Monday, 29 February 2016

We are all blessed more than we realize #itsthelittlethings

Dear Family and Friends,

GOOD MORNING! I am doing well, thank you very very much :) 

Best thing this week - getting into contact with someone who hasn't been answering their phone for WEEKS! 
Most challenging - bikes breaking down every time we have really solid plans and a solid biking day ahead of us.. 

I have never realized before how important the Sacrament and being spiritually fed at church REALLY  helps us recharge after a crazy week. Sunday is one of the best days :) 

Sooo...we have had an INTERESTING week. 

Lets just say, I think I am cursed when it comes to bikes or something. Maybe it is a sign that I am not supposed to bike, maybe not. But....we fixed Sister Sharps bike up from last week, and then this week...BOTH my bike tires went flat, and then after that Sister Sharps brakes died on us...and...it has just been an adventure! I would definitely say my patience has been tested this week, when it comes to bikes. I think I should have taken a bike fixing course before I came out from Jack or something. 

Anyways. besides that, this week has been pretty good! We have had our ups and downs, but that is just normal! I was a bit ill this week - dang it all - but its ok! Just a bad cold and it is gone now :) We were able to go to the mission home this week for the follow up trainers meeting, and I was able to see some people that I LOVE and it was wonderful! 

I think this week has been a week of just learning to be grateful for the little things again. We have really been having a hard time getting in to see people this week, and so it involved a lot of walking in the cold...and rejection. That is something that I have been used to on my mission, but this week it was seeming that no one wanted to see us...and then BAM! We were blessed to get to see some people we haven't seen for WEEKS, and then we had people call us who haven't answered their phones at all, and it was just little miracles throughout every day that really brightened our day. After a long day, when we were EXHAUSTED, someone would call or offer help or something and it just made the day so worth it! 

I love being able to appreciate little miracles more, and being able to notice the small things every day, the tender mercies that God gives us. I definitely think we are all blessed with more tender mercies than we realize, until it starts getting harder and that is all we notice! My challenge this week is to continue to notice the tender mercies that God gives you every day :) 


Sister Emma Beazer

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Follow up trainers meeting

Train Ride Back

Random pictures.....

Super healthy salad we made....
I thought you would be proud of me :)


The Elders helping fix my bike!  

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