it's ok! Life is still good, and the mission is still awesome even if I'm sick. Gotta love winter and all the nasty things that go around during it. I think my immune system isn't built for England haha. 

Oh oh and I just remembered the biggest miracle of the week. So we went for dinner at this Jamaican members house, they are AWESOME and the food is so so so good (I learned how to cook some 🙌🏼) and they had all their family over, so like the dads sisters and brothers. And as we were talking they started discussing about the church (some of the family aren't members or are less active). And BAM, the less active sister who just had a baby says "you know what, I want to come back to church. And I want my baby to be blessed. And I want my 9 year old son to get baptised. Can you make that happen the first week in February?" (Which is the week before I go home!!) 
My jaw literally dropped, we set up stuff so we can go by this coming week to start teaching them, and...yah. Life is crazy. Miracles are real. And god loves us so much. 

With all the meetings and travelling, this week just seemed to fly by, and now....it's the new year. I seriously cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. It's cool because 2016 has been a full year of missionary work for me. The entire year, I was a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The whole year! I think it has just hit me how long I have been a missionary...and with all these meetings and things, I've had to say goodbye to a lot of my favourite mission friends that I probably won't see again while I am a missionary. It kind of breaks my heart. But I am so so grateful that I was given this opportunity to serve, and I am so so grateful that I still have plenty of time to serve. 2017 is going to be the most miracle filled part of my mission, I just feel it. Be prepared folks...these next weekly emails are going to blow your mind with miracles. I love you all lots, thanks for your support as I serve! Remember that god is good and life is awesome and miracles are real. 



~ Sister Emma Beazer ❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

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Travelling and meetings 

for days 

(I am so so sick in these pictures haha)

Gotta love sis Chen

Exchanges (reunited companions!)

Jamaican food


Food. It all looks weird but tastes delicious




Some of my favourite humans

Chocolate Orange Moment......

Snow? Or just...frost.

Sister Chen vs. Pie Face

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