Monday, 1 February 2016

Goodbye and Hello

Dear Family and Friends,

So for a little bit of news, sister Gaffney goes home this week 😬 and I will be training a brand new missionary! So that is exciting, and will be a great adventure I am sure.

Monday - we had district pday! We played chair football, basketball, etc...and it was WAY fun! Elder Kent beat us all in chair football though....probably cause he's English haha.  But it was really fun! That night sister Gaffney and I had to go into Cardiff central to stay overnight, so that I could travel to the mission home early in the morning for the trainers meeting with another sister in the zone who is also training. So we had a sisters sleepover essentially! It was so much fun!

Tuesday - I travelled up to the mission home with sister Spangler! We made it safely (after missing a train) and were able to learn a lot from the meeting. Training a new missionary is exciting,  but also really nerve wracking, and the meeting helped me to calm down about it all and not be so stressed! We then travelled back to Cardiff and met up with sister Gaffney and sister infanger, and then sister Gaffney and I came back to Rhiwbina! It was a long day full of travel, but a really good day as well :)

Wednesday - we went out teaching with Lauren again (who put in her papers this week! Woo!) and she is just awesome. The person we were going to see wasn't home, but we went and saw Deb with her and it was SO good to see her! We came in the like... 2 hour time slot where she was home that day, so that was a little miracle! We then went to the Holes for dinner and did a magic trick spiritual thought with them! Their kids are so funny, I love them.

Thursday - we had our last district meeting together as a district! It was really good, and we were able to have a little testimony meeting which was nice :) sister Gaffney really wasn't feeling well, so after we went back to the flat and I cleaned and stuff...

Friday - weekly planning day! We also got to go see Marilyn, who gave us this interesting Spanish chocolate stuff...it was like...drinking chocolate brownies in thick liquid form. It was good, but really weird. I love Marilyn though, she always looks after us when we get blown in to her house (it has been VERY windy and rainy this week!). We then went and saw Rosemary, who I just love so much! We worked on personal progress with her, and it was so good!

We had games night, and Vicki and her son Ben and her husband Jason came! And they ALL played basketball with us! It was so much fun, and so good to spend that time with them all together as well.

Saturday - we went to Taffswell! We had a meeting with brother Webb, our ward mission leader, and then had lunch with him and his wife! They are the funniest couple. I love them. We then went to go see a couple people around Taffswell, and then sister Gaffney was feeling quite ill again so we came back to the flat and she slept, and I updated papers and stuff.

Sunday - it was sister Gaffney's actual 18 month mark! Crazy! We had ward conference, which was wonderful! There were a lot of big changes made to the ward, the bishopric was changed around which was exciting...but it was really good! We then had the maizeys that night for dinner, and did a really fun spiritual thought involving nerf guns and fortifying a city....I love the maizeys! They are just so wonderful.

Sister Gaffney started packing as well, which has been really strange..but yeah! 

spiritual thought :) and CHALLENGE!

This week I have been SO grateful for friends and family who support me as I serve. I have felt SO much love from everyone, and I am so so so grateful for that. I was reading in Proverbs 17:17 and it says "A friend loveth at all times.." and I was just SO grateful that I have friends and family who love me ALL the time. Even when sometimes I don't send the best emails back, or when I have a rough week. They love me anyways. Thank you thank you everyone for the love and support I feel, it helps me SO MUCH! 

My challenge is just to tell a friend or family members how grateful you are for something they do for you! It will brighten their day, and also will remind you of the great friends and family members that you have!

Love you all!

Sister Emma Beazer

send real mail to:
Sister Emma Beazer
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United Kingdom  

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Party hats for Sister Gaffneys 18 month mark!!!


After Basketball!

Walking home after basketball!

Last district pictures! 

(The other elders were headed to do
service so they are in non-pros)

Trainers meeting travel....

View from the train....

Travel to the mission home....

Travelling to the trainers meeting..

And BLUE SKY! No rain for once :)

Castle on the way to Taffswell!

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