Monday, 15 February 2016

going places we haven't been before....

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had some really random weather this week - either violent windstorms or no clouds in the sky and beautiful weather. It is still chilly here, but it has NEVER gotten as
cold as it is at home. At least not here. I am grateful for that!

Sister Sharp is great, I love her to pieces and we have SO much fun together and we work SO hard together! It is wonderful. She is just so willing to work and to do her best, I love it. I think I have been more exhausted this week than I have my entire mission (we walked like over 15 miles one day. Wooo.) but it has been SO fun as well and we have seen so many miracles!

Here is a look at my week  :)

Monday - we emailed, went and got groceries and then went to a family home evening with some of the members of the ward! It was great to get together and to learn from each other :) we were also able to stop by a family we haven't been able to see in ages, which was amazing!

Tuesday - we had a relief society activity in the morning doing knitting for a charity, and I knitted an actual little chick! They are for Easter and are so cute, and we had a lot of fun helping out with the activity! We then tried stopping by a few people and then as we were coming back for lunch, we ran into Wendy at a bus stop and had a great lesson with her! We stopped by a few people, and traveled up to where Ben and Lynne live and had a lovely dinner and lesson with them!  They are such amazing missionaries, and they told us a few people we should try stopping by! Then, we had ward council and were able to have a lovely meeting with the ward.

Wednesday - we went up to Lisvane to visit a few people with Lauren, who hopefully will be getting her mission call soon (AHH) and John, the man we usually visit there wasn't home! So there have been crazy wind/rain storms lately and part of his roof blew off! So for safety reasons he is living with his son right now...so HOPEFULLY his roof can get fixed so we can visit him again! We visited a few people and then went tracting in the FARMLAND! No one wanted us, but it was a good experience anyways as missionaries don't go up to that part of our area often and we wanted to try. We then went to the Hutchinson's for dinner, and they are HILAROUS. I love them. It was a lovely meal and we then had youth that night (we had an investigator who was going to come...but ended up not coming :( ) and we played volleyball and I even hit it over the net a few times! Miracles

Thursday - We had ZONE CONFERENCE! It was absolutely amazing. We focused a lot on the mission broadcast that was just had, and how we can change our mission culture for the better! I am excited to see the results as the mission tries to do that. We also had a sisters meeting with sister Leppard, as president talked to the Elders and it was WONDERFUL because we focused on how amazing each of us is, and our worth and it was SO needed and amazing. We then went to go teach a lesson in fairwater, and our investigator didn't come :(  BUT miracle, we got to see a family we haven't seen in ages and got to share a quick spiritual thought with them! so it all worked out in the end. We then went to the Winters for dinner, had a lovely meal there and came back to Rhiwbina to do a chapel tour with some cub scouts! Scouting over here isn't part of the church program, but some members here do it and invited their group to the cultural hall for an activity and then the chapel tour helped them with learning about worldwide cultures or something, so it was cool for us to have the chance to do that!

Friday - We weekly planned, and then got to see Rosemary and help her with sorting through pictures (like..700 pictures) as part of her personal progress project! We just got started and KIND of organized, and will be working on that for a few weeks! She has some Amazing old photos, and it will be amazing to get them all sorted. We then went to
see a less active lady who had prayed for someone to come, and then we showed up so it was a really cool miracle, and it was amazing to help strengthen her faith as well! We had basketball that night, and...it was a wonderful day!

Saturday - MIRACLE DAY! So we went to Taffs Well, and hiked up a HUGE mountain (well...it is really just a giant hill but they call them mountains here) and went to visit someone in the ward, and ended up meeting his dad who isn't a member, and who GAVE us his phone number without us asking, and then ASKED us to pray with him before we could even get around to it! And he wants us to come back and teach! #miracles We then trecked back down the mountain, and went to a part of our area we hadn't been before and met a really cool doctor named Rid (reed) from India, and had a good talk with him about what we do and why we do it, and he told us we could come back! It was a MIRACLE DAY!

Sunday - We had a LOVELY church, and had some studies and things and then went out to visit a less active lady who lives in another part of our area that we have never really been to, and we found GIANT MANSIONS! My goodness, I thought we were in celebrity land or something! It was amazing to see how big our area is and the places we haven't been before, so that was good.

This week has really just been amazing...and has showed me how important the small and simple things we do are! We have been working HARD to find people and to teach, and we were rewarded with MIRACLES!  We always are, because when we do our part, God always ALWAYS does His. I know that for sure. My challenge is just to keep noticing the miracles that happen as we do our part, and as God blesses us!

Love you!

Sister Emma Beazer

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I didn't get ANY pictures this week (what?  yup it's true) - but thank heavens we 'mothers' stick together!  These photos are from Sister Sharp's mom - THANK YOU!  And also thank you to Amy from Wales for putting pictures on Facebook of their lovely dinner together...

She sent more pictures later in the week, I guess there was something wrong with her e-mail and her pictures just didn't come through - here they are.....

The sky is blue!


Farmland Tracting!

I climbed a tree!

Random Memorial

Pancake Day!

Random Adventures!

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