Monday, 8 February 2016

Feeling SO happy!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I am just feeling SO happy this morning! AH! It is going to be an amazing week! 

Monday - Monday...well PDay was mostly spent packing for sister Gaffney, I napped quite a bit while she packed....which was lovely actually. We then went to the Bernard's, and it was SO fun! We had a wonderful dinner, and then family home evening with Deb, and then came back to hear what was happening with transfers! It was an exciting, busy day! 

Tuesday - well....I said goodbye to sister Gaffney! We met at the train station with the Swansea sisters, one of whom was also going home. We sent them off on the train, and I stayed with sister Tenney and we went back to Rhiwbina to visit people! We had a WONDERFUL one day exchange, and were able to see Michelle and Gallo again and to have a great lesson with them! It was a really fun day, even though saying goodbye was really hard. 

Wednesday - TRANSFERS! Such a crazy busy day. So sister Spangler and I met up again and travelled to the mission home, because we had to be early to meet our trainees and such, so we travelled to the mission home via train! We were really nervous, but...it was good! We got to the mission home and I got to meet the girl I am training - SISTER SHARP! She is awesome, she is from Idaho and she is AMAZING and so prepared.  Having a new missionary is so cool....she knows more than she thinks she does, and it is wonderful to learn from her! She loves running so we are going to do that for exercise which is GREAT!!  We travelled back home, and we ended up helping sister Webb out and going to young women's, which was really good for sister sharp to meet some of the ward! All in all, a tiring but good first day! 

Thursday - we went to see Rosemary today! We found a GIANT box of old photos she has, and so we are doing a family history project with her and sorting through all the photos she has! That is going to be exciting, and we are doing it for her personal progress so it'll help her work towards finishing that! We then went and met this lovely old lady named Dana, who LOVES her Saviour Jesus Christ. She loves him so much, and we were able to really talk about him with her which was so cool! We then went faith tracting a little bit, and sister sharp picked a house and we met this AMAZING family who hopefully will be coming to our games night! We then went to the Holcombes for dinner, and I just LOVE them! It was a wonderful day! 

Friday - we did some weekly planning, and then headed out and saw Marilyn! We are hopefully going to get started doing family history with her next week, she is going to get all her papers out and get it sorted so we can start! We also saw Vicki, and were able to help her prepare a bit for Sunday school, and then went to basketball! Vicki and her son and husband came again, and it was SO fun!

Saturday - we had district meeting, and got to meet the 3 new members of the district! Elder short, sister sharp and elder page! I've actually met elder page before, we travelled to elder Ballard on the same coach so it is fun to now have him in the district! We were able to get to know eachother, and it was really fun! We also got sister sharps bike fixed, and had our first day of biking! WOO! It was pouring rain, and we got soaked, but it was fun so it's ok! We were able to do some service for Michelle, and then got to travel to Taffswell and have dinner with the Nunns! It was a wonderful day :) 

Sunday -  we had church, and it was awesome! Sister sharp got to meet the ward, and she just fit in like she had been here forever! It was wonderful! We then went to the Ryder's after church for dinner, and had a lovely meal :) I love the Ryder's! We have an extra hour of study while sister sharp is being trained, so we were able to do that and fill out some paperwork we needed to finish, so it was good to get all sorted out! This week was just AMAZING! 

All in all, this week I am just feeling so grateful for the life I have! Life is AMAZING and the mission is awesome! I am so so blessed. Thank you to everyone who supports me, I seriously do appreciate it so much. I receive so much love and support from home and it blesses me SO MUCH!! Thank you thank you thank you. If I could give everyone a hundred hugs I would! THANK YOU! 

My spiritual thought and challenge isn't anything too crazy this week, but it has to do with gratitude! 

All week I have been feeling so blessed for the things that I have and the life that I have, and so I am stealing an idea that my previous companion, Sister Gaffney had. She had a clicker that she would click when she saw something that made her happy, and so this week, I am using a clicker that she left me, and with Sister Sharp we are going to use it as a gratitude clicker and see how many times in the day we remember the things we are grateful for! We truly are blessed, and I am so grateful to be out here and want to remember my blessings more throughout the day! so I would just challenge you all the remember throughout the day, as often as you can, little things that you are grateful for! 

I love you all so much! 


Sister Emma Beazer

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Took this picture off the Mission webpage

Sister Beazer (trainer) and
Sister Sharp (new missionary)

Took this picture from Sister Sharp's mother's facebook page!
Aren't they LOVELY!  They could be SISTERS!  hahaha!

With the Liassides kids!

Sword fights in the lounge!

Adventures in the forest.....


and crocuses!

Travelling to pick up 'the greenies' (brand new missionaries)

My mission family

Transfer day - with Elder Ruttan from Canada!

view from the train to pick up new missionaries!

New District with some old faces!

More of the district!

wet and cold.....

but still happy!

Video from the train.....

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